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Microsoft Access 2007 /2010 A 2 day Hands On Workshop  

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Access 2007/2010 Beginners and Not-so-experienced Users


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Seminar Summary:

Smart Data-Management Tools for every Access 2007/2010 User (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Microsoft® Access® — A 2-Day, Hands-On Workshop Training Seminar

Covers Access 2007/2010

Solution-Driven Access Training

Anyone can rattle off features and tell you which buttons to click. We go way beyond that — by explaining when and why to use features, how to solve problems, and how to customize Access for the way you work. We'll show you how AND why to use dozens of Access tools — to expand value, save time, simplify tasks, and produce more valuable information.

Use Access out of the package with custom-programmed results

  • Explained — every ribbon, button, key, icon, and switch on your Access desktop. Stop wondering, "What's that for?"
  • Step by step, how to alter "canned" reports to look like custom-programmed output
  • Spreadsheet or database? A clever technique to do both at the same time!
  • Data entry mistakes … how to prevent them — no matter how many people are involved
  • How to filter out all of the information you don't need … and highlight the data you want to see
  • A welcome break from the keyboard! Little-known tips that cut keyboarding time in half
  • How to share data with others … without ever risking the safety of your original data
  • Tips for adding sparkle to Access reports with graphic elements
  • No mystery queries! Simple "checkpoints" that make it easy to produce even complex queries
  • How to protect your data at every turn … and even recover accidentally deleted data!
  • 2 great tricks to get Access to literally do your job for you!
  • How to get the data you need quickly with easy e-mail forms
  • A simple method to cut even giant databases down to size and make them easier and faster to work with

Who should attend? This is ideal training for …

Access 2007 beginners
Hit the ground running! Even if you've just started with Access, this workshop will bring you up to speed faster than you ever thought possible … without the frustration and mistakes!

Not-so-experienced users
You've been using Access, but you know you've only scratched the surface of its powerful possibilities. In just 2 intense days, you'll grasp the advanced Access tools that are just waiting to be used. You'll get beyond the basics and learn how to accomplish countless functions faster and easier … with greater clarity and understanding!

"Stuck in a rut" users
You're working harder instead of smarter. You know there are easier and better ways to use Access … but you don't have the time or knowledge to sift through and find the tricks and shortcuts yourself. This seminar is for you! You'll discover the real magic of Access — including innovative features you thought only the experts used!

Microsoft Access — Seminar Overview

Day 1

Understanding the "Big Picture": Designing the Database

Have you ever been frustrated by a database that's poorly organized … or realized, too late, that key information was omitted … or had to dig through mountains of irrelevant information to get to what you needed? Knowing how to plan and organize a complete database structure from its inception is the key to avoiding these common problems. In this session, you'll learn how to design and plan an Access database that makes your data simple to collect, input, view, and retrieve.

  • A careful look at database structure — before you make the first keystroke
  • How to "fix" an existing database that's poorly designed … without losing your original data
  • An Access "map"! Learn exactly what's behind every icon, bar, button, and switch on the Access desktop
  • Instant database! Use the Wizards to create and modify a database … in minutes
  • Time Saver! The little-used Access feature that gives your database professional-level formatting … automatically

Laying the Foundation: Creating Tables

They're the building blocks of your Access database … multiple tables are the unseen structural blocks that build impressive databases. Learn how to design and create tables that are easy to use and understand, and discover tips, tricks, and terminology that take the mystery out of creating and using tables.

  • Facts on fields: guidelines on field types, and how to choose the right one
  • How to "build in" table features that will save you hours of input time later
  • A "hands-on" experiment with 5 key field properties … you'll instantly see how they work!
  • Table time-savers: Create ready-to-use tables with the Wizard
  • A "checkpoint" you can set in the field level that minimizes input mistakes

Getting the Data Back Out: Filtering Features

The real power of your database is not its ability to organize information … it's the power you have to selectively retrieve it! Learn the basics (and the slick tricks) of how to filter and sort your data, and uncover the answers you're looking for — faster than you ever thought possible.

