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How to Handle Difficult Employees (& Other Icky Performance Problems)  

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Seminar Summary:

this workshop will make employee problems less of a pain-in-the-neck (see full course description)


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(& Other Icky Performance Problems) seminar



Training Course Syllabus:

How to Handle Difficult Employees
(& Other Icky Performance Problems)

With Casey McNeal

Join managers and supervisors from your area for a one-day workshop unlike anything you’ve ever attended … led by one of the most motivating, results-focused – and entertaining – trainers in America, Casey McNeal!

Program Description   Meet Your Trainer
What You’ll Learn   Workshop Agenda

Program Description

Dear Fellow Manager:

Have you ever discussed a performance problem with an employee knowing full-well that a month from now, a week from now – heck, maybe before the end of the day – you’ll be dealing with this same employee about this same performance issue?

If difficult employees and performance problems have you climbing the walls – take heart, you’re not alone. On average, managers spend about 50 percent of their time dealing with 10 percent of their employees … and it’s NOT the 10 percent that are producing great results! Wouldn’t it be nice to have some dead-on tools for handling that difficult and under-achieving 10 percent? That’s what my workshop is all about – how to be more effective in managing pain-in-the-neck employee problems.

In my experience, any knucklehead can lecture you about what won’t work or can’t work when it comes to getting problem people to perform on the job. That’s why I choose to focus on what will work, what does work – and how you can make these proven people management techniques work for you.

The valuable “people management skills” you’ll learn is this workshop will pay off for the rest of your career and will make you a better leader immediately. The comment I get all the time is, “My boss should have taken this class!” Now, you’re the boss, so come and get the training you need. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your employees.

Can’t wait to meet you,



Casey McNeal

P.S. - Bring your fellow supervisors along and you’ll SAVE!

When 3 people from your organization enroll in this workshop, the 4th attends FREE. Why not give several managers and supervisors the opportunity to learn how to deal effectively with difficult employees and performance problems? Train as a team and you’ll multiply the powerful benefits of this seminar – and save big bucks on your total enrollment fee!


15 ways this workshop will make employee problems less of a pain-in-the-neck

  1. Deliver constructive feedback that brings about positive behavior change.
  2. End the frustrating cycle of having the same employees create the same problems.
  3. Transform “attitude problems with feet” into strong contributors to your team.
  4. Alleviate personality problems by matching employee personalities and talents to their job duties.
  5. Use active listening skills to make employees feel valued and respected.
  6. Put progressive discipline to work to turn around unwanted employee behaviors.
  7. Gain employee buy-in for needed behavior changes.
  8. Neutralize complainers and naysayers to keep them from souring other
    employees’ attitudes.
  9. Stop excuse-makers in their tracks and hold them accountable for their actions.
  10. Put the power of praise to work in improving morale – one employee at a time.
  11. Recognize your options when you don’t have the authority to fire people.
  12. Avoid common management practices that actually demotivate employees.
  13. Effectively discipline employees without causing anger or resentment.
  14. Properly document discipline and warnings so you’ve got a paper trail.
  15. Dramatically reduce the number of employee problems you have to deal with.

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Meet Your Trainer

Casey McNeal’s talent for using humor to help professionals master solid management skills is legendary in the training industry.


With the same comic timing he once used to open for comedians Adam Sandler, Margaret Cho and Kevin Neilen (to mention just a few!), Casey keeps you laughing while you learn proven management techniques and solutions to employee performance problems. Known for his one-of-a-kind presentation style, Casey has become an internationally sought-after speaker who has trained thousands of business people across the globe.

His diverse professional background includes more than 20 years of management experience in customer service, banking and finance, technology and sales. From his revolutionary customer service management history at WordPerfect Corporation to being named Utah Valley Entrepreneur of the Year for his achievements in business, Casey repeatedly has been recognized for his management innovations and expertise.

Clients include Reebok, Volvo, the FBI, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, British Parliament, 20th Century Fox, the U.S. Ski Team, the Australian Federal Government, and Prime Learning in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, among many others.

Genuine and down-to-earth, Casey takes a direct, “real world” approach to management training, peppering his fast-paced sessions with specific examples, “how to’s” and easy-to-apply techniques you can begin using immediately to be a more effective manager. We guarantee you’ll love his lively, light-hearted format, on-target humorous anecdotes – and his candor in answering all your tough management questions.

Join Casey for an unforgettable day of results-focused learning, and you’ll be amazed at just how much fun serious management training can be!


Workshop Agenda

Coaching and Motivating: Help Your Employees Get With the Program
“Don’t assume employees don’t need our help or want our help – they do.”
– Casey McNeal

  • Key reasons why employees don’t perform – and what you can do about it
  • Understanding your role as a manager in turning around unwanted employee behaviors
  • Tuning into the radio stations your employees listen to: WIIFM, MMFI and MMFGAM
  • Top motivators for getting people to perform well on the job – and 7 deadly demotivators
  • Mentor, coach or counsel? Recognizing when to do which
  • The SOFTEN technique and other listening skills every manager should possess

Handling People Problems, Problem People and Performance Issues
“When you understand people’s differences, you can align their duties with their personality and talents and avoid a lot of problems.”
– Casey McNeal

  • A look at the SELF Profile for understanding different personality types
  • Power tips for combating a variety of attitude problems
  • Strategies for dealing with complainers, naysayers and excuse-makers
  • Dealing with employees who’re chronically late and other rule-breakers
  • Guidelines for handling issues like suspected alcohol or drug use on
    the job
  • Using the EASY Script to discuss behavior and performance problems

Transforming Behavior Through Constructive Criticism and Positive Feedback
“Always be sure you’re attacking the problem, not the person.”
– Casey McNeal

  • Understanding why you must confront people to provide constructive criticism
  • Step-by-step guidelines for delivering criticism and feedback
  • Key phrases to help you start the conversation on a positive note
  • “But” and other hot-button words to banish from your supervisory vocabulary
  • The burger technique and other strategies for giving feedback that gets positive results
  • Using the 10:1 formula for praise vs. criticism

Using Progressive Discipline – and Counseling for Change
“Identifying the problem with the employee is only 50 percent of the issue – getting the employee’s commitment to behavior change is the other 50 percent.”
– Casey McNeal

  • How to get employee participation and buy-in for behavior change
  • The importance of being specific when counseling for change
  • Techniques for disciplining without causing employee anger or resentment
  • Casey’s Steps of Progressive Discipline
  • Document, document, document: If the behavior wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen

Termination: What to Do When They’ve Got to Go
“You may have to fire them so they can succeed somewhere else.”
– Casey McNeal

  • 4 legal reasons you can fire an employee
  • Dismissing people from their jobs with dignity
  • How to conduct a termination interview
  • Recognizing your options when you don’t have the authority to fire
  • How to lessen firing risks in the future: Interview guidelines for hiring right


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Seminar Summary:

this workshop will make employee problems less of a pain-in-the-neck (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the How to Handle Difficult Employees
(& Other Icky Performance Problems) training seminar

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