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Essentials of Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager  

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CFO, Senior management, Financial Decision makers


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Seminar Summary:

Master the must-know fundamentals of finance and accounting in this intensive course developed exclusively for senior nonfinancial managers.  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description Master the “numbers” that drive your success As a key decision-maker in your organization, you make dozens of critical decisions that impact the company’s bottom line. Finely tuned as your business instincts no doubt are, you simply can’t afford to trust instincts alone. You need a strong command of accounting concepts and financial tools. A financial course designed for senior-level executives Essentials of Finance & Accounting for the Nonfinancial Manager has been developed exclusively for senior managers like you: professionals who’ve risen in their organizations to the point where understanding the fundamentals of finance and accounting is no longer an option, but a “must.”

Master financial tools and key accounting principles In two intensive days, you’ll gain invaluable training as you master finance and accounting principles through practical exercises, case studies and group discussion. You’ll find out how to read, analyze, and use financial information strategically and accurately, and discover how to implement key financial concepts and tools to strengthen not only your management decisions – but your organization, as well.

Learn with other influential leaders across all disciplines. The crucial decisions you make have far-reaching consequences that directly impact your organization’s success. That’s why, if you’re a senior-level, non financial decision-maker, this training is absolutely essential for you. Expect to be among an exclusive group of professionals like yourself – other highly respected leaders who recognize the importance of attaining a greater functional understanding of finance and accounting. Make stronger, more strategic decisions that grow your organization. Master the numbers that drive your organization, and you’ll become a stronger, more influential decision-maker within your company – immediately. Don’t wait any longer to expand your executive skills by becoming fluent in the universal language of business. Invest two days, and you’ll gain financial knowledge and accounting principles you’ll rely on for years to come as you grow your organization’s success.

Attend this intensive course and you’ll learn how to
First, you’ll gain all the information you need to perform at a new level of financial confidence ... boiled down into a mere two days packed with invaluable “how to” techniques, clear language, and practical concepts that are easy to grasp. You’ll digest a volume of information in a short amount of time. Second, you’ll get to practice your new accounting and finance skills in interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions where the information you learn will “gel.” Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to speak one on one with your expert trainer about questions you’ve always wanted answers to ... and get solid answers that’ll clear things up once and for all. Third, you’ll learn shoulder-to-shoulder with other business leaders in your shoes ... leaders who take their organizational roles seriously and who understand how important financial expertise is to their ongoing success. Like your fellow participants, you’ll return to your office with a significant career edge that few others in your organization (or in the work world as a whole, for that matter) possess. So, say YES to investing two days in a proven program that could very well be a critical turning point in your career. Reserve your place in this essential workshop today!  

Conference Agenda

 Please bring a calculator to this workshop. You’ll be involved in a variety of exercises in which you will apply what you learn, and a calculator will help you work through these exercises efficiently.

I. Demystifying the Terminology and Speaking Intelligently About Financial Issues

  • Common accounting and finance terms and what they mean – including fixed and variable costs, gross margin, profit and loss, and dozens of others!
  • How to present proposals and recommendations in terms of hard dollars ... and get faster approval Learn the basic accounting equation and how to use it
  • Deciphering the language of finance so you can speak it fluently with anyone

II. Critical Financial Concepts You Must Know

  • The difference between current liabilities, current assets, and equities
  • 5 components of working capital and how critical it is to the day-to-day operation of your organization
  • A simple approach to calculating return on investment (ROI) and determining the true bottom line
  • What goodwill is ... and why some companies don’t like it on their balance sheets
  • Key financial indicators that will tell if your organization is on the right track
  • Tangible and other assets – what the numbers on the balance sheet may be hiding

III. Sharpening Your Decision- Making Skills With Powerful Financial Tools

  • Using break-even analysis, forecasting, and other powerful analysis tools to make more informed decisions
  • 5 ratios that can be early indicators of danger ahead
  • How to use ratios to evaluate an organization’s profitability, liquidity, and leverage
  • How to evaluate the relative degree of risk for a project
  • 5 valuable questions to ask when dealing with a financial problem
  • Critical financial areas that may be out of your control but that you absolutely must understand
  • Which specific numbers to rely on when developing a budget 
  • Calculating ROI for the true “bottom line”

IV. Interpreting Financial Statements Accurately and Insightfully

  • How to read and interpret 3 types of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  • How to examine the P&L statement and tell the costs of goods sold, how revenue is generated, profitability and more
  • Basic steps in preparing a financial statement
  • Types of long-term assets and the role depreciation plays in determining their worth
  • How to scan a financial statement and zero in on the most valuable information

V. “Must-Know” Accounting Basics

  • Accounting for assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses
  • The difference between cash and accrual accounting
  • What every manager must understand about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Debits and credits explained

VI. Planning for Revenues and Growth

  • How to forecast cash flow and use this insight when increasing staff, purchasing, and cutting costs
  • A valuable look at how the accounting cycle works
  • Financial management strategies for companies going through tough times
  • How to recognize cash flow problems before it’s too late

VII. Computer Tools That Make Your Job Easier

  • Valuable tips for setting up your own spreadsh
  • 3 important ways a PC can sharpen your projects and analysis eets
  • An overview of software packages that will make your job much easier


Class Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM;  Check-in first day begins at 8:30 AM

Seminar Summary:

Master the must-know fundamentals of finance and accounting in this intensive course developed exclusively for senior nonfinancial managers.  (see full course description)

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