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Advanced Employment Issues in Pennsylvania  

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This advanced level program is designed for human resource directors. It will also benefit labor and employment law attorneys.


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Seminar Summary:

This advanced level program will go beyond the basics to review costly issues that arise in employment law. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Advanced Employment Issues in Pennsylvania - PA Employment Law Seminar

Keep Your Business Out of Hot Water with Best Practices and Sensible Solutions

While routine human resource tasks are essential for a company's daily operations, an unexpected lawsuit or regulatory oversight can cause a business to grind to a halt. The list and complexity of laws you need to comply with is growing every year, and the workplace itself is still trying to catch up with technology and workforce changes - are you able to keep up and maintain it all? This advanced level program will go beyond the basics to review costly issues that arise in employment law. Make sure you are proactively protecting your company from litigation and know what to expect in case a legal action comes your way. Register today!

  • Health care reform is creating a myriad of new regulations and changes in employment law - make sure you know all the implications.
  • The National Labor Relations Board is actively handing down rulings regarding the policies and language used in employee handbooks - know how your handbook stacks up.
  • Employee usage of social media can cause a headache for human resource managers - understand what you can and cannot regulate in order to avoid inadvertent privacy violations.
  • The expansion of conditions covered under the ADA means more employees are taking longer leaves of absence - learn proven techniques for combating intermittent leave abuse.
  • Your company's non-compete agreement is an important tool to protect trade secrets and other confidential business information from competitors - know whether or not your agreement will stand up in court and when a breach of contract has occurred.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ramped up its enforcement initiatives - be prepared for an audit by proactively maintaining employee records and business documents that will aid you during the investigation.

  1. Health Care Reform and Other Developments in Labor and Employment Law
    9:00 - 10:00, Robert J. Krandel
    1. Health Care Reform: Are You Up to Date?
    2. U.S. Supreme Court Rulings
    3. Legislative and Regulatory Developments
    4. Latest Employment Law Trends
  2. Employee Handbooks: Now What?
    10:00 - 11:00, Valerie M. Eifert
    1. The NLRB Update and Handbook Review
    2. Is Your Handbook a Litigation Time Bomb?
    3. Top 10 Legal Flaws Most Employee Handbooks Include
    4. When to Start Fresh vs. Update
    5. How to Use Your Handbook as a Legal Aide
  3. The Brave New World of Workplace Technology
    11:15 - 12:15, Robert W. Small
    1. Social Media and Job Applicants: Clarifying the Gray Areas
    2. NLRB Decisions Regarding "Protected Concerted Activity"
    3. Off-the-Clock Activity and Protections
    4. Personal Devices and Internal Investigations or Evidence Requests
    5. Privacy and Data Security Concerns You Need to Address Immediately
    6. Electronic Record Keeping Best Practices
  4. Complex FMLA and Other Leave of Absence Issues
    1:15 - 2:15, Laura K. Hoensch and William T. Salzer
    1. State Leave Laws: Changes You Need to Know
    2. Impact of Genetic Information on the FMLA
    3. Combating Intermittent Leave Abuse
    4. ADA Process Post-FMLA
    5. How to Detangle FMLA and ADAAA Overlap
    6. Post-FMLA Accommodation vs. Separation
  5. Enforcement of Non-Compete and Trade Secret Protections
    2:15 - 3:15, Joshua S. Ganz
    1. Assessing Your Non-Compete Agreement's Viability in Court
    2. When to Initiate Legal Action
    3. What to Expect When Settling Outside of Litigation
    4. Do You Have Enough Evidence?
    5. Using a Cease and Desist Letter
    6. Declaratory Judgment Requests
    7. Applicable Types of Injunctive Relief
  6. EEOC Audits and Enforcement Traps
    3:30 - 4:30, Heather A. Herrington
    1. EEOC Trends
    2. Harassment vs. Bullying: Potential Legal Claims and Defense
    3. Anti-Retaliation Training for Employees
    4. Employer Rights in an EEOC Investigation or Audit
    5. Records, Documents and Evidence Issues

Seminar Summary:

This advanced level program will go beyond the basics to review costly issues that arise in employment law. (see full course description)

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