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Essentials of Managing the Front Desk  

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Seminar Summary:

Introducing a comprehensive one-day program that gives you the powerful tools you need to handle the difficult challenges that go hand-in-hand with your important job! (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description

This comprehensive one-day workshop is a fast and easy way to get the essential training you need to perform your important job with more confidence and authority - and less stress!

We'll cover it all - from powerful communication skills to time management and organization tips to expert phone techniques and tactics for handling difficult people. In addition, a special section on front desk safety and security will get you up to date on the emerging issues that every organization must be prepared to deal with in this day and age. You'll find out how to protect your organization - and yourself.

In just one day, you'll gain the solid skills you need to be more effective and successful in your demanding role - and in your career!

What You’ll Learn

  1. Project a more confident, polished, super-professional image
  2. Handle difficult people with tact and diplomacy
  3. Deal effortlessly with tough situations, such as VIPs who won't follow company rules
  4. Take phone messages the mistake-proof way
  5. Screen calls effectively -- and without annoying the callers
  6. Eliminate speech habits that may be sabotaging your success
  7. Become a more effective communicator overnight by improving your listening skills
  8. Boost your productivity with dozens of time-savers
  9. Get your workspace organized and keep it that way
  10. Know the best way -- step-by-step - to handle security, safety and emergency situations
  11. Pinpoint your major causes of stress and plan how to avoid them
  12. Eliminate many of the interruptions that slow your progress
  13. Get long-winded callers to the point without offending them
  14. Avoid power-robbing mannerisms and behaviors that make others regard you less seriously than you deserve
  15. Turn piles into files - fast!
  16. Keep patronizing or rude people in line with tactful but firm responses
  17. Greet phone callers in a way that immediately conveys warmth and professionalism
  18. Spot and correct security and safety problems in your reception area
  19. Get a quick energy boost with stress-busting exercises you can do right at your desk
  20. Return to the office recharged and refreshed, eager to put the new techniques you learned to work

Who Should Attend

  • New receptionists who want a fast way to learn essential skills that will make them immediately more effective on the job
  • Experienced receptionists interested in upgrading their skills and boosting their productivity
  • Long-time receptionists who want to polish their existing skills and be better prepared to face security and safety challenges


Workshop Agenda

Projecting a Poised, Professional Image that
Commands Respect

  • Why a receptionist's image can make or break the organization's image
  • The 7-second decision people make when they first see you-and how to capitalize on it
  • Tips for exuding professionalism and authority without ever saying a word
  • Power-robbing mannerisms and behaviors that make others take you less seriously than you deserve
  • Using your body language to convey a strong, confident presence
  • Secrets for appearing poised and in control when you feel just the opposite
  • Common mistakes receptionists make that scream "Unprofessional!"
  • How to exhibit a "no nonsense" attitude while still being friendly

Powerful Communication Skills that Increase
Your Effectiveness

  • Mastering the 7 Cs of effective communication: correct, clear, concise, courteous, constructive, conversational, considerate
  • Speech habits that can sabotage your success and how to eliminate them
  • "Lightweight" words and phrases you should slash from your professional vocabulary
  • Active listening techniques that will improve your effectiveness overnight
  • How to's for getting your point across-even when others aren't paying attention to you
  • Recognizing how your voice image affects your credibility
  • The fine art of saying "no" without causing offense or feeling guilty

Mastering Essential Telephone Skills

  • Smart ways to build your telephone image fast
  • Greetings that communicate warmth and professionalism
  • Call screening techniques that don't annoy or offend callers
  • Alternatives to asking, "Will you hold, please?" that rate high with callers
  • On hold: how long is too long to keep someone waiting?
  • Message-taking tips that help guarantee accuracy


Handling Special Situations with Tact and Diplomacy


  • Rapport-builders that make every visitor feel important and welcome
  • Fast and effective ways for dealing with pushy salespeople who
    don't have appointments
  • Tactful but firm responses that keep patronizing, rude or pushy
    people in line
  • Calming phrases to use with angry or complaining visitors
  • Solutions for keeping guests "entertained" when they've got a long wait
  • What to do when aggressive visitors won't take "no" for an answer
  • How to get guests to follow company rules without offending them
  • What to do when an associate isn't there for a scheduled appointment

Managing Your Time and Organizing Your Space for Peak Efficiency

  • Basic prioritization techniques that'll bail you out when everything on your list seems "hot"
  • Hidden time-wasters in every receptionist's day-and how to avoid them
  • How to remain focused during your interruption-filled work day
  • Desk-clearing solutions for keeping the front desk area tidy at all times
  • Space organization tools that make the most of a small work area
  • How to turn piles into files-fast!


Stress-Busting Techniques Every Receptionist Should Master

  • Pinpointing your key stressors and your current stress level
  • Proven techniques for dealing with stressors receptionists most commonly experience
  • Steps to take to stress-proof your position from now on
  • How to "let it go" when you can't get a rude comment or abusive call out of your mind
  • Quick stress-busting exercises you can do at your desk without being noticed
  • Tips for remaining in control when you're about to blow up at someone
  • "How-to's" for keeping a positive attitude when you're super-stressed


Class Time:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM;  Check-in begins at 8:30 AM

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Seminar Summary:

Introducing a comprehensive one-day program that gives you the powerful tools you need to handle the difficult challenges that go hand-in-hand with your important job! (see full course description)

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