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Going Paperless and Beyond: Attorney's Guide to a Mobile Law Practice  

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This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed for: Attorneys, Office Administrators, Legal team managers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants


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Seminar Summary:

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Training Course Syllabus:

Going Paperless and Beyond: Attorney's Guide to a Mobile Law Practice

The Best Tools and Techniques for Maintaining a Successful Practice

New tech tools and solutions now allow a law practice to go paperless naturally, without putting excessive strain on everyday operations. The transition is not without a hurdle or two, however. Find out what types of software and organizational techniques will help you transition without loss of productivity. This practical guide will help you make certain all special attorney record-keeping rules and confidentiality concerns are taken into account. Get the latest efficiency tips for your law office on the go, and save time and money with a more streamlined and environmentally conscious legal practice - register today!

  • Simplify the transition to paperless (and beyond) for both you and your legal team members.
  • Learn how to make the most of your SaaS cloud computing and make sure your data is secure.
  • Get an objective review of other current legal tech solutions to make sure they help - not hinder - productivity.
  • Manage digital case files to reduce the risk of suits and sanctions.
  • Fulfill your ethics credit requirement and get real-life compliance tips.

  1. What You Need to Get Started - Updating Hardware and Way of Thinking
    9:00-9:35, Randall B. Bateman
    1. Equipment: Scanners, Software, Storage, etc.
    2. Tips for Getting All Team Members on Board
    3. Helpful Resources on Going Paperless
    4. Decision-Making in Updating Equipment and Software for Existing Paperless Practice
    5. Eliminating Any Other "Resistance to Change" Issues
  2. What to Do With Your Back-Stock of Hard Copy Documents
    9:35-10:05, Randall B. Bateman
    1. Deciding What to Retain and What to Destroy
    2. When to Return Original Documents to the Client
    3. File Organization Strategies During Bulk Digitization
    4. Determining the Best File Format for Each Document
    5. Document Naming and Storage
    6. Prioritizing Files for Easy Access
  3. Handling Incoming Hard Copy Documents
    10:05-10:40, Randall B. Bateman
    1. Arranging Your Work Flow Around Digital Documents
    2. Handling Incoming/Outgoing Paper
    3. Intelligent Scanning
    4. Authenticating Documents as They Arrive
    5. What is to be Done with the Original Document?
    6. Automatizing Bates Stamping
    7. Tips for Keeping Digital Information in Digital Form
    8. Creating and Working with Digital Signatures
    9. Fax to E-mail Conversion
  4. Working with PDFs: Mastering Adobe
    10:55-11:30, Jared L. Cherry
    1. Working with PDFs: Practical Tips and Shortcuts
    2. Adobe Suite: Personal vs. Professional
    3. Key Features of Adobe Versions 10 and 11
    4. Editing PDFs: Date Stamping, Redacting, Tracking Changes, Conversions, Combining PDFs
    5. Removing Metadata
  5. Data Storage and Security - Internal and Third-Party
    11:30-12:05, Jared L. Cherry
    1. Data Storage Options
    2. Hardware and Software Security Options
    3. Encryption and Password Protection
    4. File Search and Retrieval Tools
    5. Mobile Security and BYOD Considerations
    6. Cloud Storage: Practical Considerations and Tips
      1. Data Storage/Back-up
      2. Collaboration: Conferencing, File Sharing, Document Processing
      3. Speed of Access and Customization
      4. Integration
      5. Choosing a Storage Provider and Drafting a Custom User Agreement
    7. Closed File Access and Management
    8. Proper Destruction of Digital Documents: The When’s and How’s
  6. Online Billing and E-Invoices
    1:05-1:35, Eric K. Johnson
  7. Paperless Litigation, Discovery
    1:35-2:05, Eric K. Johnson
    1. Federal Court ECF System Highlights
    2. Tips for Complying with the Court’s File Size Limits
    3. Inserting Video Clips Directly into Filed PDFs
    4. Digital Trial Notebooks
    5. CaseMap and Other Case Management Software Solutions
    6. Dealing with Opposing Counsel or Judge Who Prefers Paper
    7. Discovery Production
    8. Managing Incoming Paper Discovery
    9. Notices to Parties
    10. Creative Solutions for Paperless Exhibits
  8. Supporting Your Mobile Law Office - What You Need to Practice Law on the Go
    2:05-2:40, Eric K. Johnson
    1. Integrating Smartphones and Tablets into Your Paperless Workflow
    2. Hardware Challenges (Portable Scanners, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, etc.)
    3. Access to Case Files
    4. Communication
    5. Mobile Research Tools
    6. Meetings
      1. Coming to Clients
      2. Neutral Grounds Options that Don't Jeopardize Confidentiality
    7. Office Sharing, Home Office and Other Alternative Arrangements
  9. The Best Apps, Tools and Tricks for the Mobile Attorney
    2:55-3:30, Lincoln Mead
    1. Mobile Device Comparison: Which is Best for Attorneys?
    2. Apps: Who Has the Greatest Selection for Lawyers?
    3. Top Legal Software for Tablets, Smartphones
      1. Legal Research and Presentation Tools
      2. Time and Business Management
      3. Communicating with Clients (Email, Call Screening, Voice-to-Text Technology)
      4. Time- and Task-Tracking
      5. Navigation and Travel Assistance
      6. Money Matters on the Go (Paying and Charging, Receipt Capture, Billing and Expense Tracking)
      7. Word Processing and File Sharing
    4. Mobile Legal Marketing: Your Firm's Mobile Website
  10. Legal Ethics Update
    3:30-4:30, J. Brady Brammer and John A. Snow
    1. Mobile Device Use and Client Confidentiality
    2. Ethical E-Mail Practices
    3. Attorney Duties to Nonclients Online
    4. Virtual Law Office - Ethical Guidance
    5. Client Access to the File

*Any mention of specific products in this program is intended as part of a general overview and does not constitute NBI's endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or provider. This program is not sponsored by any technology or electronics provider.
**Applications presented above may not be accessible on some makes and models of mobile devices.

Seminar Summary:

 (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Going Paperless and Beyond: Attorney's Guide to a Mobile Law Practice training seminar

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