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Executive Leadership Strategies (2-Day)  

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Managers, Supervisors, Business Professionals, Executive Leaders


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Seminar Summary:

Learn how leaders inspire, engage and achieve results to take their organization to the next level (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Executive Leadership Strategies (2-Day) - Executive Leadership Training Seminar

How leaders inspire, engage and achieve results to take their organization to the next level

  • Discover what's holding you and your organization back: Identify and remove common leadership roadblocks that can thwart opportunities for success
  • Reinforce your decision-making skills: Analyze the "whys" behind your choices to ensure valid decisions and best results
  • Learn the secrets behind the most successful teams: Step-by-step methods for building a "dream team" from the ground up
  • Expand your role in your organization's corporate culture: Learn to develop, maintain and communicate a positive, company-wide message
  • Master the art of persuasion: Gain support, resources and funding by clearly communicating benefits and ROI to your investors and stakeholders
  • Improve your people's performance: Promote accountability, collaboration and engagement to inspire and motivate your staff

Master powerful skills, strategies and solutions for excelling in a leadership role

As a true leader, you've taken on a role that is much more involved and complicated than most realize or appreciate. Many people think of themselves as "leaders" if they can manage people, make sound decisions and get tasks accomplished within their organizations.

True leaders are those who influence and motivate their people to perform at the highest levels they are capable of, day in and day out. True leaders instill in others the confidence to pull for them, follow them and believe in them, even during challenging times. True leaders lead by example and are adept at mentoring, negotiating, motivating, coaching, communicating and strategizing.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get started?

Executive Leadership Strategies was designed to help you identify your strengths, apply critical analysis to your present leadership abilities and develop a new and more effective leadership skill set. We address areas of development that are applicable to both newer leaders and seasoned veterans - the focus is on identifying and building upon your own personal leadership strengths to become the most effective leader you can be. Our intention is not to offer cookie-cutter leadership training, but to enable you to think critically and intelligently about your own personal leadership attributes, pinpoint where and how you can improve and determine what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

A word of caution...

Executive Leadership Strategies was designed to address the specific leadership challenges faced by upper-echelon executives, senior managers and high-level team leaders. The material we'll cover in this program is not geared toward first-time managers or freshly-minted supervisors. There are other, more fundamental courses we offer that focus on that type of material. The two days are extremely fast-paced, and require some prior leadership knowledge and experience for you to fully benefit from what you'll learn.

Executive Leadership Strategies Course Content

Success in business - practical motivators to get people to respond to your ideas and vision

  • Craft the means to better communicate with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Cultivate essential business characteristics - encourage an enterprise mindset and ignite an entrepreneurial drive in yourself and others
  • Oversee dynamic and productive management practices
  • Put a positive spin on change - help your people and your organization weather change proactively

Rewarding communication - examine and exalt the lucrative consequences of superior communication

  • Generate powerful relationships - from your board and the media to your fellow executives
  • Uncover and break through communication barriers to amplify your ability to work with others
  • Utilize essential tools that will help you communicate clear initiatives and deliver expected results
  • Tap into your emotional intelligence to achieve desired outcomes from your staff, your team and yourself
  • Communicate hard business decisions while maintaining positive relationships with your employees

The heart of decision making - the "why" behind your strategic mindset

  • Dissect your strategy - how you choose your course of action or inaction
  • The importance of understanding your specific approach to problem solving and strategic thinking
  • Avoiding the wrong path - don't let false information mire you in poor decisions
  • Expert advice: learn when to seek out experts and when to move forward decisively without them
  • Analogical thinking - when to apply and when to reject comparable solutions

Managing business risks - how to assess risk factors, plan and act accordingly

  • Insurance and legal complications
  • Compliance concerns - spot the need for further research into how you need to conduct your business
  • The infamous red tape - are you doing all that you can and all that you should
  • Align business objectives with risks so you don't miss key opportunities
  • Know yourself and your company - are you risk-accepting or risk-averse
  • Understanding risk & how to perform an honest CBA
  • Opportunity costs and other hidden risk

Finance - turn your financial picture from good to better with these simple strategies

  • Leverage your organization's accounting practices and managerial compliance for maximized efficiency
  • Evaluate financial practices, policies and procedures to produce the best results for your stakeholders
  • Read between the lines of your financial statements

Coaching framework for success: how to mentor, guide and motivate for best performance

  • Assemble experts and attract talent to form your dream team
  • Create time to develop others for enhanced performance
  • Invest in tools to train and develop your people
  • Get the most out of your efforts - motivate the right talent for the best impact
  • Directing vs. Doing - analyze your most valuable contributions and trust your team to facilitate organizational objectives
  • Assess your leadership style and harness your strengths to drive measurable results


Seminar Check-In: 8:30AM Seminar Class Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Learn how leaders inspire, engage and achieve results to take their organization to the next level (see full course description)

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