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Limited Liability Companies  

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This intermediate level seminar will benefit attorneys, CPAs, accountants, enrolled agents, presidents, vice presidents, owners and managers, CFOs, controllers and paralegals who want to expand their understanding of limited liability companies as a tax entity.


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Seminar Summary:

Explore the Advantageous Uses and Benefits of LLCs (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Explore the Advantageous Uses and Benefits of LLCs

Since their inception in the last decade, limited liability companies have become an increasingly popular entity choice. People are using them for everything from estate planning and holding real property and assets, to conducting corporate joint ventures. When asked to help with forming and operating these ventures, will you know what to do? DonŽt let a lack of knowledge prevent you from giving needed advice.

For this concise seminar, our experienced faculty members have distilled the most important information you need when working with LLCs, and have fit it into this convenient one-day seminar. After attending, youŽll be able to identify owner rights and responsibilities throughout the entire life cycle of the venture. YouŽll analyze all the different choices to determine when an LLC is the best option - and recognize the tax advantages it offers. Ensure that the LLCs you help form comply with state law. Create and use effective operating procedures that achieve the ventureŽs goals. DonŽt miss this topical and informative seminar!

  • Make sure the LLC is the best option by comparing it to other business entities.

  • Utilize tax benefits with an understanding of how LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities.

  • Prepare articles of organization that answer questions that may be raised in the future, in order to prevent possible disagreements.

  • Factor in current securities laws when contemplating transfer of membership interests.

  • Know how to use the LLC advantageously to hold property, for venture capital projects, or for estate planning.




    1. History and Types of LLCs

    2. The State Statute

    3. Comparison to Other Entities

      1. C Corporations

      2. S Corporations

      3. General and Limited Partnerships

      4. Other Entities

    4. Who Should Use LLCs?



    1. Taxation as a Partnership or Corporation

    2. Tax Advantages Over Other Entities

    3. Election Out of Partnership Status

    4. Flexibility in Allocations

    5. How Self-Employment Taxes Are Covered

    6. "Check the Box" Income Tax Regulations



    1. Avoiding Trouble with Concise Articles of Organization

    2. How Much Protection From Liability Do LLCs Provide?

    3. Handling Mergers and Conversions

    4. Proper Property Transfers

    5. Guiding Clients Through Dissolution

    6. Practical Uses for One-Person LLCs

    7. Why Foreign LLCs?

    8. Special Rules for Regulated Professionals

    9. Exceptions to Limited Liability



    1. How Internal Management and Regulation Choices Affect the Entity

    2. Important Powers and Duties of Members

    3. Complete Records, Returns and Reports: Safeguarding the Organization

    4. The Comprehensive Operating Agreement - Sample Review

    5. Securities Law Issues Related to Issuance or Transfer of Membership Interests in LLCs



    1. Using an LLC To Hold Real Property

    2. How You Can Hold Tangible Personal Property or Intangible Assets

    3. As a Valuation "Freeze" Entity

    4. Estate Planning Options

    5. Holding Life Insurance Policies in an LLC

    6. For Venture Capital Projects and Corporate Joint Ventures

    7. LLCs In Lieu of Corporate Subsidiaries



    1. Ethical Standards and Civil Liability

    2. The Role of the Attorney as Advisor in LLC Formation

    3. Adequacy of Fees and Charges and Related Matters

    4. Conflicts of Interest: Who is the Client?

Agendas and Speakers may differ slightly depending on the location. Please e-mail or call a representative to obtain an agenda for a particular location.

Seminar Summary:

Explore the Advantageous Uses and Benefits of LLCs (see full course description)

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