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Successful HR Management  

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Human Resource Managers, Supervisors, Administrators


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Seminar Summary:

Everything you need to know to manage all the important areas of human resources management. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Successful HR Management - Human Resources Seminar

You’ll learn …

  • Avoid recruiting and hiring danger zones that can trip up even the most experienced HR professionals
  • Understand the most important employment legislation and how it impacts your organization
  • Minimize your liability in every step of the discipline and dismissal process
  • Stop fearing those unexpected situations that put HR managers in the legal hot seat
  • And much, much more!

In HR management, you can’t afford to NOT be at the top of your game. Not even for a day. It’s just too important. If you haven’t had an employee suddenly walk through your door to accuse you of a hostile work environment, complain about a bullying boss, demand reasonable accommodation or notify you that you’re being sued for overtime pay, remember it could happen. That’s where this intensive workshop comes in. It’s a rare opportunity to step back … polish your skills … and renew your energy and confidence in handling your very tough job confidently.

Successful HR Management Overview:

Day one: 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Stay informed of the latest twists in recruiting and interviewing employees

  • Writing job descriptions: Why a template off the Web won’t cut it
  • How to use social media to find your next hire
  • 5 off-the-cuff interview questions that are legally off-limits
  • Job application forms: Is yours a useful hiring tool—or a lawsuit waiting to happen?
  • What you should know before choosing and using a pre-employment test
  • How to get much more than job titles and employment dates out of reference checks
  • Eliminating the negative impact of “perceived disabilities” from your employment decisions
  • 6 organizational best practices that’ll have applicants begging to be hired

Discipline and termination basics: Cut your organization’s risk

  • 360-degree feedback—what the big debate is all about
  • How to spot problems with documentation you didn’t realize existed
  • How to cover all the legal bases when terminating an employee
  • Avoiding employment contracts that restrict your rights as an employer
  • The huge problem with inconsistent discipline—could you be guilty?

Ridding your workplace of discriminatory thinking and practices

  • 4 sound, legal reasons for firing an older worker
  • Reverse discrimination: Clearing up one of the grayest areas of employment law
  • How the ADA Amendments Act significantly changes the definition of “disability”
  • Determining overtime eligibility—correctly, legally and fairly
  • Diversity training: Does it really help employees overcome biases?
  • 5 practices for protecting your company from age discrimination claims
  • 4 ways to avoid misclassifying contract labor
  • How you must respond when an employee asks for reasonable accommodation
  • Making your Web site ADA-accessible—it’s the law, you know!
  • The facts about genetic testing

Administering a full range of employee benefits—legally and fairly

  • You hear an employee on leave is moonlighting—is this a problem?
  • Defining the benefits eligibility of domestic partners
  • You cancel an employee’s COBRA for late payment—do you have to reinstate it?
  • 10 areas you should update in your employee handbook—today
  • Types of injuries covered by Workers’ Comp
  • The hidden legal complexities of offering health insurance
  • Sorting through the confusing issues related to medical certification

Day two: 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.

What the lawyers wish every HR manager knew about today’s hottest issues

  • How to conduct those delicate harassment investigations
  • Getting clear on drug and alcohol testing issues that frequently trip up HR managers
  • What you need to understand about employees and depression
  • Recognizing the most common forms of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Not sure how to handle substance abusers? The ADA makes it crystal clear!

Diplomatically and legally handle tough situations

  • An employee wants you to hire a relative: Should you?
  • How to recognize the warning signs that an employee may become violent
  • Helping layoff survivors cope—and stay productive
  • Curbing funeral leave abuse
  • Is it ever a good idea to do random drug tests?

Your role as policy enforcer

  • Workplace bullying: Why having a clear policy isn’t enough
  • The latest on FMLA leave and the military
  • Minimizing your potential exposure when coordinating FMLA, ADA and Workers’ Comp
  • How to create a non-compete agreement you can enforce
  • The enormous benefits of clear and legally sound policies
  • The pros and cons of arbitration agreements
  • Planning a layoff or plant closing? What the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act may force you to do

Developing your role as a valued and trusted resource

  • 5 essential skills of HR management—how many do you have?
  • Is it really a function you can—and should—outsource? Find out here.
  • Expert tips on how to quickly increase your on-the-job value
  • Communicating HR-style: Tactful, clear and straightforward


CPE Credits: 12
Field of Study: Business Law


Seminar Summary:

Everything you need to know to manage all the important areas of human resources management. (see full course description)

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