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Employment Law: The Latest Developments  

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This intermediate level seminar provides recent updates in employment law to attorneys. Human resource directors, presidents of companies and paralegals will also find it useful.


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Seminar Summary:

Get a clear and concise update on the biggest changes in employment law (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Employment Law: The Latest Developments  - Human Resources / Employment Law Training Seminar

Get a Comprehensive Overview of Recent Issues that Affect Employment Law

With recent developments concerning employee arbitration agreements, workplace discrimination and other things, it can be difficult for a busy professional to keep up with it all. Other seemingly set-in-stone changes for businesses, such as upcoming Affordable Care Act provisions, may seem like they are easy to prepare for, but still require precise attention to detail in order to be implemented successfully. This seminar puts all of the latest updates in one place so you don't have to find them yourself. Get a clear and concise update on the biggest changes in employment law - enroll today!

  • Gain the latest information on Affordable Care Act implementations that affect employers.
  • Understand how employees who use their own technology for work purposes can compromise confidential information, and what employers can do about it.
  • Get the latest on responsibly dealing with various types of workplace harassment - from gender-based to LGBT.
  • Find out what the most recent developments are concerning arbitration agreements in employment law.
  • Know what leave options employers must provide as an Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation.
  • Learn about potential conflicts of interest in employment law cases.

  1. The Affordable Care Act and Employers: An Overview
    9:00-10:00, Shawn M. McLain
    1. Current Developments and Legal Issues
    2. Small Business Health Options Program
    3. FLSA and COBRA Notices
    4. Wellness Programs in Insurance
  2. Social Media and Technology
    10:00-11:00, Shawn M. McLain
    1. The NLRB, Noel Canning, and Implications on Employer Social Media Policies
    2. Vine Video App and Smartphone Use Policies
    3. Former Employees and Issues with LinkedIn
    4. Bring Your Own Device Issues and Information Protection
  3. Developments in Employee Hiring, Disputes, and Termination
    11:15-12:15, Caryl L. Flannery
    1. Background Checks and Recent EEOC Lawsuits
    2. Employment Verification and Immigrant Workers
    3. Arbitration Agreements and Employee Disputes
    4. Employee Termination
      1. Last Chance Agreements
      2. Terminating Employees Under Federally-Mandated Leave
    5. Recent FLSA Developments
      1. Issues Over Unpaid Interns
      2. Recent Developments with Improper Employee Classification
  4. Emerging Issues in Discrimination and Harassment
    1:15-2:15, Charles M. Poplstein
    1. The EEOC's Strategic Enforcement Plan
    2. Faith-Based Businesses and Disseminating Religious Messages
    3. Emerging Gender-Based Discrimination Issues
      1. Lactation Discrimination
      2. Increases in Men Filing Gender Discrimination Claims
    4. LGBT Individuals and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
    5. Recent Expanded EEOC Guidance on Disability Discrimination
      1. ADA Charges and Requests for Accommodations for Cancer, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and Learning Disabilities
  5. Employee Leave Issues
    2:15-3:15, Brian O'Neal
    1. FMLA Leave
      1. Qualifying Exigency Leave
      2. Military Caregiver Leave
      3. Serious Medical Condition Leave
    2. ADA Accommodation Leave
    3. USERRA Leave
    4. Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability and Workers' Comp Leaves
  6. Ethics
    3:30-4:30, David O. Kreuter
    1. Professional Conduct
    2. Conflicts of Interest
    3. Confidentiality
    4. Assessing Fees

Seminar Summary:

Get a clear and concise update on the biggest changes in employment law (see full course description)

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