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How to Be a Dynamic Trainer  

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Seminar Summary:

Dramatically enhance your training skills and get up-to-date on the latest, most innovative training techniques (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Program Description

Training is a highly demanding job, which certainly isn’t news to you. But in my 20-year career in the training industry, I’ve found that fellow professionals often get so wrapped up in the hectic day-to-day details of training others that they don’t make time to build their own skills.

And let’s face it, as a trainer today, you need every bright idea, fresh approach and innovative training technique you can possibly get your hands on to engage and motivate today’s increasingly sophisticated learners. Nobody sits still anymore for the old talking head routine!

How to Be a Dynamic Trainer is an exciting new workshop my company has developed specifically for professionals like you – trainers eager to get better training results and become more effective. In just one intensive day, you’ll master expert training tools and creative facilitation techniques, discover powerful solutions to your training challenges and polish your presentation style until you shine.

A small sample of core competencies we’ll cover ...

  • How to motivate even the most reluctant learners
  • How to engage learners and get them to participate
  • How to boost learning and retention through games and activities

And that’s just for starters. You’ll also find out how to deal quickly and effectively with snipers and gripers, how to choose effective visuals and work with multimedia, and how to make the dozens of games and activities you’ll learn really work to meet your training objectives. In addition, you’ll find out how to design content-rich programs step by step – in less time than you ever dreamed possible.

One of the many benefits of this highly interactive workshop is major: You get the all too rare chance to spend the day in a room full of other training professionals who face the same tough challenges you do. You’ll share ideas, pick each other’s brains, swap “war stories,” laugh and learn together.
This fast-paced, highly interactive workshop is built on practical, real-world training techniques, motivational strategies and creative solutions that I’ve seen used time and again – for phenomenal training results. Forget about theory, we’ll focus on what works!

I promise you that if you attend this workshop and apply the powerful techniques, tools and strategies you’ll learn, you will become a more dynamic, more effective trainer.

You owe it to your learners, to your organization – and to yourself – to grab this opportunity to strengthen your training skills, enhance your presentation style and become the kind of trainer who gets exceptional results every time. Make the commitment to build your career and enroll today.


John Carey
Curriculum Director

P.S. Not to brag, but National Seminars Group has trained millions of professionals from coast to coast. We’ve built our enviable reputation as the country’s premiere career trainer using the same powerful skills, techniques and tools you’ll master during this workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts!

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What You’ll Learn

Dramatically enhance your training skills and get up-to-date on the latest, most innovative training techniques! In just 1 fast-paced day of training, you’ll learn how to…

  • Polish your presentation style
  • Motivate adult learners—even resistant participants
  • Deal quickly with snipers, gripers and other difficult participants
  • Enhance learning and retention through creative course design
  • Encourage participation with games and activities
  • Ensure transfer of skills to the job

This results-focused workshop has been developed around these 5 learning objectives – core competencies guaranteed to make you a stronger, more
effective trainer:

  1. You will identify what motivates adults to learn – and master proven techniques to motivate them.
    Entire books have been written on the topic of motivating adult learners, because it’s the toughest challenge any trainer faces. That’s why early on in your training day you’ll identify key factors that motivate adults to learn, as well as the basic learning styles. Then you’ll master proven techniques and strategies for motivating different types of learners – including the resistant learner. You’ll also gain insight into how to encourage positive attitudes toward learning among your participants.
  2. You will learn how to increase audience participation by incorporating learning games, panels, role playing and other activities into your session.
    If your participants sometimes resemble bumps on the proverbial log, know you’re not alone! Engaging learners will become much easier, however, once you’re armed with dozens of interactive learning tools you’ll learn in this workshop. Find out not only how to incorporate games, panel discussions, role playing, pen and paper exercises, and other small and large group activities into your programs, but how to maintain control of them – and tie them back into your learning objectives.
  3. You will learn dozens of expert ways to polish your presentation style.
    Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or brand new to the field, you’ll benefit from proven tips and techniques for enhancing your voice, improving your delivery, sharpening your image as a trainer and more. We’ll also cover how to work effectively with multimedia and how to choose visuals that will drive your points home. You’ll find out how to avoid the most commonly made presentation blunders, so you’ll look like the pro you are – and earn the reputation of an outstanding trainer.
  4. You will learn quick, super-effective ways to deal with difficult participants and tough training situations.
    Snipers, gripers, jokers and know-it-alls can throw you off your game fast – and can distract the rest of the audience from learning anything. But you’ll be amazed at how quickly difficult participants can be turned around when you’ve mastered techniques designed to counteract specific antics. You’ll also find out how to professionally handle tough training situations like people coming and going in the training room, outside noise, faulty equipment and more.
  5. You will learn how to develop solid, content-rich programs that meet your training objectives.
    If your program is poorly developed and badly organized, your training session will be ineffective, no matter how strong your presentation skills may be. In this workshop, you’ll learn a variety of creative course designs you can easily adapt to meet your training needs. You’ll also find out how to slash your work time with planning tips, templates and research shortcuts. We’ll show you the easy way to build content-rich programs that meet your training objectives – and do it in record time.

