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Seminar on the Magic of Conflict  

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Seminar Summary:

In addition, you will be introduced to a unique communication model, which can serve as a guide to help you achieve  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The Magic of Conflict


This high-energy, interactive program offers a new definition of conflict, a new way of looking at it, a new way of experiencing it, and a new way of responding to it. You will learn to practice conflict resolution through the use of film clips, real-life examples, tips, guidelines, role-plays, inquiries, and experiential exercises. In addition, you will be introduced to a unique communication model, which can serve as a guide to help you achieve "win/win" outcomes. Course content will be customized to focus on the concerns of all attending.

Why should you attend?

Conflict is a bad thing. That´s what most of us believe. We consider it to be potentially harmful or destructive. So when it shows up in either our personal or professional lives, we try to avoid it.
Nevertheless, I have seen people throughout my career find the courage to engage in the process of conflict and come out the better for it. How do they do that? From what I´ve seen, these individuals understand they can approach the practice of conflict resolution from a more allowing and accepting viewpoint.
When we envision conflict from a point of view of acceptance, without the negative judgment, with an open attitude of discovery and opportunity, the process of conflict can become a gateway to greater understanding of others and ourselves. It can be understood as a gift meant to help us move forward.

Areas Covered in the Session:

In this program, you will learn:
• Why we view conflict as a negative and how to transform this perception into one that maximizes our potential as professionals
o How to become more comfortable, confident, and masterful with the process of conflict
o To be more responsive, rather than reactive, when "negative" or "positive" emotions arise while we´re working through conflicts
• How to stand up for ourselves when dealing with "bullies" and others who we experience as being in a "one-up" position in relation to ourselves
• To be more receptive to our own inner guidance as it arises when processing a conflict
• The value of distinguishing what position we are in: our own side, our opponent´s side, or in a neutral position;
• Five possible strategies to use when we´re engaged in external conflict
• How to create a safe "container" so we may feel free to express our truth


Day 1 Schedule:
Lecture 1: Introduction: What is conflict and what purpose does it serve optimally?
Lecture 2: The important role quality communication plays in resolving conflict; the quality communication model: a tool for communicating in an optimal way
Lecture 3: Patterns of Conflict: What has been our history with conflict? How does conflict currently show up in our lives?
Lecture 4: Participating with Change
Lecture 5: Dealing with our emotions/connecting with and expressing our feelings assertively
Lecture 6: Personal Leadership: Knowing what we want
Lecture 7: Cultivating the Ability to be Present
Lecture 8: Conflict Options

Day 2 Schedule:
Lecture 1: Ways We Try to Avoid Conflict
Lecture 2: Masculine and feminine approaches to conflict resolution
Lecture 3: Personal Responsibility
Lecture 4: Respecting Others/Respecting Ourselves
Lecture 5: Resolving Inner Conflict/Disengaging from Our Inner Critic
Lecture 6: Building Workable Agreements
Lecture 7: Rituals of Reconciliation


Robert Elliott
Consultant, Robert Elliott LLC

"Unique," "life-changing," rewarding," invaluable," "the real thing." These are the ways audiences applaud Robert Elliottt´s high-energy professional development programs.
Drawing on culturally diverse traditions, the creative arts, and depth psychology, Robert´s programs provide an empowering "whole person" educational emphasis. Along with making adjustments to previous ways of thinking and acting, program participants learn more about what gifts they have to offer the world and how they might use those gifts to become truly fulfilled.
As a corporate educator, speaker and leadership coach, Robert has worked with individuals and groups throughout North America, Asia, Micronesia and Europe. He has conducted his authentic leadership, communication, conflict resolution, change management, and team building programs with executives, middle management, and support personnel from Fortune 500 companies such as Alcatel Networking, Edison International, the Symantec Corporation, Wells Fargo and General Motors as well as with smaller companies in the fields of healthcare, technology, insurance, entertainment, and manufacturing. In addition, he has worked with federal and state agencies, the military, law enforcement, and county and city governments. He has also served on the business faculties of UCLA, UC Irvine, San Diego State University and Loyola Marymount University Extension Programs.
Robert earned a bachelor´s degree in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley, where he graduated with honors, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. He also holds a Black Belt in Aikido (Second Degree), a martial art dedicated to the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Seminar Summary:

In addition, you will be introduced to a unique communication model, which can serve as a guide to help you achieve  (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the Seminar on the Magic of Conflict training seminar

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