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Secrets of Successful Sales Managers  

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New and Experienced Sales Managers


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Seminar Summary:

Ease the transition into management and learn to support and develop a stellar sales team. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Secrets of Successful Sales Manager - Sales Management Seminar

From sales rep to sales manager …

All of a sudden, your job isn't all about you anymore. As a sales rep, you managed your own time, oversaw your own accounts and designed your sales efforts to fit your own needs. You fulfilled your personal sales goals, and reaped the benefits related to your own hard work. As a sales manager, you've now got a whole team of salespeople to coach, counsel, mentor and motivate. Your success is no longer based on your own efforts … it is tied directly to the performance of your sales team. How do you gain their trust, encourage them to perform at their peak, take on added administrative tasks and handle everything from sales training to "ride alongs" without getting overwhelmed by your new responsibilities?

This hands-on, highly interactive workshop equips sales managers with a powerful set of tools, techniques and skills needed to ensure success on a management level. From leadership skills to time management, motivation to coaching and counseling, we'll cover everything you need to step confidently and knowledgeably into your new role.

Increase your team's productivity, and foster their growth, achievements and high performance!

As the leader of an elite sales team, it's up to you as sales manager to create and nurture a sales culture based on success. If your team possesses varying degrees of experience and skill, it's your responsibility to help the "weaker links" improve their performance, while encouraging your star performers to stay at the top of their game. Through case studies, interactive exercises, role-playing and more, we'll show you how to tap into the underused potential of your mid-level performers, while keeping your top talent engaged and excited about their work.

From fascinating insights into the psychology of motivation to "hard" skills like goal-setting, delegation and recruiting, what you'll learn in one remarkable day will stay with you over the lifetime of your career.


Secrets of Successful Sales Managers — Seminar Overview

Making the transition from sales rep to sales manager

  • What makes a great sales manager?
  • How to develop a team leader mentality
  • What do your salespeople need from you as a manager? Understanding the complex relationship between sales manager and salesperson
  • Helping your team deal with change, new directions and work-related stress
  • The sales process from a new perspective: what you need to know as a manager that you didn't as a salesperson
  • How to make the change from selling products or services to selling your team on high performance
  • Ways to make your sales team your organization's star performers — getting the most out of your people

Setting priorities and managing time more effectively

  • Time management strategies for prioritizing, scheduling and task completion from a sales management perspective
  • How to stop fighting fires (short term solutions) and start solving problems (long term solutions)
  • How to maintain an open door policy with your team, without driving yourself crazy

Recruiting and hiring top talent

  • What to look for in a great sales person as well as a team member
  • Creating an effective job description that attracts the caliber of person you're looking for
  • Reading resumes: There's an art and a science to interpreting what prospective hires are really saying "between the lines"
  • How to structure and conduct a great job interview — even if you've got limited experience in this area
  • Skills, drive, personality: finding the right mix is critical to the operation of your sales team and the success of your organization


Increasing sales performance

  • How to set measurable, actionable performance goals and standards
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals — what they are, and how to use them to your advantage
  • What to do when you're faced with poor performance from your team
  • How to get your salespeople to be accountable for their own actions
  • Guidelines for effective delegation — stop trying to do it all!
  • How to reward superior results so that your people continue to perform at their personal best
  • How to develop an on-going sales training program that garners exceptional results
  • Best ways to offer discipline fairly and effectively
  • When it's time to part ways: techniques for terminating that lessen discomfort for everyone involved

Improving your management skills

  • How to improve your own performance: build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses as a manager
  • Motivating your team members: master these techniques for igniting enthusiasm and gaining buy-in for new ideas and initiatives
  • Creating policies and practices to help your sales people develop their skills and excel at their jobs
  • How to keep the lines of communication open — both ways
  • How to work with people who communicate differently than you do
  • Communicate more positively and effectively with these proven tools and techniques
  • How to clarify your expectations for others
  • Successfully manage conflict (both when you are, and are not, directly involved)
  • Giving directions: are you as clear as you think you are?
  • Dealing with difficult personalities: dos and don'ts for handling people who rub you the wrong way
  • Coaching skills every sales manager should master to ensure team success
  • How to separate coaching from recognition and mentoring
  • How to let the reins out and stop micro-managing every little detail
  • How to identify and reduce major stressors that may be hampering your management abilities, as well as your team's performance
  • How to conduct sales meetings that are focused and productive



Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Ease the transition into management and learn to support and develop a stellar sales team. (see full course description)

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