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The Crash Course on Leadership  

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This 2-day seminar is designed for managers and supervisors who are looking to reach the next level in leading others.


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Seminar Summary:

2 days of advanced leadership training for managers and supervisors. Master the skills top leaders use to achieve extraordinary results! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Improve your leadership skills to become the high-performance management superstar you've always wanted to be!

Attend this intensive 2-day leadership seminar and gain the critical skills you need to effectively lead your team to its highest level of productivity ever! The Crash Course on Leadership focuses on hands-on, practical skills for becoming a more resourceful, accomplished, effective leader. This leadership training brings you the "best practices" of today's leaders, examines what they do to stay on target during times of crisis, upheaval, and change, and reveals the secret of leading others from a position of power, influence, and compassion.

You'll discover how to stimulate innovative thinking and risk-taking in your employees, become a catalyst for performance improvement and positive change, use mentoring and coaching methods to inspire greater accomplishments, and build strategic alliances across departments and throughout your organization. In short, you'll gain the leadership skills essential to career success.

At The Crash Course on Leadership seminar, you'll learn how to:

Create a well-focused, high-achieving team!

Ever wonder how the really "great" leaders inspire hard work, dedication, and drive? Attend this leadership development course and you'll learn what it takes to create common direction, vision, and performance goals within your team. You'll pinpoint the critical measures senior management uses to judge your performance and the output of your group. You'll discover surefire ways to ensure that your department's work actively supports organizational goals. This leadership seminar will help you identify ways to win the trust, support, and commitment of every member of your team!

Make the most of your department resources!

Why do some managers always seem to get the resources they want ... more money, more people, more time? When you attend this 2-day leadership training, you'll explore the tactics and techniques top managers use to gain the resources they need to get the job done — and done right. You'll learn tips for crafting a strategically solid, well-thought-out budget that gets the support of "higher ups" ... the best approaches when defending the budget ... ways to justify increases in staff, equipment, or outside resources. In addition, you'll discover the art of persuasion "by the numbers" — how to use financial information to support your position, direction, and requests.

Maximize your influence and impact on the organization!

Have you ever felt powerless or unable to get results within the company? Do you and your group seem to be invisible to "the powers that be"? This intensive leadership training program will show you how to increase your leadership power base in your department and across the organization ... how to use collaboration and consensus-building to achieve cross-departmental goals ... how to better publicize your department's accomplishments and contributions. You'll learn about specific actions you can take to enhance your authority, influence, and credibility as a strong leader in the organization.

Discover how great leaders solve problems ... handle crises ... offer support and encouragement ... and bring out the best in others!

Leadership Training — Seminar Overview

The essentials of strong, results-oriented leadership

  • How to recognize and build on your own unique leadership skills

  • The 4 management habits leaders use to keep performance priorities at the forefront

  • How to create a "crystal-clear" vision for your team, colleagues, and leaders

  • The deliverables, outcomes, and expectations that will define your success or failure as a leader

  • How to develop the essential qualities of effective leadership within yourself, and build a foundation of trust, teamwork, and collaboration within your group

  • "Performance measures" that drive department achievements, attitude, and altitude

  • Ways to help your team members focus on the mission at hand and assure that they "meet or beat" every performance or financial objective

  • Techniques for keeping priority conflicts, production pressures, and organizational politics from negatively affecting your performance output

  • Outstanding performance, but no recognition? Strategies for showcasing your results


How to keep "leadership focus" — managing budgets, financials, and resources for future success

  • How to sidestep 6 common oversights and costly mistakes when building a budget

  • Tips for developing a financially sound and strategically wise budget that gets the approvals you want and the resources you need

  • The "Result-Resource-Response" model: a guideline to help you fully leverage department resources

  • When it's time to sell your budget — how to anticipate and confidently answer every accounting query or senior leadership "challenge" thrown your way

  • Proven new ways to get the resources you need when you need them

  • How to interpret key financial reports instantly and accurately

  • The 5 types of financial metrics your superiors expect you to know and watch

  • Positive "push-back" approaches to use when upper management turns down your requests for more people, time, or money

  • Uh-oh! Over budget! Strategies for productively tightening the reins without forfeiting results

Techniques for improving productivity, performance, and processes

  • Your creative touch: what services, products, processes, or materials can you affect, and how?

  • New brainstorming systems that are sure to jumpstart out-of-the-box ideas

  • Tips for being a take-charge change agent and champion of new initiatives in the organization

  • Unique problem-solving and decision-making methods

  • When current resources collide with organizational expectations — creative solutions and strategies for getting what you and your department need to get the job done

  • Advanced techniques and savvy ideas for working through people and process problems positively, productively, and for the benefit of all

  • The creativity connection: innovative brainstorming ideas, novel problem-solving methods, and more to spark truly creative thinking

  • How to increase your impact within the organization by unleashing the visionary leader within!

  • BONUS! Your own custom leadership development plan to achieve your highest goals and objectives

How to lead for peak performance — attaining results with people

  • Proven techniques for gaining strong support and buy-in from your team members, colleagues, and superiors

  • Master motivator! Tips to keep the team focused, fired up, and ready for the next challenge

  • The power of collaboration, creative problem-solving, and consensus to achieve cross-departmental goals
  • The importance of articulating and promoting your department's goals, challenges, and mission at every level

  • Cool under fire! Communication strategies to use when times are tough, the heat is on, and your credibility is brought into question

  • How to prepare your boss when results threaten to fall short

  • No more war! Time-tested tactics for successfully resolving cross-departmental fighting, back-biting, and conflict

  • Sophisticated coaching, counseling, and mentoring tools that give others the support they need to truly excel

  • The best ways to stay organized and continually renew your passion and drive for results

  • How to set goals and strategize to be the best leader you can be!



Check-In: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

2 days of advanced leadership training for managers and supervisors. Master the skills top leaders use to achieve extraordinary results! (see full course description)

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