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Single-Tasking Webinar  

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Anyone wanting to improve their tasking skills


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Seminar Summary:

Ditch the multitasking madness and get more accomplished with a single-task mindset (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Single-Tasking Webinar - Organizing / Time Management Webinar

Single-tasking overview:
Ditch the multitasking madness and get more accomplished with a single-task mindset

It´s easy to be busy—trying to check off all of your “to-do” list items, keeping an eye on your e-mail and an ear to the phone, responding to anything and everything that comes up. But are you actually accomplishing what matters most? Or do you even know what matters most? In our latest breakthrough Webinar, Single-tasking, we teach you to step back and evaluate how to allocate your most precious resource—yourself!

It´s time to take charge. Multitasking can cause you to feel rushed and out of control—and that´s just a recipe for chaos and disaster. Stop being pulled in all directions at once. In this 60-minute course, you´ll learn the benefits of deciding what goal matters most and making a commitment to pursue that goal … how to establish a plan for handling the myriad distractions that could derail you … and the key steps to take to focus your valuable energy toward the truly important things.

Not all priorities are equal. And your day should be spent trying to get results, not just staying busy. Sign up for this special one-hour Webinar today and start spending your time on important matters instead of urgent matters. You´ll be amazed at what you can really accomplish!

Single-tasking will change how you approach your work—and personal life—as you learn about:

  • Roadblocks and barriers to productivity and success
  • Goals—the foundation of identifying priorities and a single focus
  • How to find your single focus and make a commitment
  • Not all “priorities” are equally important and urgent
  • Making a plan of action
  • Changing habits and having a single focus
  • Getting rid of time busters
  • Making the road to success smoother
  • And more

Webinar plus CD recording*: Just $448 (You save $50!)

Webinar Only: Just $249

CD-Rom Webinar recording*: Just $249

* Each of our live webinars is recorded. CD recordings may be purchased when you register for a live event ($50 savings when you do), or you may purchase the CD recording separately. CDs are available 14 – 21 days after the event.

What if your whole department could attend? They CAN, and it costs you nothing extra!

When you sign up for a SkillPath audio conference or webinar, your registration fee entitles you to one conference phone-line/webinar connection. Buy as many connections as you need and the number of people joining you to learn on each connection is totally up to you! Your single connection covers unlimited participants, and includes a workbook in pdf format each participant can print out to use. The convenience of concise training dealing with important business issues presented right in your own office or conference room—and for one low price—simply can’t be beat. You can count on SkillPath to present only the most up-to-date skills you can use right away to take the next step up your career ladder.

Conference start times:
2 p.m. Eastern
1 p.m. Central
12 p.m. Mountain
11 a.m. Pacific
10 a.m. Alaskan

Seminar Summary:

Ditch the multitasking madness and get more accomplished with a single-task mindset (see full course description)

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