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2-Day Value Selling and Moving Decision Makers Sales Training  


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2-Day Value Selling and Moving Decision Makers Sales Training seminar agenda print utility



Every salesperson and sales manager who wants to maximize their sales and profit potential.


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Seminar Summary:

It's Not About Price - Now get it all in the New intense, interactive 2-Day sales program. Clinch more sales! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

It’s Not About Price: Value Selling in Today’s Markets / Moving Decision-makers: Overcoming Stalls, Objections & Indecision


Value Selling in Today’s Markets


| How to win with value, not price.
| Are you a value-adding salesperson?
| Being marginalized. Good or bad?
| Gross Margin. It ranks with oxygen.
| How to sell the way people want to buy.

| What you sell (not products or services).
| The truth about price objections.
| Price grinders. Where to bury the bodies.
| Perceived vs. performance value.
| Your unfair competitive advantage.

| What buyers want from you before low price.
| Purchasing agents. The lowdown.
| Who makes price the issue?
| Misfiring with your value proposition.
| Discounting: the unintended consequences.

| Premiums buyers will pay every time.
| How do you add value now?
| Five steps to selling more profitably.
| Establishing relationships that take root.
| Do a favor or ask a favor? You choose.

| Opening buyers’ minds from the get-go.
| Two things you have to live with.
| Differentiate yourself or die trying.
| What buyers most like to see in you.
| Answering the unasked question.

| Needs analysis: surface-level selling.
| Be an expert but don’t act like one.
| What Jack Welch adds to the conversation.
| The most productive skill you can employ.
| The 70/30 Rule.

| Clinch any sale with these three questions.
| 72% of all business problems relate to (---)?
| Top tips for presenting your ideas, solutions.
| Do you want to go first?
| How to help buyers hear what you have to say.

| Up-front price vs. total cost of ownership.
| Reducing perceived risks. A big deal.
| You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
| The one and only ‘close’ you need.
| No such thing as negative feedback?

| How to surface concerns that kill sales.
| Defense: nailing the back door shut.
| Your Bum/Hero opportunity.
| Undivided attention. How to capture it, hold it.
| Today’s five most common selling mistakes.

| How and why to listen people into buying.
| Seven steps to winning more bids and quotes.
| What does customer satisfaction buy you?
| How to bullet-proof your relationships.
| Why carry competitors’ business cards?


Moving Decision-makers: Overcoming Stalls, Objections & Indecision

| Who or what do you compete against?
| Newton’s First Law of Motion.
| Why sales degrade into no decision.
| How to help buyers decide in your favor.

| Too little or too much information?
| Offering options: the pros and cons.
| Preparedness. Get out what you put in.
| Onboarding decision-makers, influencers.

| Your Prompt Sheet. Solid gold.
| Go or no go? It’s about risks.
| What people buy are outcomes.
| The reason that sounds good vs. the real reason.

| Why people – not companies-- buy from you.
| Active vs. latent needs: your selling opportunities.
| Where your biggest sales potential resides.
| Positioning for positive gain, negative aversion.

| Finding the motive that moves a buyer.
| Newton’s Third Law of Motion.
| Avoid mismatching, find agreement.
| Today’s stereotypical salesperson.

| What you bring that competitors don’t or won’t bring.
| Understanding net gain. What it means to you.
| How to use power tools in your selling.
| Phrasing and timing that make differences.

| Gaining insights that lead to sales.
| Four probes that pay off.
| Constructing status questions.
| Constructing issue questions.

| Constructing implication questions.
| Constructing solution questions.
| Five ways to draw people out.
| How to ask better business questions.

| Finding the opportunity in an objection.
| Preparing for | pre-empting objections.
| We’re satisfied with our current supplier.
| We had a bad experience with your company.

| Let me think it over.
| I can get the same thing for less money.
| Your price is too high.
| How to defer answering the premature price question.


Helps companies win, grow and keep customers in today’s race for business.

He helps people everywhere sharpen their selling skills.

Recognized as a top-tier trainer, Walt is a frequent presenter at association and corporate events throughout North America. He has commanded the lecture hall at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, visited 49 of the 50 U.S. states and taken his training to three European countries. He most recently returned from India after presenting in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

Prior to launching his consulting practice in 1980, Walt served on the corporate staffs of Motorola, Inc. outside Chicago and FedEx Corp. in Memphis. United Way of America saw fit to appoint him to their National Communications Advisory Committee.

“A lot of people put ‘Associates’ in their name to create the impression that they are big. Not Walt. He actually has associates and they are good, too. Walt doesn’t just seem big; he is big. And warm. And bright. And funny,” said the iconic Hank Trisler.


Both days begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.

Morning and afternoon breaks will be taken. 45 Minutes will be allocated for lunch - Lunch included in the tuition fee.

Meeting site (a hotel or conference center in your area) will be included in your confirmation.

Tuition includes the seminars, Briefing Booklets, continental breakfast, lunch and beverages

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Seminar Summary:

It's Not About Price - Now get it all in the New intense, interactive 2-Day sales program. Clinch more sales! (see full course description) seminars and training is a member of the Seminar News Network and Training News Network Copyright 2008-2014.

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