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How Managers Become Great Leaders  

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Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Owners


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Seminar Summary:

Develop forward-thinking leadership qualities to take you and your team to the next level in this one day seminar (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How Managers Become Great Leaders  -  Leadership Training Seminar

Excel in Your Career Now!

In today's tight job market, organizations need more than basic business skills and technical expertise. They need leaders. Organizations want people who demonstrate big picture thinking, while understanding individuals and what it takes to get the team motivated. Attend this seminar and work to build on your skills and sharpen your leadership edge.

Why Attend this Leadership Seminar?

Being a leader is a lofty goal - no doubt about it. What you need is a course that breaks down this admirable purpose into smaller, achievable responsibilities that you can realistically accomplish. This seminar does just that!

Who Should Attend

How Managers Become Great Leaders is not for everyone. If you prefer the easy to the difficult, have a been-there-done-that attitude or see no room for personal growth, this seminar will not be for you. Today's job market has interesting titles - manager, specialist, master, director, ambassador, authority, czar and chief - whatever your title is, if you want to make a difference for you, your staff and your organization - then this seminar is for YOU!

Plan on learning:

  • The most common issues leaders are facing today - and how to handle them
  • New techniques for engaging with people - and how to build a strong internal and external network
  • A better understanding of stakeholder expectations - and how you can exceed them
  • Strategies for making risk-taking pay off - and how to manage it, even when it doesn't work in your favor
  • Core qualities to become a more effective and influential leader - and how to utilize your most powerful skills
  • The opportunity that exists even in the most challenging situations - and how to add value to your organization, your team and the individuals
  • - And so much more!

How Managers Become Great Leaders  — Seminar Overview

Overcoming Today's Common Leadership Issues

  • Managing with limited resources: learn to get the most out of your team
  • Overcoming "we already tried that, and it didn't work" or "this is the way we always do it" mentality
  • How to show meaning in our work: everyone wants to make a difference, learn to show your team the value of their actions
  • Leading through uncertainty: how your credibility can instill confidence and commitment in others

Assess Your Leadership Qualities

  • Discover your leadership ability with practical and proven ways to determine your Leadership Quotient
  • Determine your ability to successfully communicate and inspire others
  • Uncover your leadership "sweet spot" and learn how to create natural followers
  • Understand how to use the four stages of the Conscious Competence Model to continually increase the awareness level of yourself and your team

Grow Your Leadership Mindset

  • Learn specific ways to strive for and achieve personal excellence as a leader
  • Understand your team's expectations and the role character and integrity plays in leadership
  • Learn what distinguishes the best leaders from the rest
  • Understand how to use emotional intelligence to muster courage to become proficient at being empathetic and building successful relationships
  • Effectively communicate strategic decisions to your team with confidence and clarity without second guessing
  • Recognize the difference between managing and leading, efficiency and effectiveness; success and failure

Building Trust in Your Leadership Ability

  • Build personal relationships through engaging conversation

  • Proper explanation of goals, expectations and vision

  • Be a true team player by productively contributing to the group

  • Become more open-minded in order to learn and grow

  • Perfect your listening skills and empathize with your team

  • Be aware of what you are saying and say it well

  • Capture the attention of an entire group to develop a strong rapport

  • Spend the time constructing and encouraging a relationship that will prove successful in the long-run

Moving to the Next Level: Core Strategies of Leadership

  • Take away effective ways to instill a positive, compelling vision within your team

  • Tips, tools and techniques to recruit, attract and develop the best people

  • Ensure you have robust communication within your team and across your organization to make certain it runs well

  • Become competent in the skill of disciplined execution

  • Create a strong and trusting bond by owning the voice of your customers

  • Create an action plan to map out your success and set your career path for advancement

Coaching and Developing Your Team

  • Learn delegation tips that help you save time, while developing your employees

  • Improve your ability to communicate effectively with those who view your suggestions with skepticism

  • Maximize your team: identify untapped talent and turn solid performers into superstars

  • Learn to quickly recognize how much significance you have with various team members

  • Implement a culture of teamwork with fundamental coaching skills

  • Tips to help your team build and strengthen collaborative relationships

Continuing Education

This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits

CPE: 6 credits


Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Develop forward-thinking leadership qualities to take you and your team to the next level in this one day seminar (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the How Managers Become Great Leaders training seminar

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