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The Criminal Defense Trial From Start to Finish  

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This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is for criminal defense attorneys, general practice and government attorneys, new attorneys, paralegals, police department personnel, federal, state and county courts, probation officers, legal aid officers and judges.


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Seminar Summary:

Develop Your Skills to Achieve Your Goals (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

As you know, the criminal justice system was set up to ensure a fair trial for the defendant in a criminal action. However, to truly provide fair representation, you need an in-depth understanding of the issues and procedures involved. Donít miss this opportunity to sharpen your defense skills and knowledge of trial proceedings from start to finish.

Our experts will take you, step-by-step, through the criminal trial. Learn how to conduct voir dire and evaluate potential jurors. Get the strategies the pros use to prepare and deliver electrifying opening statements and closing arguments. Come away with insight into handling the examination of lay and expert witnesses at trial. Discover how to present evidence for the best results. Youíll also find out how jury instructions can impact the final verdict.

Stay ahead of the curve with these winning techniques!

  • Come away with the secrets of sophisticated jury selection

  • Explore cutting edge strategies to use when developing your defense theory and case theme

  • Find out how you can use your opening statement as a road map for the jury

  • Learn savvy ways to examine lay witnesses and expert witnesses

  • What do you do when an objection is raised? Find out here!

  • Understand what steps you can take if you think your client may be lying

  • Find out how to use drama to effectively illustrate your case

  • Get effective ways to use demonstrative evidence

  • Know why itīs important to set a clear goal for closing


    1. Preparing for Voir Dire

    2. Conducting Voir Dire

    3. Evaluating Potential Jurors

    4. Jury Selection


    1. Developing Your Defense Theory and Case Theme

    2. Simplifying the Theme to Enhance Juror Understanding

    3. Structure - How to Use the Opening Statement as a Road Map for the Jury

    4. Presentation Pointers

      1. Clarity

      2. The Danger in Overstating Your Case

      3. How to Personalize the Client

    5. Use of Exhibits


    1. Direct and Cross-Examination of Lay Witnesses

    2. Direct and Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses

    3. Handling Objections During Direct and Cross-Examination


    1. Avoiding Conflicts in Representation

    2. When You Suspect the Client May Be Lying

    3. Duty to the Client vs. Duty to the Court

    4. Witness Contact


    1. Consistency of Evidence With Theory of Defense

    2. Using Drama Effectively

    3. Organizing the Order of Evidence

    4. Using Demonstrative Evidence


    1. Setting a Clear Goal for Closing

    2. Choosing an Appropriate Tone and Style

    3. Using Graphics to Help the Jury Understand Your Theme

    4. Structuring the Flow

    5. Effective Presentation Tactics


    1. Jury Instructions

    2. The Verdict

Seminar Summary:

Develop Your Skills to Achieve Your Goals (see full course description)

print this agenda print agenda for the The Criminal Defense Trial From Start to Finish training seminar

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