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The Human Resources Conference  

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New and experienced HR professionals


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Seminar Summary:

Essential skills, fresh ideas and cutting-edge information on the latest rules and regulations of employment laws (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The HR Conference  (Human Resources)

When the going gets tough … you've got to be even tougher to survive and thrive!

As an HR professional, you are the liaison between your organization's employees and its corporate policies, procedures and cultural norms. You are responsible for sorting through performance issues, handling employee complaints, dealing with the countless legal aspects your job requires and protecting your employees and your organization from legal action, fines and penalties.

As if that weren't enough, you're also responsible for setting the corporate tone of your organization, promoting its mission, vision and values, being a positive agent for change and identifying and hiring the talent to drive your organization into the future. There are a lot of responsibilities resting on your shoulders, and a great deal of expectations riding on your performance.

One day, two tracks, eight sessions — it all adds up to unlimited potential for success!

This conference was created to give you a dependable toolbox packed to the brim with survival skills, workplace strategies, fresh insights and more — all designed to give you a powerful edge when it comes to your HR responsibilities. Everything you will learn during this comprehensive day of training is up-to-the-minute, hot-off-the-press material — from new and pending legislation to hot topics like social media legalities, employee performance issues, future trends and more. Our two-track format gives you the option of choosing between multiple training sessions, providing an individualized learning experience that's unique to you.

You are welcome to mix and match sessions and move back and forth between the two tracks. Choose the topics that interest you most, and create a customized training program tailored to suit your needs, as well as those of your organization.

Track One addresses the very latest legislative changes, court rulings and other important legal issues. From new amendments and legislation affecting OSHA, FLSA, ADA, FLMA and HIPAA to the latest legal trends in supervision, discrimination and diversity, this track covers the emerging legal developments that affect HR practices and procedures. Track Two focuses on essential skills to make handling every aspect of your job easier. In these sessions, you will learn to communicate more effectively through a variety of proven, field-tested techniques, take a look at recruiting and hiring through social media and gain skills to deal with negative attitudes, lagging performance, the office political machine, employee burnout and much, much more!

Track 1: Human Resources and the Law — What Every HR Professional Needs to Know

This track addresses the very latest legislative changes, court rulings, legal best practices and other need-to-know issues facing HR professionals. From new amendments and legislation affecting OSHA, FLSA, ADA, FLMA, and HIPAA to the latest legal trends in supervision, discrimination and diversity, this track covers the emerging legal developments that affect HR practices and procedures.

News from the Hill
If there is one thing you can count on when it comes to the U.S. government, it's change. Keeping up can be exhausting, especially when you're pulled in a thousand different directions due to your day-to-day responsibilities. This session will help you stay on top of critical issues, new court rulings, changes in federal regulations and other key legal trends affecting your organization and its employees.

  • Up-to-the-minute changes, revisions and legislative decisions handed down by the government
  • How does GINA (Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act) affect you?
  • OSHA — stay abreast of recent changes and maintain compliance
  • COBRA — updates, changes and requirements that will affect your employees
  • Payroll tax updates: critical information you must not overlook
  • News from the Supreme Court: decisions that will impact your organization

What You Should Know About the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)
The FMLA offers federally-mandated protection for employees who wish to take leave for medical reasons including illness, caring for a family member or caring for a new child. In this session, you'll discover what's new, what's critical and what can land you in legal hot water regarding complex FMLA regulations, rules and requirements.

  • Who is eligible for benefits under the FMLA?
  • What are the FMLA's notification requirements for employees/employers when employees are seeking to use FMLA leave?
  • What are an employee's rights under the FMLA?
  • How can you best manage reduced schedules and intermittent absences due to FMLA leave
  • What is the exact definition of "Fitness for Duty?"
  • In which instances can paid leave be substituted for unpaid FMLA leave?
  • Job protection: what you must do to ensure compliance with federal statutes
  • How to avoid legal concerns regarding the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Information, Updates and Administrative Procedures Regarding the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)
Since the FLSA was put into place in 1938, there have been numerous amendments, additions and revisions. This session guides you through the latest developments regarding the FLSA, and provides the knowledge you need to keep accurate records, classify and compensate your employees correctly and keep track of hours worked.

