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Advanced Excel Training - 2 Day  

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Seminar Summary:

Go beyond the basics in this intensive two-day workshop and learn Excel's most advanced and most powerful features (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Advanced Excel® Training - 2 Day - Microsoft Excel® / Computer Software Training Seminar

Program Description:

Don’t waste time searching for answers by trial and error.

Most people don’t need much convincing to use Excel, the world’s premier spreadsheet software. Its overwhelming popularity, especially in the business world, makes it the obvious choice for millions of number crunchers. But despite its wide use, few people know where to find Excel’s most impressive features, how to use them, or why they’d want to use them in the first place.

Advanced Excel® Training fills that void, explaining and demonstrating the most comprehensive tricks of the trade that are eye-opening, exciting, and seriously simple to learn.

You’ll get insider secrets on how Excel works and how you can put to use the hundreds of tools available to answer your real-world challenges you face every day. The Excel gurus leading this workshop will hone in on the hidden gems you can use to save time and money — and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Get ready to say “Wow, I didn’t know I could do THAT!!”

During our two decades of teaching hardworking people like you the ins and outs of Excel, we constantly ask them to describe the challenges and frustrations they face every day on the job. (You know, the things that make you want to pull your hair out and chuck your computer out the window?) We listened and did the research for you, and this intensive two-day workshop is the result.

You’ll master advanced Excel shortcuts that automate your tasks; increase the accuracy of your data; and allow you to manipulate, analyze, and extrapolate the information you and your company need to make better business decisions. You’ll learn advanced skills for:

  • Advanced filters and databases
  • Interactive macros
  • Creating custom charts
  • Custom macros
  • Logic functions IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • Advanced Filter and AutoFilter

Register Today and Get Ready for Some Power Shortcuts!

If you’re like a lot of Excel users, much of your experience was gained the old-fashioned way — through trial and error. While this approach has gotten you through so far, it’s also been a source of constant struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the job done faster … with less frustration?

This workshop features dozens of powerful shortcuts, showing you the most efficient way of accomplishing dozens of tasks using Excel. You’ll learn to trade your time-consuming habits for razor-sharp Excel skills that’ll speed you through any task. But you can’t get them if you don’t register!

Free Reference Guide: You won’t leave this training empty-handed!

Not only will your seminar experience be relevant, practical, and productive, you’ll go back to the office with our Excel Desk Reference Workbook to give your training staying power. Thoroughly researched and developed by our Excel experts, this reference book will become your most useful tool for months afterward when you refer back to what you learned time and time again. We’ve left plenty of room for your personal notes so you can customize your workbook on the spot to help you overcome your most frustrating Excel problems.

Advanced Excel Training - 2 Day Agenda:


I. Manipulate and Manage Your Data to Provide Better Business Answers

 Advanced Sorting Multi-level sorting
  Sorting by color, font, or icon
  Establishing custom sort lists

 Advanced Filtering

  Create custom text filters with multiple criteria
  Filtering by color
  Advanced filter for complex OR criteria
  Advanced filter to create unique lists from repeating field data


Eliminating Duplicate Data

  Using the Remove Duplicate command
  Array formula to locate duplicate data

Database Analysis Tools

 Using SUMIF, COUNTIF, and other data analysis functions
 Using DSUM, DAVERAGE, and DMAX to analyze data


Data Validation

  Create drop-down lists
  Controlling number data
  Date/time controls
  Preventing duplicate entries

II. Creating Smarter Named Ranges

Creating range names

Creating names from selections

Modifying ranges

Apply Names command

Using range names in formulas

Using Name Manager to delete, modify, and edit range names

3-D name range

III. Advanced Text Manipulation Made Easy

Using Text to Columns

Find and Replace special characters and text

Converting dates with text functions

Converting text data to values/numbers

CONCATENATE and joining text

Text to Columns feature

Formatting special numbers and leading zeroes in zip, numerical, and text

Formatting text with PROPER, UPPER, LOWER, MID, LEFT, and RIGHT

Using Copy and Paste to transpose data

IV. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tables (But Didn’t Know What to Ask!)

Converting a spreadsheet to a table

Formatting a table

Effect of inserting/deleting rows and columns in a table

Structured referencing

Working with table names

Using functions in tables

Using [#This Row] function

V. Advanced Formatting Techniques That Bring Your Data to Life

Conditional formatting

Custom conditional formatting

Adding pictures and shapes

Inserting SmartArt



  Create a theme
  Modify a theme



  Create a template
  Use a template

VI. Creating Perfect Charts for Explaining Your Data Visually

Format axes

  Adjust scale
  Data label

Format titles
  Format data points
  Combination charts
  Add graphics/pictures to a chart
  Add trendlines


I. Building More Intelligent and Flexible PivotTables

Creating a PivotTable

Modifying PivotTables

PivotTable calculations

Creating separate sheets for PivotTables

Using slicers in PivotTables

Summarizing pivot data

Sorting and filtering data

Conditional formatting in PivotTables

Creating PivotCharts

II. Manipulating and Managing Multiple Workbooks

Adding/deleting sheets

Copying sheets between workbooks

Linking workbooks

Applying changes to multiple sheets

Linking formulas between workbooks

Merging workbooks

Creating a workspace

III. Making Dashboards Your Most Powerful Visual and Analytical Tool

Creating a dashboard

Linking to data

Modifying a dashboard

Create hyperlinks

V. How to Make the Most Out of Your Macros

Define and record a macro

Run the macro

Assign a shortcut to the macro

Inspect the macro

Step through a macro

Import a file while running a macro

Fill in blank spaces on a worksheet

Record a relative movement

Record a macro that runs other macros

Edit with Visual Basic

Debug with Visual Basic

VI. Foolproof Auditing and Error-Checking Shortcuts

Error tracing

Creating/editing comments

Deleting comments

Protecting a worksheet

Protecting a workbook


Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In:  8:30AM  Seminar Program:  9:00Am - 4:00PM (Both days)


Credits are issued by Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc. according to the guidelines set forth by IACET. Please note that Continuing Education Credit approval is at the discretion of your licensing board; not all seminar topics are approved by all boards. Contact your licensing board or agency for specific information relating to your profession

Additional information for Accountants:
All program levels are basic and the delivery method is Group-Live. There are no prerequisites or advance preparation required. Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc. will offer continuing education credit that may be recognized by the customer’s professional board. Credits are issued in accordance to the guidelines set forth by NASBA. The recommended CPE awarded for each program are 7, the appropriate measure of credit is fifty (50) minute contact hours. Introductions, breaks, and viewing exhibits are not included in the calculation of contact hours.

Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars Training, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

Go beyond the basics in this intensive two-day workshop and learn Excel's most advanced and most powerful features (see full course description)

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