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Microsoft® PowerPoint®  

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Anyone who must use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations


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Seminar Summary:

Master the tools and techniques that will give your presentations the impact, flair and drama people respond to and remember (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How to Create Professional PowerPoint Presentations

Covers Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and all previous versions

Today's audiences expect more from you than polished speaking, a few overheads and a good message. This one-day training acquaints you with all that PowerPoint can do - and shows you how to put it to work on your presentations with the least effort and in the shortest possible time.

Learn PowerPoint skills guaranteed to keep your audience thoroughly engaged in your presentation and riveted to your message. Presentations are precious opportunities. They're your "day in the sun" to sell, persuade, inform, educate, attract, and entertain. If you muff a presentation, you seldom get a second chance to do it over.

Amateur presenters make the mistake of thinking that the more multimedia wizardry they can put in their dog-and-pony shows, the more effective they are. Not true. No amount of technological pyrotechnics can make up for poor organization or weak delivery skills.

This course shows you how to use the incredible capabilities of PowerPoint to put together presentations that are...

    * Well-constructed
    * Engaging and entertaining
    * Pleasing to the eye
    * Properly paced
    * And unmistakably clear in their message.

Seminar Overview

* The hardware and software you'll need for creating and delivering every type of presentation
* Elements of a professional PowerPoint presentation - text, tables, charts, clip art, photos, movies, sound
* Step-by-step guidance for creating a PowerPoint presentation from beginning to end
* Quick ways to tweak, customize and put your own stamp on presentations
* Using animation and multimedia to get your audience involved
* Creating "flow" through transitions that hold viewers' attention
* Selecting the right format, style and "language to reach your audience
* How to give continuity to your slides by using the Master's background, styles and color scheme
* Valuable time-savers to help you rearrange text, topics, titles or bullet points
* Tips for using effects, fonts and high-impact graphics
* How to create speaker notes, meeting notes and audience handouts
* Integrating PowerPoint with Word, FrontPage, Excel and Outlook
* Adding to, deleting from and modifying your built-in ClipArt library
* Understanding output options - printed, on screen and over the Internet or an intranet
* Creating a "looping show" for pre-shows, breaks, exit shows and kiosks
* Controlling navigation with interaction objects and hyperlinks
* How to insert comments into your presentations
* "Action items" - how to use them to compel meeting members to act on your message

* Note: This is not a hands-on workshop. Instead, you'll learn via "computer-less" training that makes every moment count.

CLASS TIME: Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Master the tools and techniques that will give your presentations the impact, flair and drama people respond to and remember (see full course description)

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