  • When you need simple answers quickly: how to perform a fast temporary filter

  • A clever way to "save" frequently used filters

  • More complex filters: use "AND" and "OR" conditions, without the confusion!

  • How to refine and sort the results … at the same time you perform the initial filter

  • Filter versus Query: how they're different, and when to use each

Retrieving Data, Your Way: Conquering Queries

Learn how Queries enable you to harness the power of your database on a daily basis and make it work like magic! You'll learn how to write and save Queries that put critical information in your hands … quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

  • Exactly what Queries are … and how they can save you hours of "busywork"

  • How to design a Query once … and recall it again and again, whenever you need it

  • When you're writing more complex Queries: 2 time-saving tools that will have you off and running!

  • Syntax secrets: Learn how to easily read Query syntax!

  • Expert Query tricks! How to recover accidentally deleted data, consolidate dozens of Queries into one, move data from one table to another, and more!

Day 2

Producing Functional Forms

Just think of the massive amount of time it takes to collect and input data … and you begin to realize how well-designed forms can save you precious hours and prevent needless hassle. You'll learn the secrets to creating and using the powerful Access forms tools that make adding to your database simple and headache-free!

  • Looks good! How to format a form for maximum ease of use and readability

  • Don't avoid subforms! Why they're powerful, and how you can take advantage of them

  • The fastest ways to create and customize forms … usable almost instantly!

  • Autoform and Wizards: Let them take the labor out of forms creation

  • How to modify any existing form to suit your exact needs

Achieving Superior Output from Access: Creating Reports

Great reports are your chance to really shine! Learn how to get the data in the format you need — on paper — where you can use it to make better decisions, strategize, improve service … you name it! You'll learn, step by step, how to output information from your database in reports that are easy to generate, read, and use.

  • 3 methods for generating reports … and how to choose the right one

  • How to make a report from scratch — totally customized!

  • Tips for "touching up" automatically generated reports for speedy "semi-customized" output

  • How to transfer and use your reports in other applications, such as Microsoft Word

  • Ways to look great! Use design tools to create attractive, professional reports!

Mastering Access Macros

Macros are incredible tools to get Access to do your work for you … with just a single click, or even automatically! You'll learn how to write macros to perform the repetitive, tedious tasks that eat up your time and energy.

  • What macros are … and where you can use them to "automate" repetitive tasks

  • Critical decisions you must make before attempting to design any macro

  • An easy tool that makes macros even more powerful … and is unknown to most Access users!

  • How to create and run macros: you may have more options than you think!

Creating and Using Templates

As the world goes online, there's a good chance your data will need to as well. You'll learn how to build long-lasting, flexible templates — and you don't have to be a "guru" to do it!

  • How the template process works … in plain English!

  • Full-Scale Templates: Avoid having to re-create the same databases

  • Templates for individual fields, tables, and just about anything else you can think of!

  • How to attach photos, documents, and everything else without bloating your database

  • Track modifications to your Memo fields — automatically!

Creating the Dynamic Database

The ability to link, share, import, and export data gives you the ultimate in flexibility, ease of use, and sheer power! You'll learn how to use your database in a more fluid way, without the traps and mistakes that frustrate many users.

  • How to avoid the bottleneck that forces you — or others — to "re-create" the same data

  • The "tie" to other applications: exactly where you can import/export data

  • How to ensure your data stays safe through countless import/export transactions

  • When it's better to avoid import/export and simply "link" data

  • Spreadsheet or database? You can do both simultaneously — learn how, step by step

  • "Splitting" a database: how it can cure problems caused by multiple users or extra-large databases

Training Seminar Time:

Training Seminar Check-In: 8:15 AM Training Seminar Class: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


This course qualifies for 12 Basic Business Management & Organization CPE credits. Certificates will be available 10 days after your event has ended.

Seminar Summary:

Smart Data-Management Tools for every Access 2007/2010 User (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Microsoft Access 2007 /2010  A 2 day Hands On Workshop training seminar

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