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Managing Financial Data with Excel®  

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Anyone using Microsoft Excel.


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Seminar Summary:

Time-saving techniques for easy and accurate financial analysis and reporting (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Finally — an Excel program created with a financial emphasis!

  • Transform raw data into sophisticated financial presentations with just a few clicks of your mouse!

  • Create financial statements, projections charts, budgets, business plans, and more

  • Learn how to automate repetitive tasks with macros

  • Easily track and organize critical accounting data such as payables, receivables, inventory, customer records, and sales data

  • Use Excel's pre-defined formulas to perform complicated number-crunching tasks swiftly and accurately

  • Create Excel worksheets that do much of your calculations for you!

  • Boost the visual appeal of your reports and financial documents with colorful, easy-to-understand tables, charts, and graphs

Learn to use Excel's extraordinary capabilities to analyze, track, and present all kinds of financial data — clearly and accurately!

Excel has always been uniquely suited to the needs of financial professionals. In Managing Financial Data with Excel, you'll learn how to tap into the power of Excel to work with all types of financial data. Discover how easy it is to utilize Excel for accounting and complex calculations with user-friendly formulas and built-in functions.  After one day of high-impact training, you'll be able to create financial documents, reports, and presentations that transform raw data into a variety of sophisticated business tools!

We'll show you how to use Excel's many tools, features, formulas, and functions to organize, manipulate, store, and present financial data. Managing Financial Data with Excel will swiftly familiarize you with the functions, formulas, commands, and keystrokes most useful in financial analysis and reporting. You'll learn to perform complex calculations at the click of a mouse and use filters, queries, and searches to further refine your work.

Put this powerful training to work for you ... and take your Excel knowledge to a whole new level!

You'll learn to build "smart" spreadsheets that do much of your work for you ... track and analyze financial data ... automate repetitive tasks with macros ... use embedding and referencing ... create reports, tables, charts, and graphs in a way that's catered to your business needs ... and much, much more. With our Excel experts at the helm, you're in for a super-productive, fast-paced learning experience that will put the power of Excel at your fingertips and give you a greater understanding of how this essential software can reshape the financial data of your organization.

Managing Financial Data with Excel — Seminar Overview

Master the financially oriented tasks and functions of Excel…

  • Become familiar with Excel's capabilities in financial analysis and reporting

  • Use formulas and references to quickly calculate percentages, sums, averages, interest, statistics, and more

  • Understand Excel's tools and how they can help you: PivotTables, PivotCharts, DataTables, GoalSeek, Solver, and Scenario Manager — all demystified!

  • Benefit from Excel's auditing and checking features

  • Learn the difference between Query and Lookup — which are you using, and which is better?

  • Understand conditional logic — how to make the most of complex functions

  • Use macros to automate tedious and repetitive tasks

  • Stop comparing data sets manually — learn to use Excel functions to easily compare two sets of information

  • Perform conditional formatting for at-a-glance analysis

  • Discover the advantages of templates pre-built into Excel!

  • Use Excel's database features to create lists, use forms, filter records, and sort all types of data and information

  • Dramatically increase the quality of financial analysis by using data entry forms to reduce errors

The Managing Financial Data with Excel workbook is yours to keep!

All your reference materials are collected in one handy take-home workbook. This manual is jam-packed with tips, tools, shortcuts, and techniques to help you get the most out of Excel. With how-to sections, extra information, and much more, this workbook will become an invaluable desk reference you’ll consult time and time again.

“Computer-less” computer training means you master twice as much information in half the time!

Our research has shown that for topics like this one, hands-off computer training is actually more effective and efficient than training with computers. Why? It is easier for seminar leaders to deliver key concepts, techniques, and ideas by using one large viewer-friendly screen. Participants won’t waste valuable time entering data, correcting mistakes, playing catch-up, or waiting for others. In fact, you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you move through the material, how thoroughly you understand it, and how simple it is to apply what you’ve learned back at the office.

Seminar Class Time:

Seminar Check-In 8:30 AM Seminar Class 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Seminar Summary:

Time-saving techniques for easy and accurate financial analysis and reporting (see full course description)

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