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The Productivity Super Conference  

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Seminar Summary:

Find out why you are not as productive as you could be ... examine what can be done to alter your productivity patterns by working smarter, not harder ... and learn how to keep the wheels in motion and experience long-term positive change once you return to the workplace.The Productivity Super Conference is a one day results-driven learning experience. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Has your Productivity Taken a Nosedive?
If so, it´s really not surprising. Worker productivity across the country has decreased as employees struggle with unclear objectives and expectations, lack of communication up, down, and across the corporate ladder, greater responsibilities with fewer rewards, and a general feeling of malaise. "Overwhelmed," "out of control," and "burned out" are common terms they use to describe their feelings in today´s do-more-with-less workplace. As organizations streamline operations, employees may feel as if they do not have the time, energy, or resources to meet their responsibilities.

If this sounds familiar to you, take heart. This remarkable conference was designed to get you back on track by giving you the tools, techniques, and strategies to help you:

Gain greater control over your workday
Manage time, projects, and people more effectively
Recognize and banish the time-wasters that take so much out of your day
Ease the stress that comes from trying to "get it all done"
Achieve a better balance between your work life and your home life
And much, much more!

Come to this stellar one-day conference prepared to be energized, motivated, and supercharged!

Conference Overview:

Session 1: Read Faster, Remember More
The ability to read swiftly and with comprehension is absolutely critical in today´s fast-paced work environment. Newspapers, periodicals, books, reports, correspondence — in addition to the daily onslaught of e-mail and other online documents — all vie for your attention. Every day you are faced with an endless stream of information to read, understand, remember, and act upon.

In this session, we´ll familiarize you with proven, time-tested techniques that will enable you to read not only much faster, but with greater comprehension and understanding than ever before.

Tried-and-true strategies to dramatically increase your reading speed — without sacrificing comprehension
How to increase your comprehension of what you read — and really understand ideas, information, and data
Tips for taking more accurate notes, preparing more compelling reports and presentations, and writing better documents
Ways to create "outlines in your mind" and organize your thoughts more effectively — whether you´re reading, listening, or writing

Session 2: How to Attack Projects and Priorities
When you´ve been assigned a number of critical "need it yesterday" projects, prioritizing your work is always an exercise in frustration. In this eye-opening session, we´ll help you develop a system for prioritizing tasks that are of equal importance, recommend ways to create a more effective project planning process, and suggest a variety of tips and ideas for handling priorities during unexpected crises.

An innovative priority plan to complete every project — on time, every time
Why you should cluster similar tasks for greater efficiency
How to identify — and act on — the hidden shortcuts in every project
"To do" lists that keep you on track and guide you through your day, your week, even your year!

Session 3: Productivity Over Procrastination
If you sometimes feel that procrastination is the bane of your workplace existence, you are not alone. This is a common problem that faces professionals in every workplace, from small companies to giant corporations. This session offers hard-hitting techniques for kicking this detrimental habit once and for all. Believe it or not, it´s easier than you might think, when you use the tools and information you will learn here.

6 ways to zip through paperwork and curtail unproductive meetings
The power of "saying no" — how to say it often without creating hard feelings or feeling guilty
"Where did the time go?" A simple, easy-to-use "time log" that answers that question precisely
The one task to complete first thing in the morning that sets the stage for a productive day

Session 4: Clutter-Busting 101
Office clutter leads to inefficient work habits, frustration ... even feelings of helplessness and defeat. No one likes to work in a messy, cluttered environment, but once you´ve dug yourself in, it´s awfully hard to dig yourself out! In this session, we´ll help you gain control of your clutter, neaten your workspace, find a place for everything, and maintain a long-term clutter-free office setting.

Neat vs. organized: De-cluttering gets easier when you know the difference
Tips to locate and de-clutter your own personal "mess magents": desktops, shelves, drawers, closets, and cabinets
How to create your own personal "in basket" with dates — so you never forget or lose anything again
A clever way to "aim" mail and other documents toward their final destination

Session 5: Simplify and Streamline Your Filing System
Is your computer desktop littered with individual files, documents, and folders? Do you have to run "find file" every time you need to locate an electronic document? Do you prefer to keep files, paperwork, articles, and other important information piled in plain sight on your desk, afraid that if you file it away, you´ll never find it again? This session will help you change those habits and become a champion filer with an individualized system that works for you!

Guidelines for selecting the most effective filing system (alpha, numerical, chronological, subject, or a hybrid) for your needs
The art of staying one step ahead of your daily deluge of e-mail messages, thanks to these simple, yet incredibly effective techniques
How to determine what to shred, what to toss, and what to keep (and for how long!)
Instant access to important files — no more frantic searches through desk piles, offices, and hard drives

Session 6: Live and Work Without Stress
Creating a successful balance between work and home is what this session is all about. You will discover how managing your time more effectively at work can lead to decreased stress, renewed enthusiasm, and a new found sense of control. In turn, you´ll find that making time for activities outside of work becomes that much easier.

The secret of a real and satisfying balance of work, home, friends, and family — and new enthusiasm for your job
How to find your lost sense of humor: creative ways to rekindle interest and rediscover fun at work
An enlightening self-test to identify your own personal stress triggers (once you know them, it´s much easier to deactivate them!)
Ways to improve your physical stamina: quick, easy solutions that improve your sleep, exercise, and nutrition routines


Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Find out why you are not as productive as you could be ... examine what can be done to alter your productivity patterns by working smarter, not harder ... and learn how to keep the wheels in motion and experience long-term positive change once you return to the workplace.The Productivity Super Conference is a one day results-driven learning experience. (see full course description)

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