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Time Management for the Overwhelmed  

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Seminar Summary:

How to manage your time, stay organized, and get more done (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Time Management for the Overwhelmed

How to manage your time, stay organized, and get more done

If you're like most people, it happens often. Your ambitious plans were sacrificed to …

    •A bottomless in-box
    •The constant stream of minor crises "only you can handle"
    •Endless details, letters, phone calls, and interruptions that leave you wondering, "Will I ever get caught up?

Wonder no more. You can get caught up-and start getting ahead. You and your people will learn and master these essential skills:

    •Setting priorities, so you focus on what's important
    •Controlling your workday, so you move toward your objectives steadily and complete them on time

The payoffs are real and lasting.

    You'll all get more done, and add more value within your organization. You'll feel less stressed and frazzled. And, best of all, you'll be able to get to the high-priority projects you never seem to have time for. It's no secret that successful people are those who have learned to control their days-instead of letting interruptions, paper chases and the phone control them.

This training will help you and your people...

•Identify what's important
•Anticipate problems and prevent bottlenecks
•Spot the hidden shortcuts in every project
•Resolve the conflict when other people's goals compete with yours
•Stop procrastinating — get started and get it done

A study in The Wall Street Journal found:

...that white-collar professionals waste 40 percent of their day on average.

Not because they're lazy. Not because they're unmotivated. But because they were never taught how to manage today's fast pace, constant change and growing workload.

But now, you have the opportunity to do something about it. Discover the best ways for you and your staff to take more control of your jobs-and your lives. Bring this top-rated time-management seminar, Getting It All Done , to your organization. You'll gain the specific skills and ideas that can increase your personal productivity, career potential and peace of mind. Everyone at your organization will benefit.

How is this seminar structured?

It's a carefully designed combination of:

  • Stimulating presentation.
    Your on-site trainer is an expert at translating concepts into easy-to-apply practices. You'll gain realistic solutions to your toughest time-management problems and the enthusiasm to take action immediately.
  • Exercises.
    Individual and small-group exercises teach you about your work style and help you develop new time-management skills. (Don't worry, no one is ever singled out or put on the spot.)
  • Discussion.
    Get your questions answered. Share your point of view. See how other people in your organization are keeping their busy workdays under control. Plus, a customized workbook will help you take home the key ideas of the seminar-without taking pages of notes.

Taking Control of Your Workday Agenda

Getting Organized and Gaining Momentum

    •Common misconceptions about time usage: a revealing exercise
    •Identifying the top 10 "time eaters"
    •The 4 sources of jobs that end up on your to-do list
    •Beyond the to-do list: additional organizational tools to help you create your daily plan
    •The one task to complete first thing in the morning for a blast-off start to your day
    •How to ruthlessly protect and exploit the most productive part of your day
    •Understanding "controllable" vs. "uncontrollable" time so that you can schedule yourself realistically
    •How to use a simple time log to understand your time management challenges

Identifying and Committing to Priorities

    •The half-hour weekly exercise that will keep you on track with your goals (and enable you to see your progress every day)
    •The magic of the 80/20 rule: Do you understand it? Do you use it?
    •Building a Priority Matrix so you don’t waste time on "urgent" but unimportant tasks
    •How to use the power of goal setting in weight control, personal relationships, and money management
    •A 4-part goal-setting format you can use for any type of goal
    •The missing link: connecting your goals to your daily action plan

Maintaining Balance and Control

•How to resist the temptation to do everything yourself
    •Planning your work space to control interruptions
    •Signals that let people know you’re busy
    •5 techniques to shorten unexpected visits
    •How to gain a full hour every day for your high priorities
    •How to train people to phone during your preferred call times
    •Tips for saving time on the phone (one technique will cut a full minute off most calls)
    •An innovative way to sort and attack your paperwork to stay on track during your work week
    •The 30-second way to respond to most business correspondence

Dealing with Meetings, Delegation, and Deadlines

•A 3-step process for handling people who think their priorities are more important than yours
    •5 tips for using "horizontal" delegation
    •Unclogging the bottlenecks that hold up your jobs
    •A classic system of delegation that:

        •Gets people to solve their own problems
        •Gives you more options for the problems you must solve
        •Keeps you and your people growing

    •How to get meetings to start — and end — on time
    •A simple tool that makes your meetings shorter and more productive
    •Procrasti-Killers: powerful techniques to get off dead center on stalled projects

Continuing Education

This event is eligible for the following continuing education credits:

CEU: 0.6 credits
CPE: 6 credits


Training Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Training Seminar Program 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

How to manage your time, stay organized, and get more done (see full course description)

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