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Estate Administration Boot Camp  

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This two-day, basic level seminar is designed for: Attorneys, Accountants/CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Certified Financial Planners, Trust Officers/Administrators/Managers, Paralegals


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Seminar Summary:

Everything You Need to Know about Effectively Administering an Estate (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Estate Administration Boot Camp

Everything You Need to Know about Effectively Administering an Estate

Are you fully confident in your knowledge of the latest court and tax rules and the most effective transfer tools to ensure each client's estate is laid to rest according to the decedent's wishes, with minimal tax burden? This comprehensive 2-day instruction will give you all the skills you need to administer estates that include trusts and/or business interests without a hitch. Register today!

  • Don't miss any crucial notice and filing requirements when opening the estate - learn what must be done right away.
  • Get helpful forms and checklists that will help you in administration.
  • Understand how income and estate tax deductions interact and find the most advantageous way to structure the tax returns
  • Learn how to use disclaimers more effectively.
  • Clarify what must be done when the trust becomes irrevocable.
  • Protect your professional reputation with a practical legal ethics guide focused on trusts and estates practice.
  • Prevent mistakes in final petition and ensure each estate is closed quickly and without disputes.


  • Forms of Administration and When They are Used
    9:00 - 9:45, Peggy C. Clarie Senentz
  • First Steps and Notices, Executor Duties, Opening the Estate
    9:45 - 10:30, Peggy C. Clarie Senentz
    • Executor Duties and Powers Prior to and After Qualification
    • Filing the Petition; Notice to Beneficiaries and Heirs
    • Initial Notices to Creditors and State Agencies
    • The Estate Timeline
    • Other Estate Opening Tasks and Procedures
  • Marshalling the Assets
    10:45 - 11:30, Melissa F. Williams
    • Key Assets to Account for
    • Survivorship vs. Beneficiary Designation
    • Helpful Checklists and Sample Forms
    • Valuation Considerations
    • Filing the Inventory and Appraisal with the Court
    • Handling Antiques, Heirlooms and Unusual Items
    • Digital Assets
  • Key Intestacy Laws You Must Know
    11:30 - 12:15, Spiro J. Verras
  • Handling Debts and Claims Against the Estate
    1:15 - 2:15, Rachel L. Drude
    • Secured vs. Unsecured Claims
    • Interest on Claims
    • Debts Left Over from Improperly Executed Joint Tenancies
    • Medicaid Estate Recovery and Other Liens
    • Insolvent Estates
  • Spouse Elective Share and Disclaimers
    2:30 - 3:30, Spiro J. Verras
    • Making the Election
    • Disclaiming an Interest: Who Can Disclaim, Statutory Requirements, Procedure, Consequences
  • Trusts that Affect Estate Administration
    3:30 - 4:30, Daniel Medina
    • When Trusts are Included in the Estate
    • What Must be Done when the Trust Becomes Irrevocable
    • Post-Mortem Trust Funding (Credit Shelter, Marital and Beneficiary Trusts)
    • Designated Beneficiary Trusts


  • Income Tax Returns
    9:00 - 10:00, Keith Durkin
    • Final Individual Income Tax Return - Federal and State
    • Fiduciary Income Tax Return - Federal and State
    • Tax Consequences of Fiduciary Decisions and Actions
    • The Interaction of Tax Deductions between the Estate Tax and fiduciary Income Tax Returns
  • Portability and Estate, Gift, GST Taxes
    10:00 - 11:00, Keith Durkin
    • Determining DSUE and Claiming Portability
    • State and Federal Estate, Gift and GST Taxes - Planning and Reporting
    • Streamlined, Partial-Streamlined and Complete Estate Tax Returns
  • Business Interests in Estate Administration
    11:15 - 12:15, Brant A. Bailey
    • Valuation Considerations
    • Business Continuation and Non-Family Business Interests
    • Succession Issues - Who Controls the Company (Corporations vs. LLCs)
    • Tax Planning and Reporting
  • Legal Ethics in Estate Administration
    1:15 - 2:15, Melissa F. Williams
    • Who is Your Client? Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
    • Attorney Fees
    • Protecting Confidentiality
    • Are you a Fiduciary? New Fiduciary Liability Rules and FINRA Enforcement Efforts
    • Client Competence Issues
  • Closing the Estate and Final Accounting
    2:30 - 3:30, Teresa N. Phillips
    • Final Accounting Step-by-Step
    • Filing the Final Petition; Contents
    • Final Expenses, Debts, Taxes, Fees and Distributions
    • Discharge of Fiduciary
  • Estate and Trust Contests, Disputes, Challenges
    3:30 - 4:30, Robert W. Lang
    • Beneficiary Conflicts
    • Executor and Trustee Disputes
    • Will Contests
    • Concealment Actions
    • Objections to Final Accounts
    • Deterrence - Trustee Selection, Trust Protectors, No-Contest Clauses, etc.

Agendas and Speakers may differ slightly depending on the location. Please e-mail or call a representative to obtain an agenda for a particular location.

Seminar Summary:

Everything You Need to Know about Effectively Administering an Estate (see full course description)

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