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Grant Writing Made Easy  

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This course is perfect for professionals responsible for grant writing and fundraising who are employed by these types of organizations or in these fields....Education, Science, Technology, Medical/Health, Social Services, Art Museums, Historical Museums/Societies, Membership/Fraternal Organizations, Government, Religious Organizations, Other Nonprofit Organizations


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Seminar Summary:

Strategies, tools, and techniques for finding and writing grants that will secure the funds you need (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Master the basics of effective grant writing in just one day of training!

Literally billions of dollars in grants are awarded annually to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. This course was designed to help novice grant writers develop their skills quickly and take full advantage of all the funding opportunities available.

Setting out to write a grant can be a daunting, frustrating experience. Where do you start? How should you present your ideas? What are funders looking for? What do they want to know? How can you organize your materials into a coherent presentation? Questions like these can have you stymied before you even start the process ... and that’s why we created this one-of-a-kind grant writing seminar.

Gain insider advice, up-to-the-minute info, and invaluable grant writing tips in this one-day course

When you attend Grant Writing Made Easy, you will learn to decipher grant applications and RFP (request for proposal) guidelines, prepare each section of your funding request — cover letter, narrative, purpose,
goals/objectives, project description, budget, evaluation, resources — and submit your request through the proper channels. You’ll also learn how to write with clarity, use compelling and attention-grabbing language, and employ the
terms and phrases most likely to impress reviewers.

From the basics of grant writing to the finished application, this seminar covers everything you need to know in order to deliver a thoughtful, carefully researched, well-written grant proposal.


Can grant writing really be learned in just one day?

Absolutely. This program is designed for busy professionals like you who want to gain the most knowledge in the least amount of time. To that end, we’ve created a streamlined, fast-paced program that eliminates unnecessary
"padding" and focuses solely on the nuts and bolts of effective grant writing. You will take an in-depth look at successful grants that have won private and public funds, analyze what works and what doesn´t, and use that knowledge to write your own winning grants. Available grant money is going to be awarded to someone ... shouldn´t it be you?

Is this program for you?

  • YES ... if you are new to grant writing and want to "learn the ropes" quickly

  • YES ... if you have written a few grants and are looking for ways to increase your chances of winning funding

  • YES ... if you recently became involved in a nonprofit and are looking for ways to increase cash flow and build resources

  • YES ... if you have recently been assigned to a fundraising or grant research team

  • YES ... if you are looking for creative ways to boost nonprofit revenue

  • YES ... if you are unsure of your written communication skills and want to move up to the next level of competence and expertise in grant writing

Grant Writing Made Easy — Seminar Overview


First Things First — Getting Started

  • How to pinpoint the best grants for your specific goals

  • Clues that you might be wasting time and effort pursuing grants that
    aren´t right for you

  • Unlikely sources of grant money others may have overlooked

  • Grant terms and application wording to become comfortable with

  • The language and "buzz words" that will catch funders´ attention

  • Tips to help you uncover critical background information on potential

  • Who are you applying to? What are they looking for? How to match your
    organization´s vision and values with funders who share them

  • Ways to build solid relationships with funders to dramatically increase
    your chances of winning those grants

Preparing the Grant Proposal

  • Strategies for developing effective cover letters, inquiry letters, and
    letters of intent

  • Why some grant letters get results, while others get ignored

  • What exactly do you want? Why you must convey your needs in a concise and
    straightforward way

  • How to use statistics and target audience analysis data to add credibility
    to your needs statement

  • The importance of presenting a relevant, realistic, and comprehensive
    solution that inspires funders´ support

  • The best ways to apply your own research findings to enhance your
    proposal´s credibility

  • Why proposing a realistic timeline will bring your vision to life for
    reviewers looking over your grant

  • How to assemble all the components of your final product into a highly
    professional and polished presentation

  • What funders look for when deciding which grants to approve

Developing the Grant Budget

  • The advantages of a thorough understanding of a grant´s budget sections
    and budget terminology

  • Analysis tools that ferret out hidden costs within your proposal

  • Additional resources to help you gain matching funds

  • How to prepare a cohesive narrative to explain your budget with clarity
    and simplicity

Submitting the Grant Proposal

  • Why it´s critical to follow the rules and meet the deadlines

  • How to choose the best method of submission for your grant

  • Is it better to submit with a partner/sponsor or on your own? A discussion of the pros and cons

Once the Decision Is Made ...

  • How to respond appropriately if your grant is funded

  • What to do when you´re faced with a failed grant — how to rebound swiftly and move on to "Plan B" if your grant is denied

  • Options and ideas for reworking and resubmitting failed grant proposals to garner success the second time around

  • Why it is absolutely critical to maintain positive long-term relationships with funders — regardless of their decisions

Who Should Attend:

This course is perfect for professionals responsible for grant writing and fundraising who are employed by these types of organizations or in these fields....

Education • Science • Technology • Medical/Health • Social Services

Art Museums • Historical Museums/Societies

Membership/Fraternal Organizations • Government

Religious Organizations • Other Nonprofit Organizations


Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Strategies, tools, and techniques for finding and writing grants that will secure the funds you need (see full course description)

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