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Anyone who needs to jump-start their Excel spreadsheet skills.
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Mastering Microsoft Excel  

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training seminars by Fred Pryor Seminars Fred Pryor Seminars   


Anyone who needs to jump-start their Excel spreadsheet skills.


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Seminar Summary:

An effective 2-day seminar for beginners to advanced users. Packed with shortcuts, tips, and straight answers to all of your Excel questions. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Mastering Microsoft® Excel® Training Seminar

Covers Microsoft Excel 2010 and all previous versions

In just 2 days, become a more confident, accomplished Excel user, banish "spreadsheet phobia" forever, and discover how to get more out of this powerful program than you ever thought possible!

Can you really "master Excel" in just 2 days of training? You bet you can! Working on a computer loaded with the latest Excel software, you will create spreadsheets, input data, perform mathematical calculations, develop workbooks, edit cells, and use formulas, functions, Wizards, and much more - all under the watchful eye of your expert trainer.

This fast-paced, intensive journey through Excel's exciting capabilities — combining lectures, trainer demonstrations, and group discussions — will develop your skills like no other training seminar.

You can learn more in less time with our dynamic hands-off teaching approach. You'll be able to concentrate and learn without being slowed down by keyboarding or having to wait for the entire group to catch up. (And doesn't a day away from the computer screen sound great?) Every key point and significant Excel operation will be displayed on a large, viewer-friendly screen. Once you've returned to the office, you can try everything you've learned at your own speed and convenience with the techniques summarized in your complimentary workbook.

You could spend 3 days, 4 days — even a week — attending a Microsoft Excel training course of this caliber ...

But why would you? This course is carefully designed to deliver the most information in the least amount of time. Through research, interviews, and client input, we've found that a 2-day seminar is optimal for this type of material — long enough to learn everything you need, yet short enough that your department or organization won't fall apart without you.

Our expert course designers have distilled the essentials of Excel from books, manuals, CDs, courses, IT experts, and of course, their own extensive personal experience. As a result, this training represents the "best of the best" — all of the Excel knowledge you need and none of the extraneous elements you don't.

Mastering Microsoft Excel - Seminar Overview

Navigating the Excel Working Window

Learn your way around the Excel window and discover what all the menus, toolbars, and "little boxes" (cells) are there for!

Customizing Excel to work with you

Customize Excel's toolbars, formula bars, and much more to tailor this powerful program to your personal specifications. You'll save time and increase productivity as you cut down on unnecessary moves and discover time-saving set-up shortcuts.

Creating a new Excel workbook and formatting your worksheets

Workbooks and the worksheets within them form the foundation of your Excel projects. Learn to open and file multiple workbooks with confidence, and create worksheets that look and perform exactly the way you want them to.

Working with cells

There are literally millions of cells in every Excel worksheet! These "worksheet building blocks" make creating spreadsheets possible.

Using formulas and references

Excel's incredible calculation capacities are at your fingertips with the amazing power of these formulas and references. Quickly calculate percentages, sums, averages, interest, statistics, and much more!

Mastering charts

Excel "excels" at creating beautiful, accurate, and informative charts — almost effortlessly. Use Excel's chart functions to transform the data in your worksheets into colorful, accessible charts.

Presenting the finished project

Whether you're printing out your finished project for distribution, creating a PowerPoint presentation, e-mailing your worksheets to others, or displaying your data on your organization's Web site, you'll learn how to present your finished Excel projects with professional results.



Group-Live, 12 Advanced Computer Science CPE credits


Seminar Check-in: 8:30 AM   Training Seminar 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seating is Available

Seminar Summary:

An effective 2-day seminar for beginners to advanced users. Packed with shortcuts, tips, and straight answers to all of your Excel questions. (see full course description)

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