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Managing and Eliminating Unacceptable Behavior  

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Seminar Summary:

The Two-Day Managing Unacceptable Behavior Seminar (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Managing and Eliminating Unacceptable Behavior and Other Employee Performance Barriers  -  Management / Leadership Training Seminar

In Managing and Eliminating Unacceptable Behavior and Other Employee Performance Barriers, you'll learn...

  • Understand the baffling reasons why employees who could perform don’t
  • Take control of your toughest performance and attitude problems, confidently and correctly
  • Conduct performance reviews that bring about the positive behavior you expect
  • Coach and give feedback that challenges under-performers to do their best
  • And much more!

You know who they are … the whiners, the complainers, the rule breakers and the excuse makers. The list goes on, but whatever name they go by, they can create an unpleasant atmosphere for everyone, plus put the brakes on office productivity. This workshop shows you the secrets to getting employees to pull their weight and produce the positive results you expect from them—and put a permanent end to bad behaviors and attitudes. Using the proven and easy-to-implement tools taught in this intensive two-day workshop, learn to fairly, legally and confidently confront unacceptable behavior in a way that benefits you, your employees and your organization.


Day One: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Session 1: Understanding why employees don’t perform—the first step to breaking down resistance

  • Learn why difficult employees act the way they do
  • Understand the negative ripple effect of poor performance in today’s workplace
  • Know if an employee is unable—or unwilling—to do the job
  • Bad attitudes—where do they come from?
  • Why many managers’ efforts to correct performance fail

Session 2: Using coaching and feedback to challenge underperformers to do their best

  • Using the power of open communication to conquer any and all underperformance
  • Dealing with problem employees—where good managers can go bad
  • How you personally shape attitude and performance—both unconsciously and deliberately
  • Coaching: Is it the missing component in your turnaround efforts?
  • Take a look at your management style—you may be setting the stage for poor attitudes

Session 3: Putting the spirit of hard work, high morale and peak performance back into the workplace

  • Using the power only you possess to positively influence everyone around you
  • What respect has to do with how employees feel and perform
  • Improving morale—moving beyond the pat on the back to gain long-term results
  • Stopping the spread of negativity—do this one thing and the battle is half over
  • How managers and employees together can curb the knee-jerk tendency to blame others

Session 4: Taking control of tough performance and attitude problems

  • The games naysayers play—and how you can defend yourself
  • Creating a sense of ownership in employees who are barely skating by
  • What to do about workers who are just there for the paycheck
  • What’s really going on with excuse-makers? What you need to know
  • Just say “No” to energy-draining, high-maintenance employees
  • What employees who don’t follow the rules are really begging for
  • Draw the line! How to keep an employee’s personal problems from becoming a management problem
  • Your role in helping employees who choke during stressful situations

Day Two: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Session 1: Giving criticism to get rid of unwanted work habits

  • How to criticize employees without losing their support—it’s what you say and how you say it
  • The difference between a put-down and constructive criticism
  • Anticipating—and neutralizing—how employees will react to your criticism
  • How to criticize the behavior, not the person
  • How to gain the upper hand—simply by listening
  • The lost art of confronting problems, directly and professionally
  • Building an environment where open communication is practiced by everyone

Session 2: Conducting performance reviews that encourage the behavior you want

  • The rules of proper documentation
  • How to mentally prepare before a dreaded performance review
  • Questions to ask to break the ice and get the conversation going
  • How to head off negative emotions—and what to do if you can’t
  • A checklist for avoiding unwanted surprises during the review
  • How to wrap up the review on a positive—and motivating—note
  • The problem with rating scales

Session 3: Using the disciplinary process to turn problem employees around

  • Build good relationships by using the 6 rules of discipline
  • You can’t mishandle the “final written warning”—make sure all these elements are in place
  • Is the problem serious enough to start the formal discipline process? Here’s how to judge
  • Why you must be careful—very careful—when carrying out your company’s written discipline policy
  • Does the employee really get it? How to test their understanding of what’s expected—and the consequences

Session 4: Understanding your right to fire as a last resort

  • The pros and cons of suspension as an alternative to firing
  • Know the laws on wrongful discharge—and never have to say, “I wish I had …”
  • The delicate job of breaking the news to the rest of the staff
  • What to do should the departing employee become vindictive or hostile
  • “Bad attitude” may not hold up in court—but here’s what will
  • The steps to conducting a worry-free termination session
  • Why you must choose your words carefully when showing an employee the door
  • The top 3 things you can do to head off legal problems later


CPE Credits: 12
Field of Study: Personnel/HR
NASBA #: 107691

Seminar Summary:

The Two-Day Managing Unacceptable Behavior Seminar (see full course description)

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