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Who should attend Coaching, Mentoring and Leading Your Team to Success
Individuals who have found themselves in a leadership role either by chance or through hard work and who want to excel in leadership.
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Coaching, Mentoring and Leading Your Team to Success  

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Individuals who have found themselves in a leadership role either by chance or through hard work and who want to excel in leadership.


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Seminar Summary:

One of the most highly respected leadership trainers in America, Joe Gilliam is a larger than-life personality who pulls no punches with his no-nonsense approach to leadership. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description:

You’d like to be a successful leader, right? Of course you would, or you wouldn’t be reading this brochure. Still, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I make sure I’m as effective as I can be? How do I get results when the role of leader keeps changing?”

Your job IS changing all the time. It’s a sign of the times: There’s more to be done and fewer employees on your staff to get things done; employees change jobs more frequently, leaving you in constant retraining mode; your staff feels frazzled by the hectic pace; the talent pool for the skills you need seems to be more shallow than ever before; and you’re wondering how to clear all these leadership hurdles to get the results you need.

STEP #1: Attend this workshop — because the best step you can make today to be a more effective leader from now on is to build your coaching and mentoring skills!

The keys to leadership effectiveness today: coaching and mentoring
The old rules of management and supervision simply don’t work with today’s complex workforce. That’s why the most effective leaders in America now rely on the power of coaching and mentoring to lead their teams to success. Our skill-packed, one-day workshop, Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills, is guaranteed to build your know-how in these all-important leadership skills — and to help you be a more effective leader, starting immediately.

Coach your way to phenomenal team results
You need expert coaching techniques to ensure your team members know their positions, fully devote their talents to the task at hand and support their teammates — pulling together to meet even the toughest goals. Through effective coaching, you’ll build loyalty and trust by making every team member feel valued and appreciated. And you’ll know exactly how to coach your underperformers, inspiring them to become strong contributors.

Take your employees’ skills to the next level through mentoring
Effective mentoring is also vital to your leadership success, and you’re guaranteed to learn it here. It’s through mentoring that your most valued employees can realize their full potential and take their skills to the next level. Great talent is hard to find and harder to keep — and mentoring improves employee retention, becuase individuals who are growing and developing on the job are less likely to leave.

Get solutions to your toughest leadership problems
Essential Coaching and Mentoring Skills is the ultimate one-day workshop on this cutting-edge leadership topic. You’ll gain tools, techniques and strategies guaranteed to solve tough problems like how to get employees to take the initiative, how to motivate team members to achieve even more, how to keep staffers’ personal problems from affecting work, and more. In short, you’ll learn how to build a rock-solid team of winners!

Serious about leadership success? Don’t miss this opportunity ...
If being a highly successful leader is important to you, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to learn expert coaching and mentoring techniques. This intensive workshop is the fastest, easiest way possible to master these crucial, career-boosting skills — and to supercharge your team’s performance.

Take the first step toward greater leadership effectiveness by enrolling in this program today. This is a highly in-demand workshop, so register now while seats are still available.

What You'll Learn:

Solve real-world problems you face every day as a leader. The practical coaching and mentoring techniques you’ll master will immediately improve your effectiveness in dealing with recurring issues like tardiness, personal problems affecting work, absenteeism, excuses, burnout and so much more. Using the easy-to-apply methods you’ll learn, you’ll put an end to nagging problems that have robbed you of valuable time and energy. Build on your unique leadership style for greater effectiveness. No one is going to ask you to take on leadership traits that are contrary to your character. But, you will learn how to make the most of your leadership style ... including tapping fully into your strengths and learning how to negotiate your weaknesses. You’ll also learn how your style of leadership affects your team — and how you can adapt your approach for better results. Mentor employees to grow their skills to the next level. One of the most perplexing jobs leaders face is getting team members with potential to take their skills to the next level. The secret to developing employees is mentoring, which is why you’ll learn essential how-to’s for becoming a strong mentor, plus tips for avoiding common mentoring pitfalls. Help your people take more initiative, plan for their development — and watch them grow!

Coach a team of motivated, productive winners. With the expert coaching tools and how-to’s you’ll gain, you’ll inspire your team to strive for excellence, not settle for mediocrity. What’s more, you’ll motivate them to peak performance — even if you’ve got no money to spend. You’ll know the secret to making people feel valued and appreciated, which will help you build a loyal team of winners who’ll give you their all.

Create a high-energy team environment where cooperation flourishes. Say goodbye to so-so teamwork and flagging morale! The coaching and mentoring skills you’ll learn will help you establish a high-energy, super-positive environment that fosters teamwork and is focused on results. You’ll know how to build trust, improve cooperation and keep your team on track and pulling together — despite distractions and chaos in the workplace.

Boost performance through effective feedback. Effective feedback is the foundation of successful coaching and mentoring. That’s why you’ll learn an easy, step-by-step method for providing feedback to team members in a way that results in positive behavior change and growth, rather than anger and resentment. You’ll also learn how to vastly increase your leadership effectiveness by improving your listening skills.

Become a confident, effective leader who earns respect. Thanks to this intensive workshop, you’ll understand what it takes to lead your team to achieve extraordinary success, and you’ll possess the coaching and mentoring skills you need to get the job done. Soon, you’ll be known as a highly respected leader who inspires effective teamwork, motivates employees to peak performance — and gets exceptional, bottom-line results.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and supervisors at all levels
Team leaders
Business owners
Anyone in a position of authority who wants to get better leadership results

Workshop Agenda:

Essential Skills for Effective Leaders

Critical qualities all successful leaders must possess
Your unique leadership style: Recognizing your strengths and limitations
Understanding the crucial differences between managing and leading
The secret to making your employees feel valued by you and the organization

Coaching Employees to Peak Performance

Keys to effective coaching
How-to’s for establishing a more positive, energized work environment
Different coaching approaches for different employees
Better-than-money motivation techniques every leader should know
Using the “Plan of Action” chart to keep individuals focused on the task at hand

How to Coach Underachievers to Success

Recognizing the reasons for employee mistakes and frustration
How-to’s for handling the most common employee problems
Steps for discussing performance issues effectively in a face-to-face meeting
Understanding your role when an employee brings personal problems to work
Holding employees accountable — the bottom line in dealing with underachievers

Mentoring Team Members to Take Their Skills to the Next Level

Why the best leaders are also strong mentors
Essential how-to’s for successful mentoring
Common mentoring mistakes and how to avoid them
Empowering employees to tap their personal strengths to exceed your expectations
How to plan for each employee’s continuous development

Communication Techniques Every Leader Must Master

How to give clear, precise instructions that can’t be misunderstood
Steps to providing feedback that results in positive change rather than anger and defensiveness
Improving your listening skills — and doubling your effectiveness
What-to-say-when tips for lessening — or even preventing — verbal attacks
Strategies for keeping the lines of communication open

Using Coaching and Mentoring to Create a Stronger, More Effective Team

Techniques for building trust and mutual respect
Power tips for boosting cooperation and teamwork
How to keep your team up and energized under pressure, crisis and change
4 ways to overcome the “inherited employee” syndrome
Spotting employee burnout before it’s too late — and how to help

Seminar Summary:

One of the most highly respected leadership trainers in America, Joe Gilliam is a larger than-life personality who pulls no punches with his no-nonsense approach to leadership. (see full course description)

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