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Customer Service Through the Customer's Eyes  

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Seminar Summary:

Learn how to turn the customer service support—that both you and your team provide—into your organization’s greatest asset. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Customer Service Through the Customer's Eyes

The keys to providing high-level customer service that people expect, boosting satisfaction and building long-term customer loyalty

In Customer Service Through the Customer’s Eyes, you'll learn...

•How to see your business like your customer sees it
•Steps to improve customer satisfaction levels and gain repeat customers
•How to develop long-term relationships with customers that yield positive results
•The secrets to deftly handle difficult or upset customers with more confidence
•What you must do to make every customer feel unquestionably valued
•How to create unbreakable brand loyalty and transform your customers into active advocates for your services or products
•And much more …

If you could master ONE thing that would virtually guarantee the loyalty of 9 out of 10 of your customers, would you want to?

Of course you would!

Research shows that 86 percent of today’s consumers are willing to pay more money for a better customer service experience—and in some cases, a lot more! But surely these kinds of elite customer service techniques are guarded like government secrets and cost a minor fortune to learn.

Not when you enroll in this exciting one-day workshop, Customer Service Through the Customer’s Eyes. It’s an insightful training event that lays out a step-by-step program for delivering the kind of customer service today’s consumer demands. Attend and you’ll learn the core principles and innovative strategies that will help you set the standard of customer service excellence in your industry. Whether you’re brick-and-mortar … online only … or a mixture of both, you’ll go back to the office the next day with a game plan for eliminating unsatisfactory customer service at your company.

It’s never been easier to lose a customer forever … or to make them your brand champion instead!

The Web gives your customers hundreds, if not thousands, of options to make their purchases, and if you don’t engage them at every step, you could lose them forever. However, you can stand above all those other choices and build lifelong loyalty—if you know the secrets to turning your customer base into your strongest and most vocal advocates.

The right people may be in place; they just need the right skills. Enroll today and learn how to turn the customer service support—that both you and your team provide—into your organization’s greatest asset. From proven listening techniques to the latest social media tips, you’ll boost all the most important aspects of your company’s customer contact through real-world instruction and interactive exercises led by your trainer, a customer service expert. Don’t hesitate and take the chance of losing one more customer!


Program hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Session 1: See Your Service Through Your Customer’s Eyes

  • The benefits of changing your perspective to a customer point of view
  • Develop a service attitude that’s evident in every customer interaction
  • Identify the elements of great customer service and how you stack up against the competition
  • Realize how bad service exponentially damages your company reputation
  • How to survey and gather customer feedback that allows you to adjust, correct and respond accordingly
  • The importance of treating customers like friends, while maintaining professional poise
  • 3 statements that will compel first-time buyers to come back for more
  • The biggest missteps that will drive your customers to the nearest competition—and how to avoid them
  • How to keep customers for life—techniques for building customer loyalty that goes beyond a loyalty program level

Session 2: Master the Essentials of Service Communication and Make Every Customer Feel Like No. 1!

  • Learn expert listening techniques that let customers KNOW they have your attention
  • 4 winning phrases that reassure customers that their satisfaction is your priority
  • Monitor your body language to help you communicate more effectively and build relationships more easily
  • Results-oriented questioning techniques that uncover vital information
  • Subtle signs that tell you a customer isn’t really 100% satisfied
  • Recognize the nonverbal signals—how to hear what a customer isn’t saying
  • How to deliver bad news without upsetting your customer
  • 5 phrases that can annihilate customer goodwill and what to say instead
  • Making customers feel WOWed by your service even when you can’t deliver everything they want

Session 3: Expertly Handle Complaints, Smooth Ruffled Feathers and Deal With Difficult and Angry Customers

  • Discover how your attitude about difficult customers may be tainting your interactions
  • Handle complaints with grace, poise and composure
  • 6 effective methods for defusing customer anger and aggression
  • Techniques for staying calm and in control when you’re under fire and stressed to the max
  • How to use the LAF technique (Listen, Apologize, Fix) to resolve customer problems
  • Proven strategies for dealing with the 5 types of customers that drive CS reps CRAZY
  • The BEST way to help customers understand your hands are tied—and how to get them to compromise
  • Weather customer fury like a pro without breaking a sweat!
  • How to diplomatically help a customer realize that he or she is wrong

Session 4: Manage Customer Expectations and Deliver Above and Beyond Service!

  • How to add value for your customers and set your company above the competition by providing Tier One customer service
  • Tried-and-true techniques for offering complimentary products or services that cost little but yield great customer returns
  • 5 keys to delivering service that’s so great, your customers will keep coming back for more
  • Ways to sincerely show customers that you value their business—without coming across as fake, sappy or melodramatic
  • Professional tactics that will help amp up your product knowledge
  • Anticipating a customer’s needs and coming through before he or she even asks!
  • How to avoid breaking promises, so you can deliver service that goes the extra mile every time
  • 3 follow-up steps to ensure that a customer is absolutely, positively, 100% satisfied—and why these are steps you must take

Session 5: Customer Service in the Social Media Age

  • Why it’s critical to establish a positive social media presence—your organization’s reputation could be at stake
  • Social listening strategies for tracking positive—and negative—feedback about your company
  • Using social media to establish a positive relationship with customers
  • Why you should actively seek out unhappy customers online and the BEST ways to respond
  • Maintain professionalism in an online environment and the 3 things you should NEVER do!
  • What to do when you can’t handle an issue online and how to gracefully contact or direct the customer to a live conversation format when you need to

Seminar Summary:

Learn how to turn the customer service support—that both you and your team provide—into your organization’s greatest asset. (see full course description)

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