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Who should attend The Leadership & Team-Building Experience
Executives, managers and team leaders
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The Leadership & Team-Building Experience  

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Executives, managers and team leaders


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Seminar Summary:

It’s two days of serious business training in an incredible environment GUARANTEED to enhance your leadership effectiveness tenfold! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

The Leadership & Team-Building Experience

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind, interactive experience set in an incredible environments that brings essential leadership concepts to life! Choose one for more info ...

Chicago Museum of
Science and Industry
Colorado History
Nov. 18 & Nov. 19, 2003
Dec. 8 & Dec. 9, 2003
click here
Nov. 20 & Nov. 21, 2003
Dec. 10 & Dec. 11, 2003
click here

Unlike lecture-based training programs, this interactive leadership and team-building training simulates real-world situations. This means you get hands-on practice honing key skills, including: Collaboration, communication, setting team goals, solving conflict, leading a team to success and more!

It’s two days of serious business training in an incredible environment GUARANTEED to enhance your leadership effectiveness tenfold!

Program Description   Who Should Attend
Workshop Agenda   What You’ll Learn

There’s NEVER been an opportunity to advance your leadership and team-building skills like this! Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind, interactive experience set in an incredible environment that brings essential leadership concepts to life!



Program Description

You may be saying — “Wait a minute -- business training in a museum?”

If attending leadership training in a museum sounds, well, non-traditional, you should know up front that’s the whole point. Training as usual, this program is not.

In fact, this ground-breaking interactive event takes leadership and team-building training to a whole new level of effectiveness by featuring it in a highly creative learning environment. Developed by one of the nation’s leading career training organizations, this out-of-the-ordinary learning adventure is designed for forward-thinking leaders who’re seeking out-of-the-ordinary results.

Master team-building and leadership skills in a creative environment
Set in world-famous locations, The Leadership and Team-Building Experience offers you an incredibly exciting and fun new way to experience serious business training. What more stimulating atmosphere could there be in which to master creative team-building skills or to learn how to think beyond traditional boundaries for solutions sure to boost your leadership effectiveness?

Interactive, hands-on leadership training improves your learning retention
This is a Signature Training Experience, which means you’re in for two exhilarating days of experiential leadership training. No boring lectures here! You’ll learn by doing in simulated real-world activities where you’ll master creative ways to address your most pressing challenges ... participate in idea-generating brainstorms ... get hands-on experience developing and managing a team ... understand what leadership styles work in different situations ... gain invaluable insight into how to make positive change happen ... and more! By “living” the key concepts you’re learning in a casual, comfortable environment, you’ll quickly build on your critical core creative thinking skills to become a more confident, more effective leader.

Think in bold new ways to gain an all-important competitive edge
Attend The Leadership and Team-Building Experience, and you’ll not only improve your leadership results in an immediate and measurable way, you’ll begin to think in bold new directions, see things from new perspectives and look at your complex business challenges in a different light. We guarantee that this will be the training experience of your lifetime and that you’ll emerge changed — with greater clarity and a new level of creativity.

Make the commitment to become a visionary leader
Make the commitment right now to get the leadership skills you need to tap into every ounce of creativity and idea-power at your disposal — and to create a winning vision for your organization. Join us!

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Jump-start your creative thinking skills in an imaginative, stimulating environment.
  2. Gain greater clarity and focus by challenging self- limiting perspectives.
  3. Break negative thinking habits that squash creativity in yourself and in others.
  4. Reap the enormous benefits of experiential training when you learn by doing.
  5. Get original ideas to flow quickly and naturally from now on.
  6. Sharpen your creative decision-making skills for stronger, faster decisions.
  7. Learn how to accurately weigh the risk vs. reward of any new idea or plan.
  8. Know where to look for your richest sources of innovation.
  9. Gain proven techniques for moving your team beyond the way “we’ve always done it.”
  10. Get a rare chance to refocus your leadership vision and be inspired in a highly creative atmosphere.

Who Should Attend

Executives, managers and team leaders from all types of organizations, big and small alike! True leaders understand the importance of continual skill development and recognize a great opportunity to hone their skills when they see one. If that describes you — this training is for you!

Attendance Is Limited ...
To ensure a high-quality, hands-on training experience, attendance limits will be strictly enforced. Space is expected to fill quickly, so early reservations are highly advised.

This intensive workshop is for you IF ...You’re ready for some creative ideas and practical ways to improve your leadership effectiveness

  • You’d like to get your team members to take more initiative and be more creative
  • You’ve inherited problem employees and you need answers for dealing with these underachievers
  • You want to know how to make your diverse group of employees think, act and work like a real team
  • You’re looking for an opportunity to step back and reflect on where you and your team are now, and make solid plans for getting where you want to be tomorrow
  • You want to be a more motivating, persuasive, influential leader
  • You understand how important continuous learning is to every leader’s success
  • You’re excited about participating in a new type of leadership training that truly brings important concepts to life


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Workshop Agenda

Leadership Essentials

  • Profile of a strong leader: Lessons from the masters
  • Why the best leaders are also strong mentors
  • Recognizing the strengths and limitations of your unique leadership style
  • Developing a sense of high standards and expectations in others
  • Setting priorities and keeping your team on track
  • Why your “people skills” will be the No. 1 driver of your success as a leader

Valuing the Individual— Strengthening the Team

  • Why different employees require different coaching approaches
  • Laying the groundwork for a team that embraces trust and mutual respect
  • Empowering teams members to tap into their personal strengths and contribute their absolute best
  • The 7 most common employee problems
  • Top reasons employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do
  • Types of employee performance obstacles and how to overcome them

Listening and Communication Skills

  • How improving your listening skills will make you a better leader
  • Keys to giving clear, concise, precise directions
  • Why appropriate feedback can prevent team failure
  • The criticism checklist: Important questions to ask yourself before you say anything
  • Strategies for keeping the lines of communication open
  • Creating an environment where everyone feels free to express themselves

Techniques and Tools to Motivate Teams

  • How you can motivate teams to jump the hurdle to creativity
  • Ideas for keeping team members excited about their work
  • Team motivation vs. individual incentives — why some rewards don’t work
  • Holding employees accountable while keeping them happy
  • The secret to helping employees feel valued by you and the company
  • The better-than-money motivation techniques no leader should be without

Handling Conflict and Confrontations

  • How to overcome common causes of team conflict
  • Keys to avoiding burnout due to overwork and deadline pressure
  • What you should do when team members aren’t getting along
  • Steps you must take when individual goals conflict with team goals
  • The “how to’s” of professional, productive confrontation
  • Why team growth often arises from team conflict

The Leader’s Role in Making Change Happen

  • Covering the bases: What considerations should you make before introducing a change?
  • Getting team members out of their comfort zone
  • Top reasons why change fails in organizations
  • What you must do as a leader when team members won’t embrace critical changes
  • Coping with the stress and frustrations that often accompany significant changes


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Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time

Seminar Summary:

It’s two days of serious business training in an incredible environment GUARANTEED to enhance your leadership effectiveness tenfold! (see full course description)

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