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Target Writing: Getting Results  

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training seminars by Target Learning, LLC Target Learning, LLC   


Anyone who would like to communicate their written message more efficiently and effectively.


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Seminar Summary:

This business writing program will show participants how to efficiently and effectively communicate their message to ensure their readers take the required (or requested) action. This program is also available online. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Poor Writing is Expensive

Poorly written communication among employees, customers, and vendors will always cost your organization time and money. For instance, calculate the time required to create a document (i.e. memo, e-mail, letter or report). Now calculate the time it takes to send out clarifications or verbally answer questions because the readers didn't understand the message - or ignored the message and missed the stated deadline.

Poor Writing Doesn't Motivate Readers

As busy writers, we tend to think mainly about efficiently disseminating information, and not how the readers will react to the formatting, the sentence structure, and the writing tone. For example, if a document is poorly formatted, readers won't be able to quickly find the relevant information they need; consequently, they will put the document aside with the intention of "reading it later when they have more time". And if the sentence structure is choppy or the writing tone is unpleasant, the reader will have difficulty focusing on the content - which defeats the purpose of the communication.

Poor Grammar & Punctuation Hurt a Writer's Message (and Credibility)

Have you ever received a document (or e-mail) from someone you never met and that document was riddled with grammar and punctuation errors? What was your first impression? Did you have negative thoughts about that writer? If so, your negative perception of that writer will likely create a negative interpretation of the content - even if the content was excellent. After all, if a writer won't take the time to proofread for proper grammar and punctuation, it's common to assume the writer is lazy (or incompetent).

First Impressions

When we meet someone face-to-face for the first time there are many ways to make a first good impression (e.g. firm handshake, eye contact, physical appearance, etc.). Would you take seriously a person who was dressed inappropriately for the occasion? Would you listen closely to a person's message if he or she appeared to be disorganized or unprepared? When we write to someone for the first time, we create a first impression in the reader's mind. If we write well, it tells the reader that we are professional, knowledgeable, and aware of the reader's needs.

What are the training objectives for this program?

Participants will learn how to:

* Write highly readable letters, memos, e-mails, and reports
* Overcome writer’s block using a variety of flexible techniques
* Research quickly & accurately to find the key information
* Create writing plans to keep you focused and on schedule
* Write e-mails that immediately get the attention of your readers
* Use the proper writing tone to ensure your readers interpret their message correctly
* Develop correspondence that motivates their readers to act on your message quickly
* Learn the grammar and punctuation rules that are relevant to business
* Use proper punctuation to focus readers on the key information
* Recognize & correct grammar errors that can hurt your credibility as a writer

What makes this program different?

A strong linear thinker will find it difficult to comprehend a document written in a global format (i.e. broad concepts, few details) - just as a strong global thinker would find it tedious to read a document using a linear format (i.e. many details and statistics). Consequently, if your writing doesn't cater to your reader's particular learning and thinking strengths, your true message may be hidden from view, despite how it clear it may seem to you.

In this program, you will learn how to create formats that grab the attention of your reader, and content that motivates your reader to take immediate action.


"The pace and level of this seminar was excellent, it provided concrete examples and successions. I liked it."

Kurt Schmidt, Computer Programmer (Surewest Communications)

"Very well presented and some unique ideas that I hadn't heard before."

Lanny Dohse, Stock Seed Manager (Syngenta Seeds, Inc.)

"This class was very helpful in learning how to write to the wide range of co-workers and personality types."

Joyce Johnson, Executive Administrator

"The interactive training exercises helped explain the techniques - very applicable information for the business world."

Stephanie Hayes, Business Analyst

Can you customize Target Writing for organizations and groups?

Yes, we can tailor this program to meet the specific training needs of any organization or group. We also offer the following all-inclusive rates:

Group Rate: $2,500 (up to 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195 (minimum of 5 participants)

These rates include:

* A 1-day interactive training class customized to your specifications
* Delivery of the class at a location and time of your choosing
* All Target Learning administration and travel expenses
* A workbook for each participant containing all the writing strategies
* Worksheets to apply the strategies using their personal thinking style
* Six months of access to your instructor after the training class

Is this program available online?

Yes, we offer Target Writing as an online program with the following features:

* On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
* Three months of online access using any Internet-capable device
* Three months of online access to your own Target Learning instructor
* Interactive slide presentation with a voice & text narrative
* A workbook containing all the strategies with implementation steps
* Templates to apply the strategies using your personal thinking style

Target Writing Webinar Cost: $60 per person



A personal assessment tool to help you identify your own best way to receive new information.

A personal assessment tool to help you identify your own best way to process new information.

A personal assessment to determine your current writing strengths and weaknesses.


You will learn the 4 basic building blocks necessary for effective and comprehensive business writing.

You will learn how to develop writing goals to ensure the correct message is communicated to the correct people.

You will learn 3 fast and flexible strategies for overcoming writer’s block – even when under pressure.


You will learn how to write “action statements” to ensure the purpose of your message is understood and acted on according to listed deadlines.

You will learn how to write clear sentences using the Active Voice – and learn how each “voice” can create different reactions from your readers.

You will learn how to adapt your writing style & tone to appeal to different readers.

You will learn how to appeal to readers whom have a different thinking style than your own.

You will learn how to write short and clear e-mails – and how to avoid the most common (and damaging) e-mail mistakes made by writers.


You will learn how to create concise and highly readable sentences and avoid common structural errors that can cause readers to misinterpret your intended message.

You will learn the currently accepted rules for business grammar and punctuation – and how to use punctuation to guide readers.

You will learn the most common writing mistakes that can hurt a writer’s credibility and affect how readers interpret a writer’s message.

You will learn how to format your writing to get (and keep) your readers’ attention and make it easy for readers to respond.


In this section, you will have worksheets to help you overcome writer’s block, collect and organize information, and provide the necessary information to your readers.

Training Seminar Time:

Check-In begins at 8:30AM Training Program 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Seminar Summary:

This business writing program will show participants how to efficiently and effectively communicate their message to ensure their readers take the required (or requested) action. This program is also available online. (see full course description)

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