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Mastering Microsoft® SQL Server  

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IT professionals, IS professionals, Systems Administrators, IT support personnel, Database administrators


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Seminar Summary:

In just 2 days, learn to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot this power-packed database platform! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Mastering Microsoft® SQL Server® Training Class

Covers 2008 and previous versions

Give us just 2 days, and we'll give you the basics and beyond of Microsoft SQL Server!

Microsoft's SQL Server is one of the most robust, reliable database management platforms in use today. It has been embraced by organizations worldwide, and technical professionals applaud its vast capabilities for maximizing the functionality and optimizing the performance of their database management systems.

From relational database fundamentals to advanced troubleshooting techniques, we'll cover everything you need to know in order to effectively store, retrieve, secure, and manage your data using SQL Server.

You'll learn how to install and configure SQL Server properly, create databases using the different data types supported by SQL, and work with your data using queries, views, indices, stored procedures, triggers, importing and exporting, partitioning, XML, and much more. We will familiarize you with the new features and powerful capabilities of SQL 2008, and show you how to enhance the integrity and availability of your data using replication, mirroring, notification services, and clustering. If you're new to SQL Server, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to implement this power-packed database platform as soon as you return to the office. If you're already a user, you'll uncover helpful tips, tools, and strategies while mastering advanced techniques the pros use to fully utilize everything this system has to offer.

This course was created to give IT professionals a solid, working knowledge of SQL Database Administration — swiftly and economically. Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars more and attend a SQL training program that's 3, 4, even 5 days long … but why bother? In this intensive, focused workshop, we've cut out tedious theory, irrelevant information, and boring lecture. Instead, using fast-paced, attention-grabbing adult learning techniques, we'll get you up to speed on SQL in just 2 days. We guarantee it!

Mastering Microsoft SQL Server — Seminar Overview


Introduction to SQL: Selecting a Relational Database Management System

  • How Microsoft's SQL Server compares to other server options (such as Oracle and IBM) currently in use today
  • Is Microsoft SQL right for you? How to choose the right database platform for your organization
  • Which of the editions (Standard, Enterprise, Express, Work Group, Web, Developer) is the right one for your business
  • The pros and cons of each of the SQL versions and the normal uses and benefits of each version

Installing SQL

  • System requirements and prerequisites for SQL Server 2008
  • What to watch out for when installing SQL
  • How to use the Upgrade Analysis Tool when upgrading from a previous version of SQL Server or switching over to SQL from another platform, such as Oracle
  • Essential information about local and remote SQL servers
  • Space requirements on the C drive
  • How SQL 2008's preliminary system check helps you head off problems before they happen during setup
  • The necessity of Service Pack 1
  • How to change the installed components with Add/Remove Programs

Configuring SQL

  • An overview of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • The Management Console: how to use it and where common tools and features are located
  • Tips for using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Demonstration: Maintenance Plan Creation
  • Tighter security, right out of the box: how to enable new features of SQL Server, such as CLR Integration and xp cmdshell
  • A look at the Surface Area Configuration Tool and Reporting Services Configuration Tool
  • DTS backward compatibility - how to determine whether your system needs it, and how to access this extra feature if it does

Spotlighting Important New Features of SQL 2008

  • Data types: XML, MAX Data types: XML, MAX size value, varbinary (MAX), varchar (MAX)
  • CLR (.NET) integration
  • Try/Catch for T-SQL statements
  • 2-node Clustering (available in Standard Edition)
  • Database Mirroring
  • Increased Memory Usability with automatic AWE
  • How the Database Snapshot works
  • DDL Triggers: description and usage
  • MERGE Operator
  • Change Data Capture
  • Table-Valued Parameters
  • Conflict Detection in Peer-to-Peer Replication
  • Spatial data with GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY data types
  • Virtual Earth Integration
  • Sparse Columns
  • Filtered Indexes
  • Integrated Full-Text Search
  • Large User-Defined Types (UDTs)
  • CLR User-Defined Types
  • DATE/TIME Data Types
  • Improved XML Support


Creating a Database

  • 2 methods for creating a simple database — by Script and through the Management Console
  • The correct way to set the Primary and Foreign keys
  • The different data types supported by SQL, and how to create custom data types if needed

Working with Data and Reporting

  • How to create tables with new data types
  • Tips on importing and exporting data into your tables
  • When you're using XML: document examples
  • What you should know about working with Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures, and Triggers
  • Queries using Try/Catch
  • How to use Report Builder
  • OLAP Reports
  • A look at Office Integration

Managing Your Microsoft SQL Server

  • The role of the Enterprise Manager in monitoring server activity
  • How the SQL Server Logs can help you troubleshoot potential server problems
  • Tips for setting up an automatic database maintenance plan to handle routine maintenance tasks
  • The built-in reports in Management Console
  • How to use the Database Tuning Advisor (DTA)


Ensuring Data Integrity, Availability, and Security

  • The pros and cons of Replication, Mirroring, Notification Services, and Clustering — plus, how and why to use each solution
  • How to establish data access and apply permissions
  • SQL Server's different security levels
  • What you can do to ensure security through linked servers
  • Strategies for creating and managing your security accounts with the Enterprise Manager
  • Where potential security breaches are most likely to occur, and the best ways to prevent them
  • New Group Policy Enforcement: a look at Password Complexity, Invalid Login Attempts, and Expiration
  • Schemas for advanced security — how they work, how to implement them


Seminar Check-In: 8:30 AM    Seminar Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

In just 2 days, learn to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot this power-packed database platform! (see full course description)

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