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Media Buying Academy’s BootCamp – Complete Media Buying Training  

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Media Buying Academy   


Attendees include Media Buyers, Media Planners, Sales Reps, Account Executives, and Marketers. These courses are specifically designed to teach hands-on-real-world media buying.


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Seminar Summary:

Real-World-Hands-On-This-Is-How-You-Do-It Media Buying Training for Media Buyers, Sales Reps, Account Executives, & Marketers. You could spend FOUR YEARS struggling to become a combat-wise Pro…or you could let us teach you IN JUST FOUR DAYS! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Media Buying Academy’s BootCamp – Complete Media Buying Training


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We are real-world, hands-on, "this-is-how-you-do-it", intense media buying instruction benefiting the novice as well as the pros. From the basics to the tricks of the trade, every important facet of media buying - understanding and analyzing research, evaluating each medium/station/publication, hard-nosed negotiating techniques, obtaining value-added merchandising, reading the audits, and posting buys - is all unequivocally included in this
4 1/2-day media buying course touring approximately 40 cities throughout the United States each year.

Our media buying course is designed to help media buyers and planners, marketing directors, account executives and media sales reps understand the media buying process. Our classes are small, by design, so each student gets the benefit of personal instructions from seasoned, savvy, media pros as well as informative class interaction. Because seating is limited, we recommend early registration.

Why would you take this media buying class?
If you can't correctly answer all of the following questions, you are a candidate for Media Buying Academy's 4 1/2 -day media buying course!

1. How can an agency broadcast media buyer take out an "insurance policy" that almost certainly guarantees a spot TV post analysis in the 95-105% performance range?
2. Why should broadcast media buyers never reveal their primary demo to a radio or TV Sales rep?
3. How can a print media buyer negotiate with a newspaper rep?
4. How do you "post" a radio media buy?
5. How do you "expand" a radio media buy without adding extra dollars?
6. Why would a media buyer refuse to accept a station confirmation?
7. How can a buyer justify every single buying decision?
8. When negotiating TV rates, how can a media buyer determine the bottom-line rate to be paid for a spot besides using CPP's?
9. How should cable TV be bought?
10. How much frequency is enough?

What you need to know, we cover in depth:

Take the full 4 1/2-Day media buying program for optimum media buying training and knowledge ....or customize your own class schedule, selecting only the days you feel you need, detailed below. Students who enroll in the full 4 1/2-Day Media Buying Program will "graduate" with total confidence in their ability to analyze, plan and negotiate the best value for their clients or company in any mix of media.

Table Of Contents Day One

Opening Remarks
• The Purpose of Media Buying Academy’s “BootCamp”
• The Empowerment
• Media Buying Personality Style
• Mistakes
• “BootCamp”
• Homework
• Duplication
• Your Course Evaluation
• Your Questions
• How Traditional Media Is Changing
• The Sky is Falling

The History of Media

Advertising Agency Organizational Chart
•Job Descriptions

Media Overview
• 6 Reasons Agencies Get Canned
• 6 Reasons Agencies Want to Strangle Clients
• When Change is Needed
• Why Aren't Agencies Rewiring?

Client Contract

Media Usage

• Agency Commission/Compensation
• Communication
• When To Hold ‘Em, When to Fold ‘Em
• Verify The Negotiated Rate
• Never Give Out The Budget
• Communicate The Way Business Will Be Done
• Do Not Give Out Demos
• National Rep Firms vs. Local Direct
• Supply and Demand
• Put Everything in Writing
• Everything Has A Rate - Even “No Charges”
• Qualify Those Rates As “Net” or “Gross” and
“Fixed” or “Pre-emptible”
• Demand Back Up Research
• Proof of Performance
• City/State Advertising Taxes
• “Service Fees?”
• Do Not Accept Station Confirmations
• Attitude in Communicating
• Don’t Take The Word, “No,” For An Answer
• Gaining Leverage - “No” Doesn’t Always Mean "No"
• Great Negotiations are Win! Win! Win!
• Comparing Apples to Apples

