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A Crash Course for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor  

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New Supervisors or Managers


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Seminar Summary:

Effectively communicate, delegate, and manage priorities to achieve management success (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

A Crash Course for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor (formerly Essential Skills for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor) - Management / Supervisor Training Seminar

You earned your new supervisor position … this training will help you make the most of it!

In your previous position, you did a great job. Yet, you're smart enough to know the skills that made you a great team player won't necessarily make you a great supervisor. For any new supervisor, training is key to success in this role.

  • It's not enough to follow directions … now you must give directions about what gets done, when, and by whom.
  • It's not enough that your projects are accurate and on time … you have to help others keep their projects on track, and see that everyone works together.
  • It's not enough to focus only on your department … suddenly you're a member of the management team. Your new peers will expect you to have a broader perspective, including other departments.
  • It's not enough to keep yourself motivated … you have to be a coach, cheerleader, and "strong shoulder" to people who have bad days, conflicts with each other, and other demands that you might not be able to satisfy.

Make your move into your new supervisor position smoother and more successful. Attend this one-day training seminar and gain all the skills and insights you need to lead with confidence and conviction, including:

  • How to start producing results right away
  • Ways to avoid the problems that sabotage many new supervisors
  • How to get the unvarnished truth about a new employee's position and performance
  • What it takes to get productivity from people who aren't used to you being "the boss"
  • How to size up your supervisor — so you can give better support and get more backing in return
  • How to increase your visibility and earn the respect your position deserves

Who will benefit most from this training?

  • New supervisors and managers with less than one year of experience
  • Aspiring and soon-to-be-promoted supervisors
  • Experienced supervisors with little or no formal supervisor training


Essential Skills for the New Manager or Supervisor — Seminar Overview

Learn to take charge of your new supervisor position

  • The first (and most serious) temptation the new supervisor faces — and how to resist it
  • Self-learning goals that will get you up to speed fast
  • What your supervisor wants (and doesn't want) from you in 6 key areas
  • Important questions to ask during the first week at your new job
  • The paperwork mountain: a 2-step process to make sure you never miss a "must read" document
  • How to get off to a good start — 7 specific guidelines that will help you earn respect right away
  • Tips for supervising former peers — and current friends

Find out how to achieve results fast

  • 6 ways to achieve personal excellence as a leader
  • Bureaucracy basher, expediter — and 5 more hats you'll wear as a new supervisor
  • 4 necessary steps that will minimize your staff members' resistance to change and motivate them to do more
  • Leadership errors: how to recover when you make a mistake
  • How to quickly assess …
  •     your people … so you can minimize their weaknesses and maximize their strengths
  •     your team … so you can adopt the appropriate leadership style

Discover ways to develop your employees

  • What you should delegate — and what you must not
  • How to delegate work and ensure it's done right — without meddling
  • The delegation traps every new supervisor must learn to avoid
  • What motivates employees — according to them (many supervisors have it backward. Do you?)
  • How to help your employees find more meaning in (and better connection to) their work
  • 5 proven motivators and rewards to help your employees succeed
  • The basics of an effective performance evaluation
  • The most common causes of unsatisfactory performance — and how to help your employees overcome them
  • 5 critical factors in administering discipline, so you can correct people without destroying their motivation to change

Build an image of confidence and competence

  • Management communication: skills for projecting authority and getting cooperation from your new staff
  • The 5 most important ways people communicate
  • How to recognize the "red flags" of body language
  • The power of a positive mind-set: where it comes from, how to get it, and how to keep it, no matter what's happening to you
  • The one key quality you can develop that determines your influence with others

Seminar Time:

Seminar Check-In 8:30 AM Seminar Class Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


This course qualifies for the following credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits
CPE: 6 credits

Certificates will be available 10 days after your event has ended.

Seminar Summary:

Effectively communicate, delegate, and manage priorities to achieve management success (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the A Crash Course for the First-Time Manager or Supervisor training seminar

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