  • How to determine whether your employees are covered by FLSA provisions
  • Learn the individual employee coverage rules under which most workers are covered
  • Exempt and non-exempt employees — what you need to know now
  • How does the FLSA define the term "hours worked?"
  • How many hours per day can an employee work before they must be paid overtime?
  • How is overtime decided according to FLSA requirements?
  • Is overtime pay required by the FLSA for weekend or night work?
  • Employees vs. contractors: What are the differences? How do you determine pay rates for contractors?

Social Media and Employment Law
Social media has become the newest way for people to connect, stay in touch, keep up and, unfortunately for businesses, waste time at work. How do you set a Social Media Policy that is fair and balanced for your employees? Should you block or limit access to certain platforms? This session will address the very latest legal issues surrounding social media and help you develop a policy that is right for your organization and your employees.

  • 6 things you should know about social media and the workplace
  • How to establish and maintain a Social Media Policy within your organization
  • What are an employee's legal rights when it comes to posting online? Who owns the posts? Who has access?
  • What actions involving social media could lead to an employee's termination?
  • Social media and the law — what stands up in court if an incident leads to a lawsuit?
  • Where does the concept of free speech fit in? How does that affect your organization's legal actions?


Track 2: Essential Skills for Every HR Professional

Human Resources is complex, fast-paced and constantly evolving. To succeed, you've got to be able to think on your feet, juggle numerous priorities with poise and confidence, and uphold the letter of the law — all the while serving as an advocate for your employees and a champion for your organization. This track addresses critical skills that will help you perform your job more effectively, more easily and enjoy yourself in the process.

Communication Skills for the HR Professional
Communication is the key to creating a work environment in which employees feel valued and respected, and are motivated and enthusiastic in their work. Your ability to communicate effectively also has a powerful effect on your organization at all levels. This session introduces a host of specific tools and techniques to improve and refine your communication skills.

  • How to use written and verbal communication skills to set the tone for your organization
  • What you say can hurt you: how to protect yourself and your organization from communication blunders that can land you in legal hot water
  • Strategies for coaching, counseling, disciplining and firing employees
  • How to conduct a performance review that is effective, motivating and legally sound
  • Tips for evaluating and measuring employee performance
  • What to do when employee conflicts arise: your role as mediator

Social Media — The New Face of Recruiting
Social media has become the newest tool in the recruiter's arsenal … and it has quickly proven to be effective for gathering preliminary information, weeding out unqualified candidates, checking references and reaching out to potential candidates online. In this session, we'll take a look at how HR recruiters can get the most out of social media, examine legal issues and concerns and help you develop a social media recruiting action plan.

  • How to use sites like Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter® for recruiting candidates
  • Using social media to find candidates who may not be actively job searching
  • Legal guidelines to follow regarding the use of online information to screen candidates
  • How to avoid infringement of privacy or discriminatory practices when using social media for recruiting

The Top Five Employment Issues and How to Handle Them
As an HR professional, you deal day in and day out with employee issues — the good, the bad and the ugly! After interviewing scores of HR professionals to discover which behaviors and situations really push their buttons, we've narrowed down the top five: attitude, attendance, performance, politics and burnout. In this fascinating session, we'll work through them, one by one.

  • What to do when poor attitudes, negative behavior and difficult personalities are infecting your organization
  • How to deal with people who are chronically tardy, slip out of work early, take too many sick days or rack up other absences
  • How to get employees back on track when performance takes a nosedive — and management turns to you for help
  • If the political maneuverings at your organization are starting to create an unhealthy work environment, here's how to take back control
  • Discover how to coach, counsel and motivate burned out employees to help them re-energize and recapture their positive outlook

HR Evolution: The Future of Human Resources
How is the HR role transforming itself in the coming decade? In this session, we'll look at ways to fast track your career and become a more indispensable, valued member of your organization. Learn how to establish strategic partnerships with upper level management, become an agent for positive change, make your voice heard when it comes to company policies and directives, and become more involved in the future of your organization.

  • HR and business ethics — what you must know
  • HR 2.0 — bold new technologies to help you work smarter and accomplish more
  • How to work with telecommuters, mobile and remote workforces
  • Global HR: workforce diversity to meet the demands of a new future
  • In or Out — the new option of outsourced HR departments
  • HR ROI — the human element



Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Essential skills, fresh ideas and cutting-edge information on the latest rules and regulations of employment laws (see full course description)

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