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Excelling with PowerPoint  

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Seminar Summary:

Give us one day, and we’ll dramatically change your presentations forever (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Excelling with PowerPoint

THE ONE-DAY COMPREHENSIVE WORKSHOP that presents all the simple tips, tricks and techniques you need to make a memorable presentation (and impression!)


Program Description

There's no excuse NOT to be using PowerPoint for every one of your presentations. Your audience expects - and deserves - the best!

With the technology that’s available today, most audiences just groan when they see a speaker fire up an overhead projector, or worse yet – break out an easel pad and magic marker.

With the ease of PowerPoint, and the simple tricks you’ll learn at this entertaining workshop, you can spend your time figuring out how to sell your ideas and influence your audience – and maybe throw in a dash of entertainment that will keep them captivated and in the palm of your hand.

But if you’re like 95% of PowerPoint users, you’ve barely even scratched the surface of everything this incredible presentation software can offer. Until now, that is!

Learn simple PowerPoint secrets from us today, and start using them tomorrow ...
The trouble with most software packages is that the manual is usually several hundred pages long ... the tutorials are lifeless and dull ... and a lot of the training that’s available takes days or weeks to complete. You, however, just want to learn how to use more of the features ... discover terrific shortcuts to dramatically slash your production time ... and find a fun, interactive way to do it that you won’t forget two weeks after you’re done.

Attend this exciting one-day workshop and we GUARANTEE you’ll leave knowing more about PowerPoint than you ever thought possible in such a short time. You’ll start creating eye-popping visuals for everything from your most mundane presentations to your most high-powered sales pitches, that you can deliver anywhere – from the basement to the Boardroom and even out on the Web for millions to see!

Give us one day, and we’ll dramatically change your presentations forever ...
What’s it worth to you to become that one “special” person in your company who’s presentations are well-attended ... applauded ... and even anticipated? Just one day learning the secrets and shortcuts we’ll teach you will make a profound difference in your abilities to create amazing presentations. You’ll have fun doing them (in a LOT less time!) and you’ll have the satisfaction of feeling creative, dynamic, happy and ultimately successful!

Enroll in this skill-building workshop today ...
You’ll soon be doing things with your presentations that you probably thought weren’t possible. But register quickly! Space for this seminar usually fills up quickly with other business pros who want to gain any edge that they can!


Did You Know?

... the #1 mistake made in most PowerPoint presentations?
Industry professionals rank “too much information on one slide” as the top blunder in PowerPoint presentations. This workshop will show you exactly how to convey your crucial points so they don’t get buried. Find out how to display information in a way that your audience can easily understand.

... the use of color substantially boosts audience comprehension?
True. But using the wrong colors can distract your audience from your message! That’s why we teach you which colors to use to evoke exactly the response you want. Don’t send mixed signals any more! Find out what to do here.

... we learn 5 times more from what we see than from words we hear?
Research estimates that only 10 percent of what we learn comes from the actual words we hear. Fully 50 percent of data retention comes from what we see. Learn to use the visual excitement that PowerPoint provides to drive home your crucial message!

... PowerPoint’s AutoContent Wizard will design a presentation for you in just minutes?
Absolutely true – and with no more work on your part than a few clicks of the mouse! Formats and backgrounds have been professionally pre-designed for you, and a variety of text styles and decorative borders are available, along with 1,000 clip art images that will reinforce and enhance your presentation.



What You’ll Learn

  1. You’ll stop using PowerPoint just to wow your audience and start using it to convey your message in a way that increases the overall effectiveness of your presentation.
  2. You’ll take your presentations to thrilling new levels once you see what PowerPoint’s advanced tools and features are capable of.
  3. You’ll make your points jump out at your audience and lead their eyes to crucial information you want them to remember.
  4. You’ll use color schemes wisely and more effectively, rather than letting competing hues spoil the mood and tone you’re striving for.
  5. You’ll avoid “techno traps” and other common goofs made by PowerPoint users – and avoid tarnishing your credibility in the process!
  6. You’ll help your audience understand complex or technical information with charts, graphs and tables – done the professional way!
  7. You’ll capture the attention of your audience and hold it by knowing how to choose just the right graphic to emotionally hook them into your message.
  8. You’ll create fresh-looking, original PowerPoint presentations that don’t look like anyone else’s with tricks and tips for customization you’ll learn in this workshop.
  9. You’ll get more bang for your PowerPoint buck by tapping into the full power and capabilities of software you’ve probably already been using.
  10. You’ll know exactly what it takes to pull together a cohesive, visually stimulating presentation that reinforces your message – and gets phenomenal results.
  11. You’ll be in the know on how PowerPoint’s newest Web technology features can share your message with the world!
  12. You’ll create and deliver presentations that are more memorable, more powerful and more effective than you ever imagined possible.

