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Family Court Judicial Forum  

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This unique intermediate level seminar will provide domestic and family law attorneys and paralegals with practical tips from presiding family court judges.


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Seminar Summary:

Join us for a unique opportunity to meet the judges and find out what you can do to make marriage dissolutions run smoothly and efficiently. (see full course description)


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Training Course Syllabus:

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Family Law Practice – With Insight From the Judges

Effective communication is key in any process, and even more so in legal proceedings. Join us for a unique opportunity to meet the judges and find out what you can do to make marriage dissolutions run smoothly and efficiently. Discover what elements of the proceedings different judges consider most important, and how the court culture varies from county to county. Cut down on misunderstandings and unnecessary paperwork – register today!

  • A clear understanding of expectations is the first step toward compliance: hear courtroom presentation do's and don'ts from the judges firsthand.
  • Discover what issues bear most weight in custody determination.
  • Find out the judges' views on the latest settlement and ADR options, and the courts' role in the trend toward non-contentious divorce proceedings.
  • Ensure your case travels through the court corridors to the judge's chambers quickly and uneventfully: learn how to work more effectively with the family court clerk.
  • Get a bankruptcy judge's view of how a spouse's bankruptcy filing affects divorce proceedings.
  • Learn when expert testimony is appropriate and how to introduce it.
  • Review the factors that go into determination of temporary orders.
  • Clarify what personal injury awards, annuities and trusts count as earning capacity for the purposes of support obligations.

AM Panel: Honorable Lisa Davidson, Honorable Sally D.M. Kest, Honorable Lisa Taylor Munyon and Honorable Clayton D. Simmons

General Expectations of Attorneys Practicing in Family Court

  1. Child Support Determination
    1. Temporary Child Support
    2. Effects of Shared Custody on Child Support
    3. Negative Support Orders
    4. Final Orders
    5. Enforcement
    6. Modifying the Orders
  2. Spousal Maintenance
    1. Temporary Maintenance
    2. Contributing Factors and Tax Considerations
    3. Voluntary Impoverishment to Avoid Support Obligations
    4. Vocational Evaluators in the Courtroom
    5. Expectations During the Marriage vs. New Reality
  3. Property Division Disputes
    1. Tax Issues
    2. Transaction Costs
    3. Equal vs. Equitable
    4. Experts
    5. Mortgage Treatment
    6. Marital Agreement Disputes
  4. Bankruptcy During Divorce
    1. Filing Requirements
    2. Restrictions and Requirements for Attorneys
    3. When and What Chapter to File
    4. Treatment of Domestic Support Obligations and Assigned Debt
    5. Bankruptcy Discharge and its Limitations
    6. Chapter 13 Plans and Domestic Support Obligations
    7. Fraudulent Conveyances

PM Panel: Honorable Alice L. Blackwell, Honorable Daniel P. Dawson, Honorable Hubert L. Grimes, Honorable Michelle T. Morley and Honorable Janet C. Thorpe

  1. What the Family Law Clerk Asks of You
    1. The Mechanics of Setting and/or Continuing Hearings
    2. Getting Messages to the Commissioners
    3. What Court Forms the Clerk has to Offer You
  2. Allocation of Parental Responsibility
    1. Temporary Placement Orders
    2. Relocation
    3. Guardians ad Litem, Custody Evaluation Experts and Mental Health Professionals
    4. Child Testimony and Hearsay Reported by Parents
    5. What Worries Judges About Domestic Violence Cases
  3. Settlements and ADR
    1. How Often Will the Court Involve Itself in Settlement Talks?
    2. What Will the Court Order or Suggest?
    3. Use of Court Assisted Settlement Conferences
    4. Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Procedural and Trial Tips
    1. Case Schedule
    2. Pre-Trial Conference
    3. Demonstrative Exhibits and Presentation of Evidence
    4. Witness Examination: Mistakes to Avoid
    5. What is Important for the Judge to Hear and NOT to Hear?
    6. When Does a Court Need an Expert?
    7. Clarity, Conciseness and Comprehensiveness
    8. Helpful and Harmful Case Citation – Supporting Your Case with Relevant Case Law
    9. Dealing With Pro Se Litigants

Seminar Summary:

Join us for a unique opportunity to meet the judges and find out what you can do to make marriage dissolutions run smoothly and efficiently. (see full course description)

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