• Tough But Fair
• Stamp Code of Ethics
• “Backdooring An Agency”
• Examples of Unethical Practices
• Sales Reps Going Direct to the Client
• Over-billing By The Agency
• The News Media - Reporting Without Investigating
• Major Daily Newspapers Lying About Their Circulations
• Consumer Magazine Misrepresented Circulation Data
• Federal Obstruction of Justice Charges
• Nielsen Ratings Subject of Congressional Hearings
• Products Being Embedded Into Program Content
• Public Relations Companies Leasing Time On Local Stations
• “News-Style Programs” And Are Being Presented As Real
• Advertorials Looking More Like Editorials Without Disclaimer
• Magazines Fusing Editorial/Advertising
• Clear Channel Pushing :30 Radio Spots
• The medial Posing as an Agency
• Fudging Research
• Left Off the Buy?
• A Thin Line Between Disclosures By State Agencies
Versus Ethics in Media Buying
• Having Integrity
• Reps Who Mislead
• Media Buyers Who Ask Reps to Waive Commissions
• Buyers who Inherit Problems
• Stations Who Raise Rates Every Quarter
• Agencies Who Pay After 90 Days
• Research Companies Making Posting Difficult
• Integration Fees
• Political Disclosure
• The Fairness Doctrine

• Courtesy Is Contagious
• Dress The Part
• Phone Manners
• Honesty The Best Policy
• Pull Research And Use It
• Learn and Grow
• The Golden Rule
• When Changes Are Necessary
• Reps Who Change Horses
• Customer Service
• Ask for Value-Added

Sales Trickery
• One Sheets
• Broad Rotators (Radio)
• ROS (Radio and TV)
• Reps Withholding Information
• Learn How To Speak Mediaese
• The 12 Grid System
• Stations Who Only Hold Avail Rates and/or Negotiated Rates
For 3-5 Days
• “Plan To Buy” Research
• Log Times
• Sales Reps who Don't Do Their Jobs
• Trade/Barter

• Each Manufacturer Goes By Their Own Rules
• Advantages and Disadvantages
• Tips For Efficient Co-op Advertising

Presentation Skills
• Building Your Own Self-Confidence
• Be Prepared To Answer Questions
• Presentation Tips
• Punctuality and Setup
• Dress the Part
• Educate Your Client Regularly
• Speak Clearly and Concisely
• All Media Plans Should Be In Booklet Form
• Present Media Before Creative
• Stand By Your Plan

Glossary (Over 525 terms)

Recommended Study Course


Media Research
• Library Books
• Thumbnail Media Planner
• The Radio Book
• Parrot Communications
• Bacon’s Media Directories
• Media Market Guide/Sqad
• Marketer’s Guide To Media
• Precision Trak - Radio Datatrak
• TV Datatrak
• M Street Directory
• Rentrak
• Arbitron
• The Diary keeping System
• Portable People Meter
• e-Books/Software
• Ethnic Data
• Nielsen Media Research
• STAR Reports
• Snapshots/Media Framework iv
• Websites for General Reference

Media Software - The Media Director Series

• General - A New Model
• National Research
•     Defining Quality in Research by Anne Marie
         Kelly of MRI High Resolution Research
         Designing a Reliable Sample
         Generating the Optimal Response Rate
         Choosing the Right Mode of Interviewing
         Interviewer Training
         Crafting an Effective Questionnaire
         Processing and Refining the Raw Data
• National Research — Part II Table of Contents
•     AAAA
•     AAF
•     Ad Brands
•     Ad Facts
•     Ad Forum
•     AIG
•     AMA
•     ARF
•     Bacon’s
•     CARF
•     Census
•     CIA
•     Cision
•     Competitrack
•     EACA
•     Esomar
•     Euromonitor
•     Experian/Simmons (SMRB)
•     Find SVP - Now Guidelines
•     FIPP
•     Gallup & Robinson
•     GreenBook
•     Harris Interactive
•     Harvey Research
•     History of Advertising Trust
•     INMA
•     Inside Radio
•     IPA
•     Journal of Interactive Advertising
•     Kantar
•     Leigh Stowell
•     Marketer’s Guide to Research
•     MRI
•     MRS
•     Opinion Research
•     POPAI
•     Precision Trak
•     RAB
•     Readex
•     Red Books
•     SQAD
•     Starch
•     WARC

Market-by-Market Research
• Scarborough
• Media Audit
• Arbitron/Nielsen/Rentrak
• Snapshots - Media Framework


