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Understanding Budgets and Financial Reports Online 24/7 – Self-Paced Training  


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Understanding Budgets and Financial Reports Online 24/7 – Self-Paced Training seminar agenda print utility



Business/non-profit employers, managers, supervisors, team leaders, volunteers, etc. with current/future financial responsibilities interested in developing or updating their financial skills


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Seminar Summary:

Get a solid understanding of basic financial terms and methods for making informed and intelligent financial decisions. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Money matters can be intimidating for even the smartest people. However, having a solid understanding of basic financial terms and methods is crucial for making informed and intelligent financial decisions. This includes individuals who may participate in purchasing, financial planning, forecasting, analysis, reporting and corporate development, as well as those fulfilling the duties of financial responsibility for a nonprofit organization.

When terms like ROI, EBIT, GAAP, and extrapolation join the conversation, you΄ll want to know what people are talking about, and you΄ll want to be able to participate in the discussion.

The Understanding Budgets And Financial Course will give you a solid foundation in finance. We΄ll cover topics like commonly used terms, financial statements, budgets, forecasting, purchasing and financial legislation. Whether or not you have a background in finance, this course will give you the tools to fully participate in financial decisions and exercises.

This Understanding Budgets and Financial course will give participants the tools to:
• Identify financial terminology
• Understand financial statements
• Identify how to analyze financial statements
• Understand budgets
• How to make budgeting easy
• Understand advanced forecasting techniques
• Understand how to manage the budget
• Identify How to make smart purchasing decisions
• Identify the legal aspects of finances
• And much more

What You Will Cover:
• What Is Finance
• Commonly Used Terms
• Key Players (People, Jobs)
• Important Finance Organizations
• Understanding GAAP
Understanding Financial Statement
• Balance Sheets
• Income Statements (AKA Profit And Loss Statements)
• Statement Of Retained Earnings
• Statement Of Cash Flows
• Annual Reports
• Income Ratios
• Profitability Ratios
• Working Capital Ratios
• Bankruptcy Ratios
Analyzing Financial Statements, Part Two
• Long Term Analysis Ratios
• Coverage Ratios
• Leverage Ratios
• Calculating Return On Investment - ROI
Understanding Budgets
• Common Types Of Budgets
• What Information Do I Need?
• Who Should Be Involved?
• What Should A Budget Look Like?
Budgeting Made Easy
• Factoring In Historical Data
• Gathering Related Information
• Adjusting For Special Circumstances
• Putting It All Together
• Computer Based Methods
Advanced Forecasting Techniques
• Using The Average
• Regression Analysis
• Extrapolation
• Formal Financial Models
Managing The Budget
• How To Tell If You΄re On The Right Track
• Should Your Budget Be Updated
• Keeping A Diary Of Lessons Learned
• When To Panic
Making Smart Purchasing Decisions
• 10 Questions You Must Ask
• Determining The Payback Period
• Deciding Whether To Lease Or Buy
• Thinking Outside The Box
A Glimpse Into The Legal World
• A Brief History
• The Sarbanes Oxley Act
• CEO/CFO Certification
• Thinking Outside The Box
Words from the Wise
Lessons Learned
Action Plans

Credits: Certificate of Completion

Registration Fee: $195

Tuition Covers:
• Comprehensive Study Guide
• Pre Test and Post Test
• Training Exercises and Quizzes
• Quick Reference Materials
• Certificate of Course Completion
• Self-paced learning – 24/7
• Recommended Reading
• 90-day follow-up (Q&A and ROI guidance and assistance)
• Certification of Course Completion
• Instructor Interaction via Email

Class Time:
Registration: Virtual
Workshop: Virtual.

Our trainers are experience energetic, engaging and enthusiastic learning and development professionals with many years’ experience as hands-on practitioners in the government, non-profit and private sectors in areas such as training managers, supervisors, managers, executives, mediators, entrepreneurs, etc. They share a passion to use their experiences and skills to enhance individual growth and productivity while supporting business and organizational strategies. They have faced the challenges and can help you develop the real solutions you need to achieve individual and organizational success in today’s competitive environment.

We love what we do and embrace the key values of “Commitment, Integrity, Passion and Respect” as an integral part of our company culture. We live these values in our programs, which is our focus as we unite behind our customers’ goals and are driven to help them achieve success. Excellence is our product and service. Customers are our top priority. Our goal is your goal

Questions During and After the Training
For questions and other communication during the training, email the presenter directly from course, thereby including the slide in question to aid the presenter’s response. Otherwise, email us directly for a prompt response. Our customers are our top priority and we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Seminar Summary:

Get a solid understanding of basic financial terms and methods for making informed and intelligent financial decisions. (see full course description) seminars and training is a member of the Seminar News Network and Training News Network Copyright 2008-2014.

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