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Getting Started

After your account it set up, the next step is get FindaSeminar search results populating your site. For search results to show, you need to run the Code Generator.

The Code Generator

The code generator creates the code which should be placed in the HTML code on your web site. There are two main options to choose from when deciding on what training events to display.

The first option is to simply to choose a category/subcategory from the dropdown box. This is the easiest solution, since our results are categorized and sub-categorized to assist visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

If you have a very specific type of training you want displayed, you may choose to enter your own keyword(s).  Keyword searches are not as fast to display as are category searches, so we recommend choosing a category/sub-category listing. However, if you only want specific training, 'Quickbooks seminars' for instance, then you would use 'Quickbooks' as your keyword.

After choosing a keyword or category, choose how many results to display. The default is five, and this is sufficient for most sites. If your site has little real estate left, you may opt to display three instead.

If you intend to dedicate an entire page to showing search results, then you may opt to go with ten results.

The last criteria is to choose a state or province. If you are going to set up your site with a state selection box, you can programmatically have the state value from your form put directly into the training search results code.

If your site is serving only a local area and aren't interested in nationwide training listings, then you may also consider choosing a state.

Normally, we recommend leaving the state selection to 'All States'.

After running the Code Generator, the resulting page has the code required to display results on your site.

NOTE: There is also a link near the bottom of the page code generator which lets you see exactly what the search results will look like.

Putting the code on your page

Now that you have the code created by the code generator, you'll need to edit your HTML. The style-sheet in the first box needs to be entered into the HEADER of your page. See the example below:



.FAS_Body_Font { font-family: Verdana,arial,helv,sans-serif; font-size: 8pt }
.FAS_HdrFtr_Font { font-family: Verdana,arial,helv,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; color: #000080; font-weight: bold }
.FAS_Link { font-family: Verdana,arial,helv,sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; font-weight: normal }


The other box contains the code which will actually display the search results. You should enter the code in exactly the location you want the them to display.




Commission Structure/Payment

Our commissions structure is simply. Affiliates get a flat 0.75% of the cost of the event. Although it sounds small, consider that training classes listed on FindaSeminar can exceed $3000. Also consider that we have a relatively good clicks/registration ratio.

The flow of payment is from trainee to trainer to FindaSeminar to you. You will be able to tell where in that flow each registration is by viewing the Commission Status. This status values are:

  1. Pending - this means that an individual has registered for a class, but the class probably hasn't occurred and payment has not been made by the registrant.
  2. Payable - payment has been received by the trainer, FindaSeminar has billed the trainer and has been paid. This amount is due to you on your next check.
  3. Paid - This is a historical measure. It is simply a tally of all paid commissions for the time period selected on the reporting screen.

On occasion, you may notice a registration disappear from your registration/commission report. If this happens, most likely the registrant has cancelled the class. You can view cancellations under reports of your account management page.

Payments to you are made on two conditions - 1) your account balance exceeds $100 or 2) it is year-end.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) No events are showing up on my site, just the FindaSeminar name and link. Why?
2) Results used to show up, but now there aren't any. Where did they go?
3) It's been ages since someone registered, when do I get paid?
4) I've been an affiliate for a while, but no registrations. What's wrong?

Q. No events are showing up on my site, just the FindaSeminar name and link. Why?

A. You may need to adjust your search criteria with the Code Generator. It's possible that if you chose a keyword that it is misspelled. However, it is also possible that there just aren't any seminars for the keyword or category you chose. You can check the search by going to the FindaSeminar home page and try the same searches.

If you try a search on and it produces results that don't show up on your site, then contact FindaSeminar support.

Q. Results used to show up, but now there aren't any. Where did they go?

A. Our search results are dynamic and timely. Only classes that have scheduled dates display. A class that was held yesterday won't display on your site today. That's the beauty of our search results. They only point to valid classes with scheduled dates.

If you were getting results before and you haven't changed the code on your site, then the ones you had showing probably have expired. Most of our training classes have recurring dates, so the class may show up again at a later date when the training provider updates their schedule on FindaSeminar.

Q. It's been ages since someone registered, when do I get paid?

A. Keep in mind that a registration may be for a class that is several months out. Then after the actual class, FindaSeminar bills the training provider. Typically, we settle up with the training provider 30 days after that. We settle up with affiliates within 30 days from then.

Also, we don't send out checks until your account reaches $100, or at the end of the year.

If you are looking for instant returns, then the affiliate program may not be for you. Our affiliates' commissions aren't immediate, but they are substantial because of the cost of some of the seminars we have listed. Long-term partners are our best affiliates.

Q. I've been an affiliate for a while, but no registrations. What's wrong?

A. It's hard to say, but there are a few possible issues:

1) You may have the results on a section of your site/page that isn't easily viewable. I majority of site visitors don't even scroll past the initial portion of the page. If our results are at the bottom of the page, then many people aren't going to be aware that they are there.

If results must be somewhere besides the viewable area of the page, a hyperlink to the bottom labeled 'Seminars' or 'Mytopic Training' might help.

2) You may have selected training that isn't appropriate to your site's topic. A site pertaining to ASP Programming isn't going to benefit from management class listings, for example. Try re-assessing your search criteria.

3) The listings may be on a separate page from your homepage and isn't easily navigated to. Ask someone to be a guinea pig for you. Tell them to pretend that they are looking for training on your site and let them test drive it. If they don't find it right away, chances that your average visitor isn't going to find it at all.

4) Take a look at your account management page for reporting. Look at the quantity of links back to FindaSeminar. Don't expect more than 1 registration per 100 links back to FindaSeminar. In some cases it's a better ratio than that, sometimes worse.

Future Enhancements To the Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is still in its infancy. We've got lots of minor adjustments and additions on the way. Feel free to drop us a line if you have constructive criticism. After all, you are the one going to use it. We endeavor to make it as functional and profitable for all our affiliates.


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