Research From Individual Publications

Final Note About Research

Business Journals

Recommended Study Course





Radio's Purpose
• Who Radio is Designed To Reach
• Each Station's Best Demo
• "Radio" is now "Audio"
• Radio's Effectiveness
• Radio's Dominance
• Media Kits vs. Overviews
• Eaxmple of Radio Station Website
• Avail Request
• Types of Commercial Stopsets
• Coverage Map
• Organizing The Market
• Multi-Station Composition Report Example
• Multi-Ranker Example
• Hour-by-Hour Example
• Retaining The Listener In A World Of Clutter

Arbitron Has Competition

Reading the Arbitron
• Geographies
• Arbitron's Diary
• Arbitron's PPM (Portable People Meter)
• PPM Data Becomes New Currency
• New Currency Problems
• Understanding PPM Data
• PPM Overview
• Planning and Buying with the PPM
• Arbitron Example - West Palm Beach/Boca Raton
• Arbitron Provides Socioeconomic Data
• Audience Estimates Reliability
• Methodology
• Terms/Sources
• Ratings Distortions
• Free Ratings Data
     Dallas/Ft. Worth
• Eastlan
• M Street Report
• The Radio Book
• Research with Self-Serving Results
• What's Great About e-Book?
• eBook - PPM - Philadelphia

Crunching the Numbers and When to Negotiate/When to Place
• Crunching the Numbers
•When to Negotiate/When to Place
• Radio CPP Analysis
• Exercise
• Radio CPP Analysis
• Radio CPP Analysis Formula
• Radio CPM Analysis
• How to Negotiate With the Rep
• "No" Doesn't Always Mean "No"
• Great Negotiations Are Win! Win! Win!
• How Radio Reps Work With Media Buyers - RAB
• Station Selection
• Cost Efficiencies
• Quarterly Fluctuations
• Radio Stations who Skew Numbers

• Format Descriptions


Media Market Guide/Sqad
• Examples
• Methodology

Marketer's Guide to Media

TAP Plans



4-Book Averaging

Radio vs. Newspaper


3 Key Elements-Reach/Frequency/Continuity
• Ebbinghans Curve of Forgetfulness
• 3 Frequency Research
• Two Kinds of Frequency
• Number of Spots Aired
• Scheduled Compression
• Unethical Sales Practices
• Ad Wearout

Tapscan/Media Audit
• Median Audit Pie Chart
• Topscan Rank Report Examples
• Baltimore PPM Presentation
• PPM Rankers
• Hour-by-Hour Report
• Schedule Analysis
• PPM Schedule Analysis
• Importance Of More Than One Demo
• Primary/Secondary Radio Matrix

• Formats
• Frequency
• Dayparts
• Broad Rotators
• Remotes
• TRPs
• Quality of the Buy

Radio Selling and Buying - Perceptions/Reality/Recommendation
• ROS/Broad Rotators
• Radio Posting
• Determining CPPs By Market, By Daypart, By Quarter
• Radio Dayparts
• Local vs. National Rates
• Stations Forcing A Combination Buy
• CPPs

Station Declaration To An Advertiser
Spot Lengths
• :60 vs. :30
• How Much Is A :30 Radio Spot Worth?
• A Quote From "Media Malpractice" by Erwin Ephron
• Adlets (:05s) and Blinks (:01s/:02s)
• "Island Positions" in Radio?
Radio Station "Service Fees???"
Compare Apples To Apples, Oranges To Oranges
Media Proposals
• What a Media Buyer Looks for in a Proposal from a Radio Sales Rep
• Nicely Done One-Sheet
• Most Amazing 3-Sheeter
• Nicely Done Buyer's Guide
• One Rep

The History of Radio
The Differences Between AM & FM Stations
About Networks
• Westwood One – Metro Networks (Traffic)
• Broadcaster Traffic Consortium – Auto Traffic Net
• About Statewide Networks
• Sports Networks
• Ethnic Networks – Hispanic Communications Network

Bid 4 Spots Online Radio Auction

Recommended Study Course


"Per Inquiry" Radio Advertising

Direct Response Radio Advertising

Value-Added Merchandising

"Per Inquiry" Radio Advertising

• Blank CPP Analysis Form
• Time Orders
• Broadcast Calendar "Final Sunday Billing"
• Radio Weekly Summary Sheet
• Radio Schedule Market Summary
• Makegood Sheets
• Traffic Instructions
• RAB Radio Reach & Frequency By Hand - Step-by-Step