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Workshop Agenda

Hitting a Visual Home Run With Every Audience Member

  • How to make your presentation match the sophistication of today’s audiences
  • The fundamentals of PowerPoint presentations: What you must put in every presentation
  • Understanding what your audience needs and expects from you – and giving it to them
  • Examples of how visuals can convey information much more effectively than your words alone
  • What makes an effective presentation? 10 must- know essentials
  • A quick overview of PowerPoint’s awesome presentation features and many capabilities
  • The “KIS Strategy”: Understanding when visuals enhance your message and when they detract

Developing an Exciting Presentation That Still Gets Your Message Across

  • EXTRA: A step-by-step guide for conceptualizing and creating a PowerPoint presentation from start to finish
  • Structuring a well-organized presentation: When and where to “punch up” your message with graphics
  • How to use Slide Masters to make global changes throughout all your slides – no matter how many slides you have
  • Accessing PowerPoint image Clip Gallery to spice up even the dullest material
  • Tricks and tips for getting the most mileage from PowerPoint’s pre-designed templates
  • Easy ways to customize templates for a unique and original look that reflects your personality and professionalism
  • How to cut production time by adding a frequently-used macro to your PowerPoint toolbar
  • Simple animations: A look at using this effect for dramatic impact – without overdoing it

How to Keep Your Audience Eating Out of the Palm of Your Hand

  • How to put your own unique stamp on all your presentations
  • Resources for additional illustrations and graphics to reinforce your information – most are just a download away
  • Tips for simplifying complex data with simple graphics
  • Examples of charts, graphs and tables that convey information in an easy-to-understand way
  • Staying away from the “Spellcheck” trap: How to use AutoCorrect to catch errors before they’re broadcast to the world
  • How to use transitions to link key ideas and maintain continuity
  • Summary slides: The secret to reinforcing your message and ensuring information retention
  • How to make eye-catching handouts that enhance your presentation’s effectiveness
  • Taking your show on the road with the Pack and Go Wizard

Turbo-Charging PowerPoint! Bright Ideas for Maximum-Impact Presentations
See examples of how the best of the best use PowerPoint’s more advanced features to create impressive and memorable presentations that get exceptional results!

  • Enhance viewer learning by inserting a video clip
  • Add an extra dimension to your presentation with sound
  • Animate charts, objects and even text
  • Make your presentation rock by adding CD music tracts to your slides
  • Access Microsoft’s Clip Gallery Live for more than 125,000 clips, including 2,500 animations and 10,000 photos
  • Transform your presentation into Web pages in a snap and share it with the world!
  • Launch your presentation in an online meeting

Troubleshooting Common PowerPoint User Mistakes, Goofs and Flubs

  • The most commonly made blunders in PowerPoint presentations and how to avoid making them
  • How visuals can deflect attention from you when you’re nervous
  • How to use AutoContent Wizard to create customized, last-minute presentations that look like they took you weeks to prepare
  • Why some people make the mistake of relying too much on PowerPoint’s amazing features


SPECIAL SECTION: Proven and Practical Design Tips That’ll Make Your Slides Sizzle!!

  • Color do’s and don’ts: Recognizing the enormous impact the right – and wrong – colors can have
  • Type fonts have attitude! Considerations for choosing type that sets the tone you want to convey
  • The importance of limiting the amount of information on each slide
  • Picking a graphic look and tone that reflects your overall message
  • Tricks for leading the viewer’s eye to critical data
  • How to create a natural flow that naturally leads the viewer from slide to slide


Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

Give us one day, and we’ll dramatically change your presentations forever (see full course description)

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