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Controlling Chaos and Thriving Under Pressure  

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Seminar Summary:

Join us and discover how to meet all of your work and home commitments with less stress and more enjoyment. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Controlling Chaos and Thriving Under Pressure

You’ll learn how to …

  • Prioritize competing projects
  • Create a plan and stick to it
  • Get organized so you can find anything—instantly
  • Keep on top of every detail when managing projects
  • Meet every deadline without fail
  • Ease the transition from work to home
  • Find greater satisfaction in everything you do
  • And much more!

It doesn’t matter what’s creating the chaos in your workplace—impossible deadlines, unanticipated changes, never-ending “to-do” lists. The fact is, your workdays are out of control. Take a deep breath. Help is on the way! Turn off your laptop … put your cell phone on mute … and carve time out of your busy schedule for this unique time-management seminar. In two rejuvenating days, we’ll show you core principles and innovative strategies that’ll help you simplify your hectic schedule, control your day instead of letting it control you and ease stress in all areas of your life—no matter what constraints you face. Learn dozens of tools and tips that are amazingly simple, quick-acting and customized for the accelerated way you work and live. We’ll cover it all—time management, organization, priorities, project management, deadlines, technology and much more. Join us and discover how to meet all of your work and home commitments with less stress and more enjoyment.

Day One: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Gaining the upper hand on your time

  • Reality check: Discovering how out of control your workday really is
  • 10 core time management principles—how and when to use them
  • Face the truth: What a daily time log can reveal
  • How to create a work space that’s conducive to getting things done
  • How to discover your daily “prime time” and use it to your advantage
  • Overcome disorganization—a real efficiency crippler

Planning your work: Goal-setting 101

  • 7 reasons why planning is the make-it-or-break-it factor in your personal productivity
  • 5 faulty beliefs about planning that could sabotage your day
  • A time management secret that will take you from average to superstar
  • Learn little-known strategies for NEVER missing a deadline
  • Need a motivating kick in the pants? Set a deadline!
  • How not to defeat yourself when setting goals

Replacing old habits with a new, effective approach

  • Unproductive habits you should let go of—today!
  • Changing your behavior, one step at a time
  • Ever suffer from workplace paralysis? Know and get rid of the factors behind it
  • Got some downtime for a change? Really? Don’t waste it!
  • Examining the thought process you use to solve problems—how it can help or harm you
  • Still (unfortunately) a common problem … how to stop procrastinating
  • Dispelling a widespread business myth: You do NOT have to be perfect
  • Adapting to change: How to be flexible when your day doesn’t go as planned

Eliminating time-wasters and handling distractions

  • Pinpointing and stopping time-drainers
  • How to stay focused throughout your interruption- and distraction-filled day
  • Mobile devices: Is yours a time-saver—or a time-waster?
  • How to review and clear out an overflowing inbox in minutes
  • Technology tools that are worth your time and money
  • Managing your e-mail: Basic practices to make part of your everyday routine
  • Not another drop-in visitor! How to exhibit an “I’m busy” attitude without offending

Day Two: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Working your plan: Time management solutions

  • Planning tools you probably aren’t using, but should be
  • How to manage and speed through every day’s “to-do” list
  • Taking control of multiple tasks with a daily action plan
  • When everything on your list seems hot … the rules for setting priorities
  • How to make a web chart to organize your thoughts
  • 6 steps for turning priorities into goals you actually achieve
  • Beware of multitasking: Here’s your real power tool for getting more done
  • Taking breaks—why it makes good time management sense

Managing multiple priorities and deadlines

  • Projects vs. tasks: Know the difference and why it matters
  • The most important step in meeting deadlines
  • Simple project management tools often overlooked and certainly underutilized
  • The advantages—and limitations—of project management software
  • Outlook®: Features you may not know about that can lighten your load
  • Last-minute crises aren’t going away—here’s how to keep them from spoiling your best-laid plans
  • Reasons why projects derail—and how not to be caught off guard

Simplifying your hectic schedule

  • How to stay one step ahead of your multiple bosses
  • Ways you may be contributing to unproductive meetings—without realizing it
  • Your first clue a meeting may be a time-waster: No agenda
  • Do’s and don’ts for leading productive teleconferences, videoconferences and Web meetings
  • How to define tasks that can and should be delegated—then delegate them!
  • What to do when an employee attempts to reverse delegate
  • Active listening: Your secret weapon in avoiding time-wasting miscommunications and conflicts
  • How and when to set limits with a firm “no”

Easing stress—in all areas of your life—with time management

  • Know yourself: Learn what stresses you out and preventative ways to combat it
  • How to find the personal hardiness you didn’t know you had
  • Controlling burnout: Important reasons why it’s become a 21st-century business imperative
  • Quick and easy ways to relieve tension and pressure at your desk
  • The secret to leaving work where it belongs—at work
  • How to keep work stress from hurting your personal relationships
  • Are you a working parent? How to relieve the unique stress of juggling work and family
  • Confident, calm and in control … how to turn your new approach to working into a lifelong habit
  • Using rewards to achieve your personal productivity goals … today, tomorrow and for years to come

Seminar Summary:

Join us and discover how to meet all of your work and home commitments with less stress and more enjoyment. (see full course description)

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