What's New
• HD/Digital
• New Format
• Syndication
• Pay-Per-Call Radio Ads
• Green Stations
• Radio Stations with No Ads – Just Sponsorships
• Adlets and Blinks
• FCC Investigating Arbitron's PPM on Urban Stations
• Clear Channel News
• Internet Displaces Radio as 4th Biggest Ad Medium
• Good Ad Mix
• ESPN News
• Google Update
• Radio Becoming "Audio?"
• eBay Selling Radio Time
• Clear Channel and Mobile Programming
• Podcasts Luring Big Advertisers
• Google and the selling of Radio Air Time

• What Is a "Post?"
• Why Is a "Post" Necessary?
• Posting Methodology #1 - Hour-by-hour Arbitron
• Posting Methodology #2 - Careful Scrutinization
• Time Order/Invoice Affidavit Faux Example
• Real Time Order/Corresponding Invoice/Affidavit Horror Story
• Tracking Report
• Blank Perfect Radio Invoice/Affidavit
• Hour-by-Hour Posting Form

Radio Satellite Services
• Satellite Radio Growth & Merger
• High Definition Radio Growth
• VMS and Media Monitors Join Forces
• AOL and Universal and Warner
• Satellite Radio Demand
• HD Radio

Recommended Study Course


• Streaming Media
• Webcasting
• The Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms – Arbitron

Online Radio Proposal

Arbitron Explanations/Formulas/Definitions

Media Buying Academy One-Sheets


Please note, this course requires a separate registration.

The Information Superhighway
• General
• e-Gadgets and e-Gizmos

What Is The Internet?
• A Brief History
• The Ugly Side of the Internet
     Invisible Ad Units
     Fraudulent Clicks
     Rogue Insertion Orders
• Internet Levels of Service
• Automated Media Buying Platforms
• What is the Purpose of Online Advertising?
• Search Advertising's Purpose

How Does it Work?

Where is it Heading?
• General
• Projected Spending

What Makes a Good Online Media Buyer?

Bluetooth Technology

Terminology - Over 625 Important Terms

Online vs. Offline
• What is Online Advertising?
• How Does it Compare to Traditional Advertising?

Types of Ads
• Key Word Buys
• e-Mail Sponsorships
• Banner Adds
• Video Ads
• Place-Based Video
• Out-of-Home Video
• IPTV - Internet Protocol Television
• B2B
• Mobile Ads
• SMS Text Messaging
• In-Game Ads
• Local Ads
• Classified Ads
• Wi-Fi
• Social Media
• Blogs
• Word-of-Mouth
• Podcasts & Webisodes

Putting the Plan Together
• General
• Setting Goals
• Looking for Reach & Frequency
• Reach & Frequency Tips
• Determining the Target Audience
• Targeting the Right Success Metrics
• The Right Creative
• Targeting the Right Websites
• Behavioral Targeting
• Behavioral Targeting Tips
• Contextual Targeting
• Website Selection
•Website Buy Checklist

•A Study on Superstitials
•Top Ad Sizes for the Sports Category
•Nielsen//NetRatings Reports
•Other Nielsen Ventures
•Sqad's WebCosts
•Media Audit and Ipsos
•Media Planning Research Companies
•GRPs Online

How to Buy - Negotiating
•Ask for a Test
•The Main Key
•Insertion Order Example
•RFP Example
•RFP Cover Letter
•Internet Advertising Proposal Examples


Ad Sizes

International/Regional Internet
•Ad Words/Google
•MSN Advertising

Ad Auctions and Exchanges

Search Engine Optimization

Response Rates

Content Flexibility

•What Should be Tracked
•What Methods are Used

Web Analytics
•Web Metrics and Analytics Sites
•Visual Analytics
•Web analytics Tips
•Five Levels of Website Analytics

Competitive Spending/ROI

Ad Management

Cross Platform/Integration


Reach/Frequency Formula

Interactive Advertising Bureau




• The Purpose of Spot Television
  • What is the Future of Television?
  • Nielsen Television facts
  • Spot Television — General
    • Separation Between Spot TV and Cable TV
    • Notes on CW and MyNetTV
  • Some Concerns of Spot TV
    • Share of Network Viewing
    • Zipping and Zapping
    • Clutter
    • Competitive Separation
    • Canceling TV Altogether
    • Ratings Guarantees
    • TiVo and Products of that Lik
    • Reliability of Nielsen’s Numbers
    • Ratings Not Going Up
    • Prime Time Shows 
    • Stations Refusing to Notarize Affidavits
    • TV Stations and Rep Firms
    • Faux Newscasts
    • The Difficulty of Buying Television
    • Commercial Overload
    • Avoiding Station Confirmations
    • Beware of Station Credit Apps
    • Embarrassing/Tacky Environments
  • The Best Way to Plan for a TV Buy
  • What the Nielsen Numbers Mean

