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Title Law in Texas  

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This nuts and bolts, basic level seminar will provide a good foundation in title law for the following: Attorneys, Title/Abstract practitioners, Real Estate professionals, General practitioners, Paralegals, Bankers


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Seminar Summary:

This comprehensive seminar will provide you fundamental knowledge of title law and learn how to make title problems a non-issue in your business. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Prevent Problems Down the Line With Superior Skills

Do you have a solid foundation of knowledge in title law? Are you confident in handling any complications that may arise? This comprehensive seminar will provide you fundamental knowledge of title law and learn how to make title problems a non-issue in your business. Our expert faculty will take you through the title examination process, so you can identify potential problems before they arise. Get the basics you need to deal with titles. Register today!

  • Gain strategies and techniques for overcoming common and not so common obstacles to obtain marketable title.
  • Keep your practices current with a review of current trends and developments in real estate conveyances.
  • Navigate the title examination process with ease using forms, practice tips and procedural pointers from experienced practitioners.
  • Don't let common title issues derail your transaction: learn to identify and overcome title issues.
  • Learn how to overcome title defects such as homestead and statutory rights, heir's deeds, and defects in execution.
  • Elements incorrect or missing in documentation? We'll show you what you can do.
  • Gain practical tips on drafting and negotiating title insurance policies.
  • Learn how to handle voluntary and involuntary title transfers with ease.

    9:00 - 10:00, Jeffrey A. Morrison
    1. The Background of Real Estate Titles
    2. Current Issues in Conveyancing Practice
    3. Typical and Atypical Liens and Encumbrances
    10:15 - 11:15, Jeffrey R. Hacker
    1. How to Begin the Search - Information You Need to do an Examination
      1. Property Legal Description
      2. Property Owner - Vesting Deed
      3. Street Address
      4. Lienholder
      5. Recording Information for Deed and/or Deed of Trust
    2. Standard Instruments You Will be Required to Examine
      1. Deeds
      2. Liens
      3. Restrictions - on Use, Sale, etc.
      4. Easement - Utility, Access, etc.
      5. Mineral Reservations or Grants
      6. Leases and/or Tenancy Agreements
      7. Tax Maps
      8. Plat Maps
      9. Surveys
      10. Court Orders Entered in Connection With Real Estate
      11. Divorce Decrees and/or Settlements
      12. Birth and Death Records
      13. Wills and Probate Proceedings
    3. Conducting the Search Process-How to Use Appropriate Indexes and Documents
      1. Locate Property
      2. Grantor/Grantee Indices
      3. Tract Book Indices
      4. Miscellaneous Records
      5. Deed and Deed of Trust Records
    4. Detecting Missing or Incorrect Elements on Documents
      1. Chain of Title
      2. Assignment of Unrecorded Interests
      3. Releases - But no Liens
      4. Heirship of Interest
    5. Identifying Exception to Title
    11:15 - 12:00, Jeffrey R. Hacker
    1. Title Issues/Defects That Arise Frequently and Tools for Resolving Title Problems
      1. Unreleased or Expired Liens
      2. Blanket or Abandoned Easements
      3. Gap in the Chain of Title
      4. Acreage or Square Footage Discrepancies
      5. Boundary Disputes
    2. Court Procedures
      1. Trespass to Try Title
      2. Quiet Title Action
      3. Adverse Possession
      4. Muniment of Title Action
      5. Probate Proceedings
      6. Bankruptcy Proceedings
      7. Judicial Foreclosures
    3. Underwriting the Defect
      1. Basic Manual for the Issuance of Title Insurance in the State of Texas
      2. Underwriting Manuals for Each Title Insurance Underwriter
    1:00 - 2:00, Jeffrey A. Morrison
    1. Attorneys' Fees
    2. Conflicts of Interest Multiple Representation
    3. Disclosure of Defects in Property
    2:00 - 3:00, Jeffrey R. Hacker
    1. Components of a Title Insurance Policy
      1. Amount of Coverage
      2. Exclusions From Coverage
      3. Schedule A of Title Policy
      4. Schedule B of Title Policy - Exceptions From Coverage
      5. Conditions and Stipulations
    2. Covered Risks
    3. Closing Protection Letter a.k.a. Insured Closing Services Letter
    4. Drafting and Reviewing Commitments
    5. Issuing Final Title Insurance Policies
    3:15 - 4:30, Richard C. Ruschman
    1. Voluntary Transfers
      1. Legal Requirements for an Effective Conveyance
      2. Types of Deeds
    2. Involuntary Transfers
      1. Foreclosures of Mortgages or Deeds of Trusts
      2. Mechanic's Lien Foreclosures
      3. Foreclosures of Tax and Other Liens
      4. Adverse Possession
      5. Condemnation
      6. Reversion of Title
      7. Forfeitures of Title
    3. Private Covenants and Restrictions

Seminar Summary:

This comprehensive seminar will provide you fundamental knowledge of title law and learn how to make title problems a non-issue in your business. (see full course description)

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