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A One-Day Seminar for Managers and Supervisors
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How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior  

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A One-Day Seminar for Managers and Supervisors


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Seminar Summary:

Get real-world solutions for dealing with nonperformance, negative attitudes, bad behaviors, underperformance and other tough issues – and watch productivity and morale soar through the roof! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior

Program Description

Do You Ever Struggle With the Best Way to Counsel and Discipline Employees?

You've suspected Sam of padding his expense reports for several months. And you've just found more evidence that supports your suspicions. Even though you dread it, you know you have to confront Sam.

But as you call him in to discuss the problem, your mind starts racing. Should you come on strong to let him know you mean business, or should you take a softer approach? What should you do if he acts offended and clams up? Tries to make you feel guilty for accusing him? Or, worse yet, gets angry and threatens to quit?

If you've ever had to discipline an employee for problems like insubordination or excessive absenteeism, or had to counsel an employee for performance problems like missed deadlines or careless mistakes, you've probably run up against nagging dilemmas like these.

Unfortunately, there s no formula you can use to make counseling and disciplining an easy task. It never will be. But there is a way to make it a lot less risky, stressful and complex. It s this innovative and timely seminar coming to your area soon. And it s guaranteed to give you the skills and know-how you need to legally prepare for — and successfully handle — every counseling and disciplinary situation that comes up.

In just six hours, you'll gain the insight and tools you need to counsel employees about their performance ... learn guidelines to follow when discipline is unavoidable ... discover real-life tips for staying in control of potentially explosive situations ... and determine what to do to legally protect your company and yourself.

The result? You can confront an employee when it s necessary, resolve the problem and get back to work, without a lot of hassles and headaches.

Why This Seminar Works
We won t waste your time on pat answers you d find in management textbooks — approaches that are long on theory but short on practice. Instead, we'll look at tough, real-life situations that occur in the workplace. And we'll deal with the questions, reservations and concerns managers like you face when confronting employees.

For example, you'll learn strategies the pros use when they must call an employee "on the carpet" — and how they get positive, constructive results from every confrontation. You'll discover how to strictly enforce company policies without seeming like a police officer. And you'll learn how to protect yourself legally when you fear an employee you've disciplined may sue.

It s An Investment That Will Keep Paying Off
This seminar will pay for itself again and again, and here s why:
First, you'll gain the self-confidence and know-how you need to manage every discipline problem correctly — no matter how tricky or complicated it might be. Instead of dreading or putting off confronting an employee because you re not sure what to say or how an employee will react, you'll be able to address and resolve problems quickly — even on the spot.

Second, as you apply these skills and techniques, you'll be amazed at how easily you can turn problem employees around ... even those who may be inches from being fired.

Third, you ll avoid the costly and damaging results of conducting counseling sessions the wrong way, like misunderstandings, resentful employees, low morale and poor productivity. And you'll also be able to sidestep the legal pitfalls of disciplining incorrectly — hassles that take a bite out of your credibility and your company s bottom line.

It s A No-Risk Offer
You will be completely satisfied with what you learn at this seminar or we'll refund your entire registration fee.

What You’ll Learn

Master essential skills required to resolve employee performance problems quickly and effectively

  • Tactful ways to open a difficult dialogue with an employee
  • Deal effectively with an employee who won't admit his or her behavior is a problem
  • Why failure to stop unacceptable behavior will lead to even worse behavior in the future
  • Once and for all ... know what you can say and what you can't say when addressing a performance problem
  • Effective ways to respond when an employee reacts angrily toward you
  • The importance of documenting performance-related discussions
  • Protect yourself legally when disciplining or terminating an employee

And more! Do you have employees who are so difficult to deal with you're ready to pull your hair out? Spend one day at this seminar and you'll get the how to's you need

Workshop Agenda

How to Conduct an Effective Discipline Session

  • The first and most important step in formal discipline
  • 3 things to say when an employee blames the problem on you
  • Are your disciplinary procedures legally secure? How to determine if they are
  • 5 employee actions that call for immediate termination
  • 3 words you should never use in a verbal warning
  • Should discipline ever include a decrease in pay? Here’s what the experts say
  • How "employee privacy" issues can affect your disciplinary process
  • What you must know about disciplining employees for breaking "unwritten" rules
  • How to open a discipline session so you’re calm and confidently in control from the get-go
  • When you don’t like an employee’s after-hours behavior — what can you do?
  • 1 time when the failure to discipline could land you in legal hot water
  • 2 ways to use discipline as your most effective employee development tool

How to Improve Employee Performance

  • Counseling contract employees — why, when and how you should do it
  • How to feel more comfortable with tears, anger and other employee emotions
  • "Corridor Confrontation" ... what it is and how to avoid its damaging effects
  • How to save face when someone criticizes you in front of your employees
  • How to overcome the 2 reasons some managers hesitate to counsel older employees
  • The "E.C.S." approach to avoiding buildups that can result in blowups
  • The 1 time you may want to put off confronting employees
  • What it can mean if employees DON’T get defensive during a counseling session

How to Confidently Counsel and Discipline

  • 2 times you should allow employees to criticize your performance
  • How to respond when an employee claims "you’re not being fair"
  • The wisest way to proceed when you’ve inherited another manager’s discipline problem
  • 3 damaging discipline mistakes managers make and how you can sidestep each
  • Are you all bark and no bite? Steps for following through on every warning
  • How some managers encourage problem behavior without knowing it
  • 4 proven styles of disciplining and how to tell which is right for you
  • How to mentally prepare for a discipline session you’re dreading
  • 3 ways to tell if you’re getting the real story from an employee
  • How to prevent a counseling session from turning into a gripe session
  • How to avoid the "sergeant syndrome" when you have to enforce company policies


Our training seminars offer Continuing Education Credits (based on contact hours) upon completion. Credits are issued by The Continuing Education Center, Inc. according to the guidelines set forth by IACET. Please note that Continuing Education Credit approval is at the discretion of your licensing board; not all seminar topics are approved by all boards. Contact your licensing board or agency for specific information relating to your profession


Seminar Check-In: 8:30AM Seminar Program: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

Get real-world solutions for dealing with nonperformance, negative attitudes, bad behaviors, underperformance and other tough issues – and watch productivity and morale soar through the roof! (see full course description)

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