• MediaPost Directories
• Nielsen
  • Nielsen’s Problems
  • About Nielsen Media Research
  • The Marketplace
  • How the Data Are Collected
  • Local Measurement
  • How the Data Are Processed
  • Sampling
  • Methodology
  • Ethnic Measurements
  • Nielsen Ratings — General Information
    • Broadcast Networks
    • Cable Networks
  • Reading the Nielsen

• Local People Meters
• Quarterly Fluctuations
  • Cost Differentials
  • Viewing Levels
• Media Market Guide/Sqad Comparison
• CPPs
  • CPMs
  • How to Establish Market CPPs
  • How to Establish Quarterly Budgets
  • Flighting
  • Clutter
  • Beating Media Market Guide/Sqad
• Avails - Adjusting the Nielsen Books - Crunching the Numbers
  • Avail Request
  • Buyers Beware of Asterisks
  • Adjusting the Books
  • Crunching the Numbers for 2nd Qtr. Buy
  • Using Nielsen Numbers in LPM Markets

• Recommended Study Course

• Test
• Television Logistics
  • Television Dayparts
  • Spot Lengths
    • Network Promos
    • VOD Ads
    • Single-Sponsor TV Shows
    • Statistics
    • Super Bowl Facts
  • Media Malpractice by Erwin Ephron
  • Television Frequency — The Rule of Three
  • The Recency Theory
  • When the Agency Needs a Copy of the Client’s Competitor’s Spot

 • Syndication
  • What is advertiser-Supported Syndication?
  • Difference Between Network/Syndication/Advertiser Supported Syndication?
  • How is Syndication Measured?
  • Syndication History
  • Popular Programming
  • The Future of Syndication

• Product Placement — Stealth Advertising
• General
• Tracking and Measuring
• Examples
• Biggest Product Placement Yet
• The Watchdog
• Product Placement Spending
• Not all Product Placement is Equal
• The Bottom Line
• Where Product Placement Works Best
• Television Philosophies
  • The Difference Between “TV” and “Cable”
  • GRPs / TRPs
  • Cost-Efficiencies
  • Frequency
  • CPP Tool — MMG/Sqad
  • Station “Packages”
  • Nielsen Books
  • Viewers Watch by Program
  • Television Networks
  • Letter to TV Stations to Revamp Agency Policies
  • Ethnic Groups

• Do Not Overlook Ethnic Groups

• Recommended Study Course

• Test

• Exercise — A Mock Television Buy
  • Step #1
  • Step #2
  • Step #3
  • Negotiations
  • Help! I'm Getting Bumped All Over the Place!
  • First Ad Gets More Eyeballs
  • More on Negotiations
  • Step #4
  • Qualitative
  • Step #5

• Forms
  • TV Availabilities Worksheet
  • Television Time Order
  • Television Weekly Summary Sheet
  • Television Schedule Market Summary
  • Traffic Instructions
  • Makegoods
  • Broadcast Calendar— “Final Sunday Billing”
• Audience Distribution in Hyphenated Markets
• Reach and Frequency By Hand
  • Too High Frequency Levels - Results
  • Too Loud Commercials - Results

• Recommended Study Course

• Test

• Product Placement
  • General
  • Tracking Product Placement
  • The Biggest Product Placement Ever
  • The Watchdog
  • Product Placement Spending
  • Not All Product Placement is Equal
  • The Bottom Line
  • Where Product Placement Works Best
  • What's Going on With Product Placement?

• Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

• Out-of-Home Television
  • Arbitron Bar Media Report
  • Arbitron Airport Television Study

 • Value-Added
  • Bonus Spot
  • Other Value-Added
  • Good Examples of Value-Added
• Posting (Post Analyses)
  • General
  • Paying the Station
  • Books to Post From
  • Computerized Posts
  • Posting by Hand
  • Posting Range
  • Makegoods for Poor Posts
  • Summation
  • Posting Forms
  • National TV Posts Anaylsis
• Digital TV/High Definition TV
  • Glossary
  • General
  • How HDTV Will be Different
• DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) TiVo
  • General
  • TV Ratings System
• Online TV
• Long-Form Commercials “Infomercials” — Direct Response Commercials
  • Glossary
  • General
  • What it Costs to Produce Infomercials
  • The Agreement
  • Infomercials
  • Important Direct Response TV Facts
  • Top Long Form Categories
  • What is Direct Response TV?
  • Testing
  • Reasons for Using Long Form
  • Infomercial Formats
  • Price Points
  • Be Prepared to Fill Orders
  • Dayparts for DRTV
  • NIMA
  • Product Information Network
  • Greensheet Direct Response TV Monitoring
  • Helpful Companies

• Recommended Study Course

• Test

• Spot Cable TV
  • General
  • Clutter
  • Penetration/Subscribers/Circulation/Actual Viewers
  • Similarities Between Cable TV and Radio
  • Dayparts
  • Cable Profile of the Market
• Cable TV Glossary
• Cable TV Networks - Profiles
• Cable Companies and Interconnects
  • Thompson-Everett Information
  • Bid4Spots
• When is Cable TV Effective and When is it Not?
  • Target Demo
  • Specific Geography
  • When Frequency is Important
  • Buying Cable TV in Tonnage
  • Need to Reach the Emotional Side
  • Value-Added
• How to Buy Cable Television
  • Two Ways to Buy Cable TV
  • Determining the Geography
  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four
  • Step Five
• Satellite TV

• Recommended Study Course

• Test


• General
• Newspaper History
• Newspaper Websites
• Who Reads Newspapers?
• Who Reads Alternative Newspapers?
• Illiteracy
• How Long Is Spent On An Ad/A Page?
• Newspaper’s Purpose
• No Shelf Life
• Tangible
• Flexible Ad Sizes
• Targetability
• Media Kits
• Newspaper Lists

Reading A Newspaper Rate Card

Newspaper Rate Card
• Repeat Ad Discount
• Full Page Discount
• Multi-page Discount
• Shortrates and Rebates
• Pay-for-Performance
• Publisher’s Rights
• Returning Illustrations
• Premium Positions
• Advertorials
• Publisher Not Responsible For Errors
• Newspaper Ad Notes
• Credit
• Rate Protection
• Advertiser/Agency Sign Contract
• Contract Years
• Non-published Rates
• Multi-Discounts
• Rates on the Rate Card
• Local/Retail/National
• Classified/Classified Display

Newspaper Logistics
• Positioning
• Ad Sizes
• Color or Not?
• Making Sure The Insertion Order Is Right
• Clutter
• Powerful Words For Newspaper Ads
• Newspapers - Do They Deal?
• Never Let Them Know You Need Them
• Value+Added
• Frequency/Reach
• Circulation/Readership
• Readers Per Copy
     NAA Newspaper Section Readership
     Audit Bureau of Circulations Services
     Sample Audit Report
• Newspapers must Reinvent
     Newspaper Online Revenue
     Newspaper Online Users
     Google Selling Newspaper Ads
• Hispanic Newspapers
• CPMs
     Daily Readership Study
     Sunday Readership Study
     Reader Profile - Monday - Saturday
     Reader Profile - Sunday
• Paid Advertising Vs. Editorial Support
• Morning/Evening Combos
• Differences Between Dailies and Weeklies
• Paid vs. Non-paid
• Newspaper Reach & Frequency Formula
• Reach
• Frequency
• Effective Reach/Effective Frequency
• Gross Rating Points
• Electronic Tearsheets
• Auctions

Alternative Weekly Newspapers
• The CVC - Circulation Verification Council
• Sample Audit
• CVC Sample Supplemental Readership Study

Miscellaneous Newspaper
• City Business Journals
• ”Parade” - Type Sunday Supplements
• Helpful Newspaper Companies
• Yahoo! Booking Local Ads Online
• Recommended Study Course
• Newspaper Test

