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Social Security Disability Claims  

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This intermediate level seminar is designed for attorneys. Paralegals, Social Security disability representatives and social workers may also benefit.


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Seminar Summary:

Let our expert faculty clear up the more confusing and treacherous aspects of the practice and help you handle more cases faster and better. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Social Security Disability Claims - Social Security / Disability Law Training Seminar

Practical Tips and Real-Life Scenarios to Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Social Security Practice

From the first application through the final ruling (and beyond), Social Security disability practice requires knowledge of the latest SSA rules and procedures, solid evidence tactics, and thorough understanding of the nature of the impairments your client faces. Let our expert faculty clear up the more confusing and treacherous aspects of the practice and help you handle more cases faster and better. Register today!

  • Strengthen your claims' supporting evidence with an overview of the anatomy behind the most common DIB claims.
  • Hear the latest update on how the Grids are applied to determine benefits.
  • Power up your ALJ hearing presentation techniques with tips from the pros.
  • Get the skills you'll need to succeed at the administrative appeal level.
  • Prepare for a Federal Court appeal with an introduction to court rules and a review of a sample Federal complaint and brief.
  • Protect your professional reputation with practical guidance on handling harmful evidence and protecting confidentiality.
  • Understand how SSDI benefits are taxed and offset so you can maximize the final payment determination.

  1. SSDI Claim Procedure and Rules Update
    9:00-9:30, Annette Rutkowski
    1. 5-Step Evaluation Procedure
    2. Affordable Care Act and its Effect on Disability Practice
    3. The Grids and Residual Functional Capacity
    4. How Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is Now Used to Determine Benefits
    5. Recent Social Security Rulings (SSRs): Issued and Rescinded
    6. Application Checklist
    7. Reopening Old Applications - The Drummond Rule
  2. The Anatomy of Top Disability Claims
    9:30-10:00, Gregory Beckwith
    1. Top 10 Disability Claims and the Anatomy and Pathology Behind Them
    2. Diagnosis and Treatment Options
    3. Medical Records vs. Impairment Listings - Diverging Terminology
    4. What to Look for in Medical Records and Diagnostic Tests
    5. Treating Physician vs. Consultative Exams
    6. HIPAA Compliance
  3. Evidence and Brief: Creating a 360° View of Claimant's Impairment
    10:15-11:15, Annette Rutkowski
    1. Developing the Record
    2. Determining and Amending the Onset Date
    3. Last Insured Date
    4. Creating and Explaining Prescription Medication History
    5. Uncovering Family History
    6. Photos as Evidence
    7. Using and Citing POMS, Fit and Impairment Listings to Support the Claim
    8. Using SSA's Electronic Records Express (ERE) to Submit Records and Track Progress
    9. Sample Brief - What to Include and How to Organize it
  4. At the ALJ Hearing
    11:15-12:00, Gregory Beckwith
    1. Can You File a FOIA Request to Find Out Who Your Judge Will Be?
    2. Illustrating Functional Limitations
    3. Using Lay Witnesses and Statements
    4. Using Medical Expert Evidence
    5. How to Question a Vocational Expert
    6. Direct Examination of the Claimant
    7. ALJ Judicial Discretion
    8. Building a Record for Appeal, Requesting On-the-Record Decisions
  5. Administrative Appeals
    1:00-1:45, Peter L. Wormser
    1. Common Reasons for Unfavorable Decisions
    2. SSA Level
      1. Initial Denial Appeal: Timelines and Forms Submittals
      2. Reconsideration Denial: Timelines and Forms Submittals
    3. SSA Appeals Council
      1. Appeal or New Claim?
      2. SSR 11-1P Effect
      3. Obtaining a Hearing Transcript
      4. To Brief or Not to Brief?
      5. What to Do with New Evidence
      6. "Exceptions" Cases - Different Deadlines Apply
  6. Appeals in Federal District Court
    1:45-2:30, Theodore F. Smith Jr.
    1. Jurisdiction and Local Rules
      1. Pro Hac Vice
      2. Costs and Waivers
      3. ECF/PACER Requirements
      4. Briefing Rules
      5. Can the Case Be Presented by a Different Attorney?
      6. Federal Court Filing Procedure
    2. Common Arguments
      1. ALJ Boilerplate
      2. Previously Unrepresented Claimants
      3. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Analysis Error
      4. Vocational Expert Error
    3. Sample Federal Complaint and Brief
    4. Common Defenses by U.S. Attorneys
    5. EAJA Attorney Fees
  7. Legal Ethics Compliance
    2:45-3:45, Peter L. Wormser
    1. Attorney Fees When Multiple Lawyers Work on a Case
    2. Mental Capacity of Your Client
    3. Protecting Confidentiality in Electronic Communications
    4. Client Misconduct
    5. Handling Unfavorable Evidence
  8. DIB Offsets and Taxation
    3:45-4:30, Rodney E. Forbes
    1. Unemployment Benefits and SSDI
    2. Coordination with Workers' Comp Benefits
    3. Coordination with VA Benefits
    4. Other Offsets

Seminar Summary:

Let our expert faculty clear up the more confusing and treacherous aspects of the practice and help you handle more cases faster and better. (see full course description)

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