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Records Retention and Destruction  

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This seminar is designed for anyone directly responsible for developing and/or maintaining aneffective records retention, access, and destruction program for their organizations.Controllers, Accountants, Medical Records Professionals, Legal Professionals, Administrators, IT Staff, Financial Professionals, HR Managers/Staff, Small Business Owners, Bookkeepers, CEOs and COOs


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Seminar Summary:

Eliminate risk and ensure compliance with the latest legal requirements (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Records Retention and Destruction Training Seminar

Gain valuable information for successfully organizing, storing, archiving, and destroying your organization's critical business documents

Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical that you maintain accurate records, be able to access them immediately, and store and dispose of them properly. Many organizations (perhaps yours?) lack a records retention policy or systematic records management process, instead relying on a haphazard approach that can place them in legal jeopardy.

Learn how to build an effective records management, retention, and destruction program in just one day of focused, information-packed training ...
  • How to plan, develop, and implement a records management program from the ground up
  • The Records Retention Audit: an easy way to assess the entire content of your files
  • Guidelines that help you identify the types of records, forms, and documents you should maintain access to, archive, or destroy
  • Why saving records for too long can be as harmful as hasty records destruction
  • Records management software: what works, what doesn't, and what's best for your organization
  • Security methods for storing and accessing sensitive documents and information
  • What you should know about legal compliance with HIPAA, SEC, ISO, AICPA, FERC, and the FTC
  • How to deal with e-mail, Internet materials, and other electronic documents
  • 3 ways to ensure full employee cooperation and compliance — at every level of your organization

This seminar features leading-edge insight into the latest court rulings, regulatory requirements, and legal developments. Don't miss your chance to get up to date on trends, legislation, and laws relating to records management and retention.
Have you established consistent policies and procedures that are laid out clearly to everyone involved with records retention? Do you know how to respond to a request for litigation discovery, what to do if your organization undergoes a government investigation, and how to handle various crises and disasters that might affect your critical records and vital information?

Records Retention and Destruction provides the framework you need to develop a records retention program that is effective, efficient, and in compliance with regulatory and legislative practices. You will learn how to ensure that employees implement the policies and procedures you initiate ... gain tools and tips for keeping your program current ... discover the methods best suited to your organizational needs for not only storage and retrieval, but also the often unpleasant task of records destruction ... and get a "crash course" in the latest legal developments pertaining to records. This seminar is jam-packed with practical, real-world solutions you can put to work as soon as you return to the office. Fascinating case studies, examples, and "best practices" offer an exciting window into the most effective records retention programs in today's organizations, from large corporations to small businesses, to reveal what works — and what doesn't.

Could your records retention policy use an overhaul?

  • Is your records retention program outdated or difficult to access and maintain?
  • Are your file cabinets bloated and desktops stacked with documents and files no one is quite sure what to do with?
  • What about all those boxes of floppy disks tucked away in storage rooms?  Are you sure there's nothing important — or dangerous — lurking on old hard drives?
  • Can you confidently say the records in your organization are in complete compliance with the newest legislation and regulatory requirements?

Attend this one-day course and find out how to assess and troubleshoot your current system. You'll learn how to review it with a critical eye and develop a solid, workable records retention program that serves your organization and employees effectively.

Records Retention and Destruction — Seminar Overview

Records retention basics: How to create an effective program for your organization

  • The importance of being able to identify the different types of records, documents, and forms critical to your organization
  • Compliance from within — how to make sure employees follow records retention guidelines (Hint: threats don't work!)
  • How to train employees, vendors, and others on the specifics of your system
  • The best, most effective ways to inventory documents and records
  • Records management software — whether to invest in it, and which programs would work best for your company
  • How to deal with physical and digital space constraints
  • The "life cycle" of a record, and how to determine whether a document should be archived, placed in "easy access," or destroyed
  • Destruction methods: the most cost-effective, efficient, and secure choice for your organization
  • What to do with older media such as microfiche, microfilm, floppy disks, CDs, Zip files, and more

Laws, rules, and regulations: How to stay in compliance with the latest requirements

  • The ramifications of the newest HIPAA legislation and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Government and industry Web sites and resources to help you stay current and compliant
  • Legal issues that can affect your records destruction process — what you need to know now
  • Information security considerations for storage and access procedures
  • Guidelines for retaining various documents for government purposes — what to save, and for how long
  • Rules for retaining personnel records, accident reports, government agency citations, and more
  • How to protect and secure your organization's assets: trademarks, patents, copyrights, formulas, databases, and more

Security issues: How to protect your organization and its employees

  • Copy control: the best strategies for managing authorized and unauthorized duplication of documents
  • How to protect all sensitive, confidential materials when storing, accessing, and transferring them
  • Security methods for storing and accessing sensitive documents and information
  • Retention schedules and status timelines for archiving and destroying records
  • Your records retention disaster plan: How to protect sensitive data and mission critical records in case of an emergency
  • Records that should be retained off-site

E-mail, IM, Web content, and more: How to establish policy on electronic records

  • The unique problems created by e-mail messages and other paperless records
  • How to store and manage electronic data through the latest records management software
  • Guidelines for the length of time to keep e-mail, instant messages, and cell phone records
  • How to determine the critical levels of importance for various types of electronic records
  • The truth about "personal" e-mails and phone conversations: How to access, store, and destroy these sensitive materials
  • Legal issues surrounding personal electronic messages — what you need to know as a records retention expert
  • Which electronic records are critically important to back up, and how often
  • What could happen if employees take backup data home: little-known issues that will help you establish policy
  • Rules on protecting the databases and information repositories that drive the financial success of your organization
  • When it's time to remind employees what's proprietary, confidential, and not for public consumption

Group-Live, 6 Intermediate Business Management & Organization CPE credits


Seminar Check-in: 8:30 AM   Training Seminar 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seating is Available

Seminar Summary:

Eliminate risk and ensure compliance with the latest legal requirements (see full course description)

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