• Purpose
• Benefits
• Length of Contract
• Poster Panels/Junior Panels/Wild Postings
• Typical Showing Maps
• Wild Postings
• The Cube
• Bulletins
• Location Lists
• Tri-Waves
• Digital/Full Motion Video
• Talking Billboards
• Wall Murals
• Illuminated vs. Non-Illuminated Boards/Media Kit
• Billboards That Look Back
• Outdoor Heavy Users
• Riding the Boards/Board Selection
• DEC Counts
• Other Outdoor Measuring Technology
• Negotiating Outdoor
• Outdoor Rate Quotes - Gross or Net?
• GRPs - Are They Misleading In Outdoor?
• Effective Colors - Non-Effective Colors
• Typeface
• Number of Words of Acceptable Copy
• Value+Added
• Snipes
• Extensions
• Use of Mannequins
• Flagging
• Teasers
• Buying Less Than Monthly Showings
• Flash Showings
• Outdoor Growth, Globally
• Outdoor Reach and Frequency
• Outdoor Math Formulas
• How Plant Operators Estimate DEC Counts
• A Little Outdoor History
• Proof of Performance
• Commuters
• Outdoor Contracts/Insertion Order Samples
• Miscellaneous From the OAAA
• Interactive Out-of-Home Media Guide
• Arbitron Digital Billboard Report: Cleveland

• General/Buses
     Where To Advertise On/With Buses, Subways, Airports and Train Stations
     Inside Buses
     Exterior Buses
     Bus Tops
     Wrapping The Bus
     Street Furniture/Shelters
     Kiosks, Airport/Subway/Train Station Posters
     Wrap the Train Car or Skin the Plane
     Mobile 18-Wheeler Boards
     Taxicab Advertising
     Transit TV Inside Buses
     School Buses
     Skinning the Plane
     Blimp Advertising
     Street Banners/Mall Banners/Aerial Banners
• Negotiating Transit
     Bonus Buses or Bonus Boards
     Rate Card Samples
     Example of #25 Showing - Salt Lake City/Ogden/Provo, UT

Theater/Cinema Advertising
• Purpose
• Benefits
• General Logistics
• Theater Resentment
• Movie Theater Research
• Cinema Ratings
• Cinema Demographics
• Rates
• Production
• Cinema Advertising Council
• Helpful Hints
• Helpful Companies
• Hottest Categories Using Cinema
• Movie Trailers
• A Brief Cinema Advertising History
• Proof of Performance
• Growth
• Movie Facts
• Ad Spending

Alternative Media
• General
• Nielsen Measuring In-Stadium Ads
• Airport Media Kit
• Fair Grounds
• Miscellaneous Alternative Media Articles
• Recommended Study Course
• Test

Consumer Magazines
• Purpose
• Benefits
• What to Ask For In a Media Kit
• MediaPost Directories
• Narrowly Defining the Target Demo
• Competitive Analysis
• Cost-Efficiencies
• Changes in the Magazine World
• Regional Magazines
• Frequency
• Planning
• Proof of Performance
• Audit Bureau of Circulations
• Paid vs. Non-paid
• Negotiating From the Rate Card
• Wireless Magazine Sites
• MRI - Mediamark Research, Inc.
• Reader Profiles
• Product Placement
• B/W or Color?
• Magazine Problems
• Advertiser Perceptions, Inc.
• Circulations
• Editorial Environment
• Magazine Terms and Conditions
• Frequency Discounts
• Number of Exposures
• Value+Added
• Media Networks, Inc.
• Ad Ink/Mediamax
• Supplemental Data Reports
• Insertion Order

Trade Publications
• Purpose
• General
• MediaPost Directories
• Paid Subscribers vs. Qualified Subscribers
• Audits
• Negotiating Business-to-Business
• Research
• Positioning
• Proof of Performance
• Frequency
• Digital Circulation
• Third Party Subscriptions
• Value+Added
• Paul Beatty Newsletters on B2B
• Recommended Study Course
• Test

Media Planning and Buying Software

Media Planning Tips
• 9 Questions Media Buyers Need Answers To
• The Thought Process Buyers Go Through
• How Many Messages Per Day?
• What Goes Into A Media Plan
• Flow Charts
• Competitive Spending
• Advertising To Sales Ratios
• Scientific Principles of Media Planning
• Media Planning Checklist
• Educating the Client
• Ethnic Groups
• Baby Boomers
• Purpose, Strengths & Weaknesses of Each Medium
• Cutting Ad Budgets In a Recession
• Recommended Study Course

Dummy Media Plan - Put It Together - Final Exam

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