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The Essentials of HR Law Canada  

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Seminar Summary:

Don't put your organization at risk — make sure every step you take is legally sound and compliant (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The Essentials of HR Law Canada  -  Human Resources Training Seminar

HR training to help you tackle legal issues with confidence!

Class Action lawsuits … hints of sexual harassment … regulations for interviewing and hiring. There's no end to the legal pitfalls you face every day and as an HR professional, you're expected to stay on top of it all. Meeting these challenges requires continuing education that keeps you abreast of the latest legal changes along with the best employment practices.

This HR seminar will cover some of the most confusing human resources situations and help you deal with them within the confines of the law. You'll learn to cut your organization's liability risk, create a framework for every manager to follow and sidestep the legal hotspots that can trip up many HR professionals.

Our HR training program will show you how to:

  • Reduce your organization's risk of being held liable in employee management situations
  • Navigate the complexities of employment law and the court's interpretation of it
  • Avoid danger zones that can trip up even the most seasoned HR professional
  • Develop a consistent approach for every manager to use in handling employee issues
  • Meet the demands of changing legislation and varying interpretations of employment laws
  • Create a workplace environment that treats employees both fairly and legally
  • Implement new employment management techniques that boost productivity
  • Eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination to create a safe work environment for all
  • And much more!

In one information-packed HR training workshop, you'll learn how to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day. In this course, you'll also learn to anticipate and sidestep problems before they arise. If you deal with the legal issues surrounding human resources as an HR professional — or even as a manager or supervisor — you need to enroll today!

The Essentials of HR Law Canada  — Seminar Overview

Legislation, Case Law, Trends and Hot Issues

A Fresh Look at Essential Employment Practices

  • Why how and where you recruit can inadvertently constitute discrimination
  • Résumé red flags that signal an applicant may be setting you up for a discrimination charge
  • Hiring practices that stand up under the Canadian Human Rights Act
  • Consistent and fair progressive discipline practices that discourage "unlawful discharge" lawsuits
  • Documentation you must have if you're called to court
  • Legalities and liabilities that arise when you outsource key organization functions
  • When personality and aptitude tests are legal in hiring
  • Words you must never use in describing classes of employees
  • The latest insights into performance evaluations: how often to schedule them and how to construct them

Practical Insights Into HR Administration and Benefits

  • Up-to-date regulations that affect the way you administer benefits
  • A sanity-saving procedure for dealing with legal record-keeping and retention requirements
  • Legal pitfalls of downsizing and organizational layoffs
  • How to navigate the tricky legal ins and outs of unemployment hearings and benefits
  • New legalities in reporting incentive pay, benefits and other perks
  • How to successfully evaluate, discipline and correct performance problems among managers


The Legalities of Policies, Procedures and Employment Handbooks

  • The first line of defense against employment practice missteps you must not ignore

  • How to communicate policies and procedures so they will be easy to understand — and hold up in court

  • The truth about the acceptability of using email to communicate policy changes

  • What you must do to ensure that employment policies and procedures comply with the law

  • How to recognize legally weak language, unclear definitions and vague employee rules



Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Don't put your organization at risk — make sure every step you take is legally sound and compliant (see full course description)

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