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Anyone wanting to improve their communication skills
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Building Better Communication Skills  

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Anyone wanting to improve their communication skills


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Seminar Summary:

Want to learn proven strategies for communicating with people at work? Strategies to help them understand you?  (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description:

Want to learn proven strategies for communicating with people at work? Strategies to help them understand you?

Here’s your chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about communicating – all in an interactive environment guaranteed to make you sit up and take notice.

We’ll get you on your feet and on your way to stronger relationships, increased understanding, and more job opportunities in just two days!

So you’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve created a one-of-a-kind training event that is fun, interactive, and guaranteed to get you up on your feet and learning the skills you must have to go anywhere in today’s business world. (But for you wallflowers, don’t worry – we’ll never put you on the spot to do something you’re not comfortable doing!)

Using exercises, e-games, videos, discussion and more, we guarantee that this unique training opportunity will be one that you’ll always remember as you use these techniques to sprint up the ladder of success! But, you need to enroll today – word is spreading about this training and it’s all G-O-O-D!!!!!


What You´ll Learn:

BE UNDERSTOOD! Is your message getting lost somewhere and you don’t know why? Sometimes our little quirks or behaviors sabotage our messages, making us our own worst enemies. Use the techniques we show you to ensure that your message is heard, loud and clear!


BE HEARD! You may have the greatest ideas ever to improve your business, but if no one is listening, it doesn’t matter. Not only are great communicators heard, but they are often sought-out for their ideas. After taking this course, you can ensure that no matter where you are on the corporate ladder – on the bottom rung or the top – you can confidently and clearly communicate your ideas
to anyone anywhere, at any time.


BE RECOGNIZED! Quite simply, improving your communication skills is the quickest, most effective way to stand out from the crowd. Executives notice employees who can speak and write clearly and effectively.


At this workshop, you’ll learn how to communicate clearly and concisely – and always make yourself understood. The strategies you learn here will ensure that everyone you come into contact with knows exactly what you want and where you stand on every issue or project.


Attend this seminar and you’ll learn dozens of communication techniques that you absolutely must have if you want to achieve success in business or in life. And the best part is, you don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth – or be the next Shakespeare – to communicate better. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can use these techniques and tactics to shine!


Workshop Agenda:


Discovering Who You Are and How You Communicate Is Just the Beginning

  • Energetic People-Person … Shy Wallflower … or Something In-Between? Find your inner communicator

  • Perception vs. reality: How successful you REALLY are at communicating with others

  • Identify personal communication habits and quirks that may be holding you back

  • How well do you know your SELF?: A test everyone needs to take

Communicating With People You Really,
Really, Really Don’t Like

  • Identify (and effectively communicate with) the 10 most common types of difficult people

  • “Why ya gotta be so mean?”: Behavioral triggers that set difficult people off

  • Overcome the guerilla tactics most-favored by negative people

  • Anticipate negativity and avoid getting caught off-guard in the future

  • Keep a cool head and steady heart when someone’s going off on you, or being rude or hostile

Shining Brightly When Chaos Erupts Around You: Communicating Effectively In Difficult Situations

  • Keep angry co-workers, bosses, peers, or customers from taking their frustrations out on you

  • Foresight is 20/20: Learn to identify dangerous situations beforehand so you don’t get caught unprepared

  • A quick primer on what to say (or NOT to say) around the office during unusual situations like terminations, downsizings, divorces, or deaths

  • 5 ways to transform conflict into cooperation every time

  • Stress-busting tips that help you get mentally back on track after a particularly difficult situation

“Huh? Did You Say Something?”: Perfecting Your Listening Skills

  • Sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut: Situations where it’s better to listen than throw in your two cents

  • Simple listening exercises that will “pump up” your skills

  • The critical difference between listening and comprehending and why American workplaces rarely seem to know it

  • It works both ways: How to get people’s attention when you know they’re not listening to you

Becoming a Silver-Tongued Devil: Presentation & Persuasion Skills That Always Work es

  • Identify and avoid these Top 10 Credibility Killers that instantly ruin your message

  • Simple negotiation techniques anyone can use to become a more confident communicator

  • Quickly and effectively organize your thoughts when you’re speaking off the cuff

  • The top 5 ploys negotiators use to wear down a weak opponent – and how to easily overcome each one

  • 4 things your audience doesn’t want to hear or see when you’re making a presentation

Overcoming Personal Communication Problems in an Electronic World 

  • Communicate effectively when you can’t seem to get face-to-face time because of voice mails, firewalls, SPAM filters and more

  • Why the ability to blog is becoming increasingly more important in today’s global workplace

  • Keep the “human touch” alive and well in today’s technology-driven corporate office – and why you’ll stand out if you do

  • The hidden dangers of e-mail and why “delete” doesn’t always mean “delete”

  • Learn voice mail etiquette and why you should be flogged for leaving a five-minute message

  • What your HR department wishes you knew about electronic communications

Spanning the Trans-Generational Communication Gap

  • Why it’s sometimes so hard for people of different generations to communicate easily

  • Overcome generational behaviors that drive you batty

  • Use generational communication “quirks” to learn and improve your own skills

  • Learn how to speak to your boss when he or she is the same age as your son or daughter (or maybe grandson or granddaughter!)


Class Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM;  Check-in begins at 8:30 AM

Seminar Summary:

Want to learn proven strategies for communicating with people at work? Strategies to help them understand you?  (see full course description)

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