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Essential Content Marketing - 2-Day Event  

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Marketing Specialists, Marketing Administrators


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Seminar Summary:

Build a strategy that bolsters your brand, engages your customers and increases sales (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Essential Content Marketing - 2-Day Seminar

You’ll learn …

  • What content marketing is—and isn’t
  • How to use free tools to determine what drives visitors to your site
  • How to create effective content for different marketing channels
  • How to measure the content marketing feedback loop
  • And more!

Are you delivering your absolute best—written and positioned perfectly to build a loyal, active customer network?

If you’re constantly chasing your audience from one site to another, you’ll always be one step behind. How do you stay ahead, control the narrative … and make the right moves to draw your customers to you? Sometimes it seems like the rules of content marketing change monthly. You read one article that says, “Do it this way!” one day and then a week later, you see two other articles from another source that say something different. Opinions change like the weather.

You need sound, easy-to-understand information on content marketing that is updated, fresh and proven to be applicable to today’s digital-savvy audience.

Reserve your seat in this on-target seminar. Our content marketing experts don’t rely on opinion. They’ve analyzed, tested and boiled their research down into this incredible eye-opening marketing workshop. In just two days, you’ll catch up on the latest trends in content marketing. And it’s not just theory—it’s what is WORKING with customers today!

Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn best practices of content marketing. Stop throwing time and money away on content that isn’t up to snuff. Learn how to make content marketing easier … without complicated algorithms or 24/7 attention. After two short days, you’ll leave your competition in the dust and start standing out above the ever-increasing digital noise.

Day one: 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.

The building blocks of content marketing

  • The critical difference between content and content marketing
  • A quick history of content marketing and how it influences today’s campaigns
  • Identify 360-degree campaigns and ways to use marketing copy on multiple mediums for maximum reach
  • Understand how SEO and SMO work together to increase your visibility
  • Examine the “show and tell” aspect in all good content creation
  • Use keyword tools to determine language that drives traffic to your Web site
  • Consider the effects of AI and big data in your future marketing efforts

Define your brand and your objectives

  • Review of the 3 pillars of successful content marketing: Email campaigns, the Web and social media sites
  • How a simple, but effective, flowchart takes the headaches out of analyzing the pathway, life and impact of a message
  • Evaluate the platforms—the audiences they serve and information they provide
  • Implement a basic marketing formula: Who, what, why
  • Accurately map your buyer’s journey by creating a buyer persona
  • Reverse engineer your content marketing strategy: Audience, purpose, message
  • Set your follow chart and manage and monitor the online conversation

Develop a simple and concise content strategy

  • Evaluate your online reputation: What does the Internet say about you?
  • Auditing your current content and marketing materials
  • Use tools to simplify the monitoring process and increase return on involvement
  • Analyze and catalog the marketing channels you use to get your message out
  • Implement the “info to fan” funnel, turn readers into loyal brand enthusiasts and measure return on investment
  • Identify your customers’ pain points and create content that solves their problems
  • Maximize effort using these scheduling tools to coordinate with team members

Day two: 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Put your plan into action (content, content, content)

  • What’s your story? A 4-step exercise to help you articulate your company’s values and vision in your content
  • Create a content calendar and posting schedule driven by your message
  • Writing content for the platforms: Starting with visuals, then copy
  • Crafting a strong call to action that virtually guarantees a feedback loop
  • How to get your readers to like, follow, comment, reply, share and retweet
  • Listening and responding to feedback
  • The role of emoticons in online marketing

Delivering compelling content in the right place and at the right time

  • Leverage subject matter experts at your office who can help generate content
  • Amplify your content marketing efforts by optimizing your social media posts
  • Including cross-platform tactics: Keywords, hashtags, photos, videos or links
  • Learn how to combine copy and visuals (charts, graphs, pictures and video) to craft a more powerful and unforgettable message
  • How to use Instagram®, Pinterest® and YouTube® to tell your story with pictures and video
  • How top content marketers repurpose, repackage and redeliver content through multiple channels
  • The importance of blogging to create brand and search engine awareness

The 3 M’s of success: How to monitor, measure and manage your content

  • What story do your numbers tell? Analyzing your data
  • How to measure your content marketing feedback loop: Objectives + Goals + Action = Success
  • How to use Google Analytics™ for better content
  • Facebook® and Twitter® insights into what numbers matter most and what you should measure
  • The top social media tools your brand should be using to measure its reputation online
  • The best ways to respond to customer comments and generate an online dialogue that makes your brand shine
  • What is “dark social” and can it be measured?

Seminar Summary:

Build a strategy that bolsters your brand, engages your customers and increases sales (see full course description)

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