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Sales & Marketing Conference  

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Seminar Summary:

1 Day, 2 Tracks, and 8 Dynamic Sessions of Secrets to Successful Sales and Marketing You Need to Know!  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The Sales and Marketing Conference by CareerTrack Seminars

Boost skills and enhance communication

Too often the game of "who knows best" gets in the way of your organization's true goals. The sales department might know the best way to win over a customer, while the marketing department might know which customers should be targeted and how to communicate with them. Without constant communication, a collaborative effort, and a cohesion of objectives between the two departments, your organization won't be able to achieve its goals of increased sales and consistent revenue growth.

The Sales and Marketing Conference was created for organizations that are seeking to refresh experienced veterans, train new hires, and join the forces of their sales and marketing departments — all while increasing personal and company-wide revenue. This insightful 2-track, 8-session format will allow you to tailor your learning experience, so you get the in-depth, highly beneficial information you need.

Identify objectives and develop solutions

This multi-faceted conference will help you discover solutions for streamlining information-exchange processes, improving support capacities, and getting your sales and marketing departments to appreciate each other's roles. You'll gain an arsenal of new techniques, tips, and ideas to identify department needs and keep both groups on good terms.

Jam-packed with savvy suggestions, great ideas, little-known secrets, smart how-tos, and best practices, this one-day conference is geared toward making you more effective, more efficient, and more successful at your job. Enroll today, and make your workday run more smoothly than ever before!

You will discover how to pinpoint opportunities for implementing more effective sales strategies, identifying joint objectives, preparing product launches, and developing qualified leads. From improving internal systems to communicating information to potential and current customers faster, in just one day you'll gain a wealth of knowledge and applicable solutions from your expert trainer!

Attention: Marketing and Sales Departments

  • Do you have trouble keeping up a constant dialogue between the marketing and sales teams about expectations and needs?
  • Could your department use a crash course in marketing fundamentals?
  • Would your organization benefit if the marketing team were more knowledgeable about the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing?
  • Is it difficult to align marketing and sales priorities within your organization?
  • Do you have trouble reaching, engaging, and gaining the interest of potential customers?
  • Are you concerned that you're missing the mark when it comes to defining customer segments and promoting new products?

If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, you owe it to your organization to enroll in this conference. You'll discover information, tools, and strategies for becoming more savvy and effective at sales and marketing. You'll gain the confidence, knowledge, and people skills to target prospects, create customer loyalty, address concerns, and ultimately increase revenue!

Opening Session: Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century — Today vs. Yesterday!

In this high-tech and fast-paced business world, marketing and sales aren't what they used to be. Today there are so many ways to communicate and customers are inundated with information. It takes a collaborative effort from both the sales and marketing departments to stay in touch with customers and keep them informed, interested, and satisfied. Don't let department turf wars hold up potential revenue any longer! Become a competitive force in your industry by increasing customer contact, loyalty, and buzz.

Track 1: Sales

Session 1: Going From Good to Great
From contacting more prospects to knowing which leads you should invest in, you'll learn proven techniques and strategies to improve your sales — and your commissions.

  • Learn habits of successful sales people
  • Understand the sales process
  • Decipher sales models
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Set and achieve goals

Session 2: Mastering the Art of Prospecting
Taking the time to develop a promising customer can be costly if they don't follow through. Learn the art of wooing your clients and getting important information to the people who matter.

  • Find the Prospect
  • Recognize that it's not sales, it's relationships
  • Get to the decision maker
  • Arrange the appointment
  • Ask the right questions
  • Realize the importance of your listening skills

Session 3: Overcoming Objections
Turn a "No" into "Yes" with insightful tips and creative solutions for getting customers to see it your way.

  • Identify the objection
  • Overturn the objection — utilize the fill, felt, and found method
  • Present the solution
  • Gain commitment
  • Close the sale, and feel good because that client just bought YOU

Session 4: Securing Future Sales
Ever-changing technology can be intimidating. Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the various ways you can build customer loyalty, keep in constant contact, and increase their satisfaction with your product — and your effort.

  • Learn the how-tos and advantages of selling in a digital world
  • Keep in contact and continue to develop your relationship
  • Stay motivated


Track 2: Marketing

Session 1: Brushing Up on the Fundamentals
You might be an expert when it comes to your products or industry, but brushing up on the basics will help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture of where your organization could be.

  • Understand the basics of marketing
  • Discover valuable marketing exercises
  • Learn the importance of marketing's four Ps — product, placement, promotion, and price

Session 2: Creating a Fierce Marketing Plan
So many organizations put together marketing plans piece-by-piece or in stages. You'll learn to develop a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan that can be implemented with each new marketing initiative.

  • Identify who needs a marketing plan
  • Know what the marketing plan is
  • Determine when you should develop the marketing plan
  • Gain tips for how to develop a fierce marketing plan

Session 3: Ensuring a Positive ROI
You'll discover valuable information for researching, developing, managing, and adapting your marketing strategies to achieve a positive return-on-investment.

  • Determine your marketing opportunities
  • Uncover new marketing strategies
  • Know your competition
  • Market to action
  • Measure Marketing Performance

Session 4: Developing Long-Term Marketing Strategies
Your campaign isn't finished just because the launch is over. Learn how to develop a marketing strategy that will help make future road blocks simple and easy to overcome — so that your brand can easily thrive, transform, and grow.

  • Captivate customers with powerful branding
  • Leverage your digital and social media presence

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:30AM   Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

1 Day, 2 Tracks, and 8 Dynamic Sessions of Secrets to Successful Sales and Marketing You Need to Know!  (see full course description)

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