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Managing a Virtual Team  

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Seminar Summary:

Learn how to take advantage of the tremendous benefits of virtual teams ... without getting burned by the potential pitfalls! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Managing a Virtual Team - Off-Site / Long Distance Training Seminar

Program Description:

The Virtual Workplace Is Here. It Requires a Whole New Set of Skills for Managers.

You can’t manage employees who work remotely the same way you manage those you see in the workplace every day. You don’t have the same amount of face-to-face time with them. Opportunities for informal one-on-ones in the break room or hallways are nonexistent.

Email and phone communication pales in effectiveness compared with live human interaction, and while videoconferencing is getting better and better every day, even it has its limitations. Plus, how do you know employees are working diligently when you can’t see them?

We already know we’re not telling you anything new here. Managing a team that’s either completely or partially off-site has its challenges, and it’s your job to rise to those challenges. That has been difficult, but it’s much easier now. Why? Because our new one-day seminar, Managing a Virtual Team, is packed with all the how-to techniques you need to keep your off-site employees energized, productive, and fully integrated into the team.

When it comes down to it, the human side of management has always been and will always be the most important part of your job. It’s not easy when employees work remotely — but it can be done. This training is THE best and easiest way to become a master at managing a virtual team.

Managing a Virtual Team Agenda:

Management Essentials for Leading Virtual Teams

  • Top ways managing virtually differs from managing in-house employees
  • Key benefits and common pitfalls of managing a virtual team
  • Understanding the unique issues your remote employees face
  • When and why it’s beneficial to allow a virtual working arrangement
  • How employee core function (sales, technical, creative, etc.) affects how you manage your virtual employees
  • Why self-disciplined self-starters are typically your best candidates for virtual roles

Technology and the Virtual Employee

  • What tools are available – and the pros and cons of each
  • Why email is so doggone dangerous!
  • Videoconferencing fundamentals
  • Conducting effective meetings with remote attendees
  • Technical glitches – plan for them – they will happen!

Communication Fundamentals

  • Why everyone must become stronger listeners
  • Creating effective feedback channels – for manager-employee and employee-team connections
  • Establishing communication ground rules
  • Recognizing the signs that suggest communication lines are broken … before it’s too late!

Team-Building Dynamics

  • Creating a sense of team spirit and personal connection
  • How to promote team-strengthening interaction when face-to-face interactions are rare
  • Creating a virtual culture of collaboration and camaraderie
  • How to conduct effective virtual meetings so everyone participates and benefits
  • Trust-building strategies for getting on-site and off-site employees to work together effectively

Employee Engagement & Performance Management Essentials

  • Establishing clear priorities, objectives, and deadlines
  • Work flow and project management fundamentals for the virtual manager
  • Subtle signs that tell you the off-site employee is struggling
  • How employee engagement differs when the employee is off-site
  • How to make sure your remote employees are on task and highly productive

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:30AM  Seminar Program:  9:00AM - 4:00PM


Our training seminars offer Continuing Education Credits (based on contact hours) upon completion. Credits are issued by Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc. according to the guidelines set forth by IACET. Please note that Continuing Education Credit approval is at the discretion of your licensing board; not all seminar topics are approved by all boards. Contact your licensing board or agency for specific information relating to your profession.

Seminar Summary:

Learn how to take advantage of the tremendous benefits of virtual teams ... without getting burned by the potential pitfalls! (see full course description)

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