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Mastering Your Blackberry Webinar  

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This webinar is ideal for professionals who are new to the BlackBerry.


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Seminar Summary:

Learn to use the features of this powerful tool to manage your time and workload to become more efficient and productive (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Mastering Your BlackBerry® Webinar

1-Hour CareerTrack Webinar

The constant flow of information associated with your job can be intensely overwhelming. From e-mail and calendar updates to instant messaging and Internet overload, you are inundated with electronic forms of information that require accurate and timely attention. With so much on your plate, it's imperative that you can quickly navigate your BlackBerry to ensure efficient and effective workflow — even when you're not at the office.

You have to make an out-of-office visit, but that doesn't mean you still don't have work to do. As the day continues, you receive a constant stream of requests from customers, vendors, and coworkers about decisions that need to be made, budgets that need to be analyzed, and questions that need to be answered. You need to promptly respond to these issues, otherwise productivity could come to a standstill. What if you could set up your BlackBerry to help you stay organized and assist you in the management of all your inbox emergencies while constantly keeping you connected to your organization? With this one-hour webinar, you can!

BlackBerry smart phones are the choice for millions to stay integrated with and informed about their workplace.

Smart phones provide companies and individuals with a system to keep employees connected — even for users with little or no technological experience. They allow users to streamline their virtual workplace by setting up shortcuts for viewing attachments, sorting message lists, deleting multiple messages, creating an auto-signature, and much more. However, if you're not familiar with how to use this powerful phone's functions, you could be missing out on all of the time-saving features this handheld device has to offer.

Do you ever find yourself wondering …

  • How do I activate my Bluetooth® technology — and how can it make my professional life easier?
  • Is it difficult to download and integrate add-on applications?
  • How does BlackBerry Help work?
  • Is there a shortcut for viewing a day, week, or month in my calendar?
  • Where do I personalize my settings, such as my home screen, notification profile, and password?
  • Can I add a contact from my company directory?
  • How do I utilize the features and functions of BlackBerry Desktop Software?

Don't spend another frustrating minute searching for answers to these confusing questions. In just one hour of insightful training, you'll go from turning your wireless on and off to controlling functions that extend your battery life. We'll provide you with a number of the most common features users aren't taking advantage of — along with tips on how to utilize them! After the program, you'll be wondering why you waited so long to take charge of the information at your fingertips and get a grip on all the functions BlackBerry has to offer!


Who will benefit?

This webinar is ideal for professionals who are new to the BlackBerry, and it's perfect for users of all levels who want to brush up on the basics and get the most out of their smart phone investment.

In just one hour of high-quality, effective training, you will learn to:

  • Navigate your BlackBerry's home screen easily
  • Utilize all of the Phone features, such as smart dialing, speed dial, and dialing from other applications
  • Take advantage of the browser to view and bookmark Web pages
  • Use E-mail Messaging — add multiple recipients, copy and paste text, create a message filter, set your Out-of-Office reply, and employ the Delete Prior feature
  • Save time with BlackBerry's shortcuts, such as how to open a message, move to the top of a message, and forward a message
  • Set up and utilize a tethered modem
  • Customize your smart phone to better serve your business needs


Are you dreading the frustrating task of familiarizing yourself with your BlackBerry's business-savvy features and ensuring that you're constantly in contact with your workplace? Now, in just one hour, you'll learn to easily navigate your smart phone's most useful functions while discovering how easy it is to make your BlackBerry work for you — stay connected, minimize downtime, and keep business moving forward!


WEBINAR Start Time: 1-Hour CareerTrack Webinar

2 pm Eastern
1 pm Central
12 pm Mountain

11 am Pacific
10 am Alaskan
9 am Hawaiian

Webinar and CD (Save $150!) - US $248
Webinar Only - US $199
Webinar CD Only - US $199

Q&A Session

Immediately following the Webinar, the phone line will be opened up to conference participants who wish to submit questions to our speaker, time permitting.

Seminar Summary:

Learn to use the features of this powerful tool to manage your time and workload to become more efficient and productive (see full course description)

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