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Who Should Attend

A seasoned trainer or training manager: Getting stale as a trainer is guaranteed doom. Join us for new ideas, creative facilitation techniques and more. Refresh, network and rejuvenate.

  • A trainer new to the field: Attending this workshop is the quickest, easiest way to learn the skills you’ll need to become a confident, dynamic trainer. Get off to an excellent start!
  • An HR professional: Boost your effectiveness in conducting orientations, speaking at company meetings, describing new policies and procedures. Give your skills a boost.
  • A team leader: Find out how to present information and instructions so that they’re immediately understood by your team members. Meet your team objectives!
  • Supervisor or manager: If training isn’t your main job responsibility, this workshop will give you the basics you need to train employees. Get new hires up to speed fast!
  • An educator: If you transfer knowledge to others, this workshop will benefit you regardless of your profession. Learn to tailor training to adults.
  • Have training responsibilities of any kind: Anyone who is required to transfer knowledge or skills to others will benefit from this innovative workshop. Share your job expertise with others.

Workshop Agenda

Motivating Adult Learners to Get With the Program

  • 10 characteristics of highly motivating instructors
  • 7 strategic ways to motivate adult learners
  • Recognizing common barriers to learning – and expert ways around them
  • Tips for creating a positive training environment that motivates and stimulates learning
  • An overview of the basic learning styles and how to relate to each of them
  • A word of warning: Motivational training techniques most adults are sure to hate

Presentation Pointers That Add Polish to Your Delivery

  • Voice techniques expert trainers use for a dynamic delivery
  • 5 common presentation blunders that doom your session – and how to avoid them
  • Quick tricks for combating nervousness so you come across as cool, calm and collected
  • How – and when – to use humor
  • The how to’s of storytelling: Using this powerful tool without droning on about your personal life
  • Strategies for effective use of multimedia in various training formats
  • Guidelines for choosing visuals that reinforce your points, rather than distract from them
  • Creating instructional materials that enhance learning rather than stuff the trash basket
  • Getting yourself revved up and enthused when you’re feeling otherwise

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Facilitation Techniques That Encourage Participation, Learning and Retention

  • Ice breakers that loosen up your audience and put them in the mood to learn
  • Interactive methods and how to use them, including small group activities, dozens of games, role playing, case studies, panel discussions and more
  • The secret to making learning activities meaningful to participants
  • Facilitation tips for maintaining full control of the session during activities
  • Do they really understand the material? Questioning and feedback techniques that will clue you
  • Developing group cohesion and camaraderie to intensify learning
  • Closing techniques proven to boost retention of material covered

Dealing With Difficult Participants and Difficult Training Situations

  • Expert strategies for turning around resistant or hostile learners
  • Techniques for quickly and effectively shutting down snipers, gripers and hecklers
  • How to deal with a know-it-all
  • Tips for handling participants who chat with neighbors during training
  • When you’ve lost control of the session – 3 proven ways to regain it
  • Getting the buy-in and support of management (the most difficult “participant” may not be in your classroom)

Course Design: How to Develop Compelling Programs

  • Recognizing why training fails to produce the desired results – and what you must do on the front-end to ensure a positive outcome
  • How to’s for setting clear, specific learning objectives
  • 10 keys to creative course design that ensures transfer of learning
  • Easy-to-use training formats you can adapt to meet your needs
  • Tips for creating content-rich programs on short notice
  • Time-saving shortcuts for researching and finding great training resources
  • Developing job aids to transfer learning to the job
  • Measuring training effectiveness: Pros and cons of commonly used evaluation tools
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Class Time: Check-in: 8:30 AM Class 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Your Satisfaction Is GUARANTEED!

At National Seminars, our #1 goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed. That's why every seminar, conference and training resource we offer is 100% guaranteed. Every time.

Seminar Summary:

Dramatically enhance your training skills and get up-to-date on the latest, most innovative training techniques